Week 13- Elder Jones

The pink is for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Roadkill, Sushi and Left on a Farm

The wonderful beehives in our ward sent him a package! 🙂


Our ward is great. It’s really small, but good members. They’re not really into missionary work, but we’ll work on that!

So we were driving to Hmong’s apartment on p-day and a car was passing us on the other side of the road and right before it did, a squirrel books it across the road and nails their wheel and bounces off, spinning really fast on its back……right under our tire. 😪 R.I.P. Mister squirrel.

I got to teach the law of chastity. That was horrifying! Since ***** is loving with her boyfriend, we had to teach that. She is praying about it and everything now which is good. But teaching that was not fun. Not fun at all. She’s looking at the ground and my voice didn’t want to work. Aahhh! But I’m glad we did cause it’s something that needed to be addressed. But man was that not an experience that I want to have often.  She kinda hit a roadblock this week. She still plans on getting baptized. That’s for sure at this point. She is just going to wait until like January.  With work, we can bump that date up but it’ll be a bit because she needs to get married to her boyfriend. At this point I don’t know if I will be here for her baptism but she’ll still get baptized and I’m just so happy that she will. Unless something crazy happens😬. That wouldn’t be good. But I’m sure she will and I can’t ask for more.

So we killed Elder Garner (Missionary term for finishing their mission and going home). I’m so sad. We had a “funeral” after Zone Meeting. Elder Duseigneur was the temporary bishop and the Zone Leaders were the stake presidency and we gave eulogies and reviewed his past life and cracked inside jokes. His companion gave a talk and Elder Duse and the Zone Leaders did too. All while he was laying “dead” on the table. I’ll put more pictures in the other email (This is a bit strange…).  image5


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