Week 15 – Elder Jones

image1 Happy Halloween! This is so cool to have a P-Day Halloween.  
As for the pictures, it’s hard to get pictures of me because I’m the one taking the pictures I have. I get ones of me from other missionaries but that doesn’t happen often. Luckily I did a lot this week so you can have those.

I HATE THE RAIN! Just thought I would get that out there. I would love it if I weren’t on a bike. But riding though puddles is the worst because it just soaks your legs. Riding at night is even worse because you can’t see too well and before you know it you are in a deep puddle and the water is shooting up your jacket. We can keep a lot of our upper body dry but anything below the waist or above the neck is soaked. It sucks.

We got a random call from a guy that just said everything has gone wrong and his life is terrible and he needs church to turn it around.  We met with him right then.  He had come from living on the streets to slowly making his way from living in a scary hotel and homeless shelter now lives in a mobile home that is leaking rain through the roof. Two cool things happened. One, we could just see how humbled he was because everything was getting better until the car broke, work ran out and the house started to fall apart. The whole time he was explaining this to us his head was down and he was just so sad and needed help.  The other cool thing is that I was also humbled. This guy and his family have nothing. He wants to work hard but work is hard to find. He was saying things like that he had to walk across town the next day to pick up a kid. They have nothing.  I really was able to be humbled myself and realize how much I have now. I am, really blessed. Man a mission really wakes you up sometimes.

So we passed by this random house and saw them packing up boxes and asked if they were moving and they were. So we set up a time and on Wednesday we went and helped them move. It was great and tonight we taught them a lesson.  But here’s the crazy part. We had the Spanish sisters and another set of elders with us too so we had a good amount of missionaries here.  The shocking part was that the house was filled  with paintings of naked mermaids. There were fully naked mermaids everywhere! And the people weren’t trying to hide anything at all. So that was bad. But it got worse. We had to pull several drawers out of the dressers and stuff and I would grab one and there were more naked mermaids in the drawers! (Oh, the woes of a missionaries. 🙂 Everywhere. It was funny to see the other missionaries reactions when they first noticed the paintings. Man missions are crazy.

So I got the posterity tie this week for district meeting. When you are trained, you get a tie that has been handed down from trainer to trainee for generations. You all sign the back of it at the end of training. Mine has five names on it. Duse signed it and gave it to me. I’ll hand it off to my greenie, if I train.  image1

I had a few moments this week that I just stopped and said to myself “Holy cow. I’m a missionary! How cool is that. I made it!”  I was taking my coat off when we got back home after our last lesson of the day and it’s wet outside and I am exhausted and I looked about and I thought “I am actually a missionary. That’s so cool!” I think about Best Two Years and other movies I’ve seen about missionaries and I didn’t really realize until this week that I am actually there, that I made it. I am those guys in those movies. This is what they do in those movies and what they talk about in conference. Of course when I am soaking wet or when I fail at tracting or someone drops us I think: This sucks. But besides that, this is cool. I am a real missionary. It’s still surreal to me. But this is cool. 

We had our Trunk or Treat this weekend and one if the Bishop kids, the one with the sumo wrestler costume scared a kid to death. There was this other little kid, he was about two years old and he actually thought that he was Baymax and was bawling his eyes out because he thought it was really him. Funniest thing ever. Then the other Bishop boy dressed as a penguin and his shoes are slippery and he kept falling over all over the gym. Fun night. image2

On Saturday, we had a Hmong feast. As in they killed a cow. This is huge in the Hmong culture. Like this hardly ever happens. There were well over a hundred people there. The lady invited the entire Hmong group, all the missionaries in the zone and some other missionaries not in our zone. There were so many egg rolls. The Hmong egg rolls are my favorite food I’ve had out here. It was so good and it was literally a feast. Coolest thing. 

Saturday night we got a call from members with…….problems.  This was at three in the morning. Then they just sat there calling us over and over again. And wouldn’t stop. We didn’t get much sleep that night. 

Yesterday, we had two families that we have been working with forever suddenly show up to church. Yes! 

So as for transfers, I am getting someone named Elder Leathers. I don’t know hardly anything about him except that he trained someone that I knew in the MTC, but wasn’t in my district. I met him a few times and he seems nice. image1

Well, that’s about all I have. I apologize to everyone that I didn’t get to e-mail this week. It’s a busy week with transfers. Enjoy the pics and tell me how many came in each e-mail please so you have them all. Luva!


2 thoughts on “Week 15 – Elder Jones”

  1. Interesting writeup. You know, Corbin, in some cultures mermaids are a big deal. And mermaids, by definition, don’t wear clothes. I think you can handle that. Also, it would be something if the Mormon Church could maybe start to figure out a way to help some who need cars for travel to ask for car donations, give the poor mechanic training, and teach them to fix the donated cars! Wow, would that be a super big help to some people! Love, Aunt Peggy

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