Halloween, House Wall Fire, Pres. Dalton, “I Will Fall” and Pearl the Duck!!!


Really missing my older kids!  I still haven’t figured out how to mend my heart as I realize that they really do grow up and leave the house.  I love that they get to live their lives, but I really miss them.

Four years ago in Alabama!
Four years ago in Alabama!

Dixon:  “I know who I”m going to marry, we have a deal, but I’m going to miss being a kid.”

Presidential Debates.  Hmmmm, I won’t say my opinion, but I had to watch and listen as I drove the kids to activities. It was awesome to have great conversations with the kids as they listened.

Our great President Steven Dalton passing away.  He was such a great man and influenced so many people.  We named our Dixon Dalton Jones after him.  Our family has been deeply affected by him and how he lived his life.  I think he lived more in his time than most people ever squeeze in.  I’m so thankful for his service and love to us and so many others.  Love the Dalton family!  278422_129160467172911_2861756_o

Dixon:  “Watch for your heads.”  Meaning “Heads up.”  🙂

Pearl the duck!  There are no words to actually describe this experience, so I’ll just touch on it.  Kevin saw a lame duck on Vernon Road as he drove home.  He posted a description on a community FB page and someone claimed her.  Others freaked out that Kevin didn’t take her home and heal her (we are so far from being able to handle something like that, time wise or knowledge wise, we’d probably just eat it.)  Someone even called him a SOB, wow!  That is a first for Kevin.  I had to defend him, making my first dramatic moment on FB.  We aren’t in Alabama anymore!

Annie Schmidt missing.  Our hearts were so sad for her family and truly touched by how her family has dealt with this tragic event.  We prayed so hard for everyone involved.  I loved this article on the situation.

A Message To The “Piano Guy” From The “Cello Guy”

Dixon listening to the hymn Be Still My Soul and asking “Why do they steal his soul?”

After fishing in our pond Dixon said:  “Guess what?”  “We saw the sturgeon and it was huuuuuge, but then it ran away.”  The sturgeon is not huge and it doesn’t RUN away.

SCARY HOUSE FIRE!!!  Long story short….. Some hot coals caught our deck on fire and went up the side of our house.  THANKFULLY, we were home (we had been gone for three hours while the coals were sitting there) when the flames burst forth.  If we had been gone, the house would have burned to the ground.  It’s amazing how quickly fire can spread, it was hard to put out.  Thankfully, we have fire extinguishers and the kids moved quickly.  We were in shock afterwards and freaked out that it could have happened when the kids were home without us.  Feeling very blessed it unfolded how it did.  14947950_1246626462046191_1266663777360854978_n 14611060_1246626515379519_1820959228282768190_n



Mock Missionary Family Home Evening.  We had different parents act as investigators while the kids rotated rooms in companionships teaching “The Restoration” from Preach My Gospel.  It was so fun to watch the adults really get into the different scenarios.  The youth did a great job of teaching!  So much fun!

Dixon:  “Mom, when I have a really good day, it’s really hard to get sleepy and TODAY WAS A REAAAAALLY GOOD DAY!”

Kevin finishing a music video that Bryson and Elizabeth (Stephanie) made last summer.  I wish it showed Bryson playing the piano too, but they were lucky to squeeze in enough time to get this much done.  Crazy young people…. 😉  (It isn’t quite done – this is a draft.)  Bryson arranged and played the piano for it.

Driving home from the dentist on a beautiful day with the kids and deciding to stop at the Columbia River, just because we could.  I love home schooling, we can adjust our schedule to squeeze in special things.

Beautiful Mt. Hood!
Beautiful Mt. Hood!


Tess’ last cross country meet – she came in 5th!  It was pouring all day and then the sun broke out to make a beautiful afternoon.  Loved it all!   14907687_1246627035379467_4117077587501397708_n 14915351_1246627095379461_1616193898071523223_n 14938324_1246627148712789_2959227536286360114_n

Dixon:  “Mom, Mom, I know what I want to watch soon, Red Robin Hood!”  🙂  He must know what my favorite restaurant is.

Getting to go to the Washougal Halloween Festival, Camas Boo Bash, a number of parties and our ward Halloween party.  I am Halloweened out, but the kids still want to go out tonight!  So many cute things for families to celebrate the holidays.

Washougal Halloween Festival
Washougal Halloween Festival

14713712_1235025943206243_2827106316058854095_n14937343_1246626385379532_5743541396507029103_n 14910323_1246626398712864_6849574016333309553_n 14925472_1246626438712860_1607416019027671297_n


Camas Boo Bash. Isn't a it picture perfect beautiful little town? :)

Thanks Erin Johansen for taking my kids! :)
Thanks Erin Johansen for taking my kids! 🙂


Early church!  We have a really weird church time because of our parking lot, 3:00-6:00 pm.  We had Stake Conference which made our church time 10:00 am.  We loved having a full day after church.  We got to have my childhood friend Kimmy Davis’ (Brandenburg) family over.  Our kids had a blast playing and I LOVED getting to visit with her and her husband.  Oh the memories…. 🙂

Watching The Great Debaters with the girls.  It’s such a great movie and we had the best discussions.

Pumpkin Patch with the three youngest kids.  It rained but was still really fun.  We loved the pumpkin washing station.  I have to admit we missed the huge Alabama pumpkin patches with a ton of activities for all ages.  14900375_1246626755379495_4886710971167462073_n 14938160_1246626772046160_6573340743640835439_n 14568032_1246626805379490_6405380925440610655_n

Missionaries over for dinner.  It’s always eventful when someone comes for dinner because our kids are in rare form.  Uuuggghhh!

Making some new dinners.  I tried homemade potpie.  Yum!  14900556_1246626735379497_3798754288395696437_n

Dixon getting to play at the Kessinger’s home before a soccer game (without any siblings).  He had so much fun with their kids.  Thanks for the help Kessingers!  14632952_1246626848712819_1002921475232507578_n 14937306_1246626872046150_7531283910219185337_n

First time playing goalie. Not so fun for him….

Soccer practices over!!!!  Only two more games and we are done with Fall sports.  It was so fun while it lasted but we are ready to have time for our family again and gas in our cars. 14570257_1246626528712851_5146114726336702910_n 14907663_1246626912046146_8626430808214966080_n 14639641_1246626958712808_4146204586460941064_n

Doing better with my no sweets/treats, until all the Halloween candy came in the house. I’ve been making through though.  I physically feel great, just sad without my chocolate.  We get to have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and our birthdays off.  So today I made a chocolate cream pie and have been eating it all day instead of food (I think the crust is like a biscuit, so that might be counted as food).  Such a happy day!  I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  14639748_1246626278712876_8251161407334773283_n 14907152_1246626312046206_8415489480114448463_n 14721655_1246626325379538_4344510357705177001_n




One thought on “Halloween, House Wall Fire, Pres. Dalton, “I Will Fall” and Pearl the Duck!!!”

  1. Whoa! House fires aren’t even enough for you to break out the York??!! SO scary!!

    I did think of you on Halloween. Hope you ate that entire pie by yourself!!!

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