Five Year Olds In Trees, Time Out For Women, More Confessions and Beautiful Tess!!!!


Too much Halloween!  I was so done by the end of it all, but the kids still had a blast Trick or Treating in the Dewey’s neighborhood with friends.  We may or may not have finally carved our pumpkins ON Halloween. 😉  15036705_1256732724368898_5118146242735793696_n 14956402_1256732747702229_5094977039059290729_n 14947417_1256732764368894_3976102111459075351_n 14947485_1256732804368890_3234883553920362567_n 14963131_1256732887702215_615387300448150362_n

Kevin traveling A LOT!  We miss him a ton and can’t wait for him to get home each time. It’s so awesome to see the kids run to him when he gets in the house.  So thankful for lots of work though.

Corbin sending a “Confession E-mail” to add to the other kids confessions from our FHE night. He told me he had been kissing other girls in Alabama and had lied to me about it.  I was a little thrown by the lying part (not the kissing) for an entire week.  It just didn’t seem like Corbin to me.  I mentioned it in the next e-mail and he felt so badly that he forgot to say he was joking.  Ugggghhh!  Good thing I don’t get too worked up about things anymore.

Can you see the white shirt at the top of the tree?!!!!

Dixon climbing to the top of a very high tree!!!!  Hadley, Royce and Dixon were climbing trees for a couple of days.  I thought it sounded like a fun activity when they told me.  Theeeen, Royce comes in and says “You’ve got to see this!”  Dixon was at the top of a tree that isn’t even a good climbing tree.  He was literally swaying back and forth at the top of it and saying “whooohoooo”.  He loved it as I was having a heart attack.  We snapped some pictures and told him to climb down, which he did with a lot of ease.  He had rubber boots on too!  Not the best for climbing.  That kid!  We are presently having  extreme talks about climbing safety.  15032069_1256732997702204_7710262140879890945_n

Tess getting a shot at the doctor’s office.  She was worse than a three year old.  She almost wouldn’t let the nurse give it to her.  Tess was trying to get the nurse to let her drink it.  It didn’t end up hurting hardly at all, but the anticipation was really hard for her.

Royce sandwiched between people during the primary program practice.





Hadley and Royce’s last soccer games.  They both scored and played great!  I was sad to miss it, but Kevin took some great pictures at Royce’s game (to follow in another post).  He was coaching Hadley’s game, so he didn’t get any of her.  What a fun year of watching them.

One of Kevin’s speaking event advertisements.  I was excited to see it look so real.  🙂  14925496_1256733087702195_4555799413542916521_n

Starting to watch Poldark on PBS.  The girls and I sneak in an episode each night Kevin is gone (thus helping us deal with his traveling quite well).  We have the hardest time not watching it on other nights.

Legos!!! How did mothers ever live without Legos?15032653_1256733121035525_5620901082918265213_n-1

Listening to 50’s music on Saturdays while we work.  The kids love the songs and sing them often.  This was a car ride home from the grocery store.  

Pretty, wavy hair pictures of Tess.  🙂  14980667_1256732824368888_2542481244334996903_n 14915693_1256732901035547_6181014354450255859_n 15032884_1256732924368878_1398122370503107270_n

Getting to go to Time Out For Women Friday night and Saturday. Tess and Merritt got to go also for Time Out For Girls.  It was the best one I’ve been to.  Incredible speakers and I feel so uplifted.  Check out Tim Ballard.

I got to spend time with great friends and visit with them without kids interrupting.  🙂  It was also wonderful to run into old friends.  So many wonderful ladies with huge smiles.  Warms my heart!  14922232_1253031471405690_2225385488434387362_n 14991942_1253031514739019_6025571012570746276_n 14915480_1253389011369936_1860121854568888079_n

Corbin LOVES chicken, waffles and bacon (think they should add bacon?).  Addisen found this bag of chips and sent it to our family text saying it reminded her of him.  🙂  14947572_1256733071035530_1447417699210345863_n

Dixon:  “Why doesn’t Batman have a pet dog?”  This was completely off topic…. 🙂

Gaining an hour as Daylight Savings time stops. I love when it gets dark early.  We get our night wrapped up and snuggle in (when we’re home).  The mornings are brighter too (at least for awhile).

Beautiful weather!  🙂

Dinner at Olive Garden with Nana and Boppa! Beautiful sunset while we ate. :)
Dinner at Olive Garden with Nana and Boppa! Beautiful sunset while we ate. 🙂






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  1. Fave of this post is Tessa begging nurses to let her drink the vaccine. Haha Haha!!! BRILLIANT! Why has the medical world not thought of this.

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