Week 14 – Elder Jones

At least I get to see him walking... :)
At least I get to see him walking… 🙂

Hey Fam! Good week this week. I don’t have any pictures of me this week. Sorry. I took a few, just not with me. I’ll send them in a different email.

We picked up a few investigators this week. Lots of contacting. Also, it got really cold.

We saw lots of miracles this week.  We are working hard.  ***** is doing great. She is making great progress. She had midterms this week and was so stressed. But she said a prayer before each test and said she felt like she did really well. She’s getting closer and closer to being ready. But very slowly. We are probably going to teach her the word of wisdom tonight. This’ll be fun.

It has gotten really cold and I didn’t have a coat (Would have been good for him to let us know so we could get him one, right?).  I had been borrowing a sweater from Elder Duseigneur, but I needed to get one. We had stopped by a thrift store or two looking for one but couldn’t find one. We wanted to get out to Goodwill because they have good stuff and so after MCM we asked our ward mission leader if he could take us there on the way home. He said he would, but wanted to try this other thrift store because it was high end stuff. So he took us there and it was like it wasn’t even a thrift store really. There were a few things that were used but most of it was new things and nice things too. I didn’t find anything there that I could wear as a missionary. So I was just going to try something at Goodwill.  When I went to go get our Ward Mission Leader he was asking the checker for something that would work for me and they showed him something in the rack we had gone through several times.  He pulled out something new we hadn’t seen.  It’s called a Dwight D. Eisenhower or something. It looked nice and is definitely missionary standard. It was a little thin but the material it is made out of is heavy and has heat retaining material. We found one that fit but it was like $40, so I wasn’t going to get it. Then he took it and payed for it! He has a grandson that is on a mission in Canada and said that he hopes that there is someone doing the same for him. It was awesome. I can see the blessings coming.

It’s so crazy to think that I only have a week left in this companionship. One more week of being with Duse, one more as a greenie, one more until I take the area over. It’s almost here.

We were raking leaves at a members yard this week. That’s when I hit a beehive. Oh what fun! I was raking and suddenly I noticed a bug that wouldn’t leave my neck alone. Then there were three bees that were trying to get to me. One flew in my glove and stung me. The glove was hard to get off, but I managed it and I started to try to get the stinger out but had to pull out the other glove. Then I was able to get my knife out and scrape it out. I looked back and saw hundreds of bees right where I was. That was not very fun. 😦

We were at the B***house and we could tell that she was really struggling. She has been having a lot of hard things happen and we showed her the video Mountains to Climb.  They watched it in mostly silence which is amazing for them. We talked a little about it.  Then Elder Duse offered her a blessing. She started crying. Like really crying. We gave her a blessing and it was such a cool experience. Hopefully this will help her to come back to church. She has only been back once since I got here. I love them.

So when we finished the service with the leaves and the bees, one of the people’s daughter walked out with a their pellet gun to go shoot a squirrel. She is like 40. And she was like, “hey do y’all want to shoot the guns?”  And of course we said yes. So they set up a ton of targets and cans and stuff and we shot guns for a while. So much fun. We might go back and do it again today because it’s a companionship P-day and so it is only me and Elder Duseigneur for today.

So sister **** has had us over a lot this week. She has developed some bad habits because of two missionaries in the past that were really disobedient.  She really love them and so she always leaves the TV on throughout all of dinner. She always has either football or Hallmark on and so I think if y’all. While we were waiting on the dinner to finish cooking, the show the Good Witch came on and I could just see the three girls huddled on the couch watching it at night with all their blankets. I miss that. Then looking at that girl that was in it, the one that was in Parental Guidance, she reminded me a lot of Tess(a!). Like how she gets excited is the same way and all that. It was kinda cool. Miss ya!

We were trying to contact a former investigator across the street from the church and he didn’t live there, but the guy was nice. As missionaries would, we struck up a conversation and he said something about gearheads. Gearheads is the place all the missionaries get their haircut because it’s good, but cheap.  Sometimes we get it free because the owner is an investigator. But this girl named Shelly always cuts our hair. Missionaries have all tried to get her address in the past but nobody has been able to get an appointment. Well, he said something about the hair cutting place and so Elder Duseigneur said that Shelly cuts his hair and he is like well she lives here. Then he went and got Shelly!  She’s like well you found me, I live here. We ended up getting a return appointment with her and we are getting Elder Duse a haircut there today too. So cool.

Yesterday was the primary program. Since our ward is relatively small, the kids were just yelling everything. It barely was singing at some points. Full on yelling. Loved it. I kept seeing Dixon up there misbehaving.

We got back home each night and just wanted to curl into a ball and sleep. But we have progress reports and lessons to fill in and all that. So tired this week. Every night. More than usual. But it is good. So glad.


-Elder Jones


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