911, Messed Up Eyebrows, Man in My Bed and Addisen’s Confession!


Waking up at night wondering who was in my room.  Then realizing Kevin was in the bed!  He had been gone all week on business and I wasn’t used to someone being there.  I jumped a bit!  img_0017img_0102

Realizing how bad it sounded when I explained my rotating 15 minutes with each individual child.  I spend a lot of time with my kids, just not always individually doing something specifically they want to do.  Each day we do school work together, cook, read books, snuggle etc.

My same friend commenting on the blog again about my lack of sweets/treats.  “Not even hot chocolate????!!!!???!!! It’s like living in a lesser degree of glory by choice!!!”

Fellow driver calling 911 on me!  Oh my goodness, this is a horrible story, but such is my life!  I was driving along Washougal River Road and the kids wanted to play “Corners” (some call is Jello now).  You know where you make a turn and everyone squishes to one side.  We were behind really slow cars, so I had to swerve a bit extra to make it work.  We were having so much fun, but then I realized the car behind me probably thought I was drunk.  She pulled in behind me and was having a panic attack.  I reassured her we were just playing a game (I was driving really carefully).  This poor woman used to do drugs and had gotten in an horrible accident exactly 10 years to the day.  I completely ruined her day and she had called 911.  She couldn’t quite gather herself, so I decided I better just get home and never do that again!

Addisen calling me to add her “Confession” to our family’s list.  This doesn’t work because it wasn’t even bad.  It was the best she could come up with though.  🙂  She said she snuck and checked Kevin’s temple recommend renewal date to see when we were moving back from Alabama.  We weren’t sure what the date would be because we hadn’t told Bryson yet and he would help us decide (because of his mission concluding).  Kevin said his goal was to renew his recommend back home.  We actually made it by then, but we had to renew our recommends before we left just to be safe.

Big fail of the week = my eyebrows!  I’ve had this problem for a couple months where one of my eyebrows is half the size of the other.  It’s not that big of a deal to me, so I just put on my little bit of makeup each day and get going.  This morning Tess offered to “fill in” my eyebrows for me.  My advice is not to mess with new makeup when you are going to speak in church that day.  She made me into Frankenstein, then she told me I looked like a man.  She kept saying “You didn’t let me finish.” or “I told you not to look yet.”  I eventually took enough off that I “don’t think” it was noticeable.  Kevin kept saying “Wow, it’s amazing how much just eyebrows can change how someone looks. You look permanently angry.”

I always wanted my blog to “Be Real”. Well this is getting pretty real! 🙂




Doing General Conference Jeopardy for Family Home Evening.  Fun to do with some other families and go through the great information again.

Playing “Good Morning, Good Morning” from Singing in the Rain each morning.  It is such a happy way to wake ourselves up.

Teaching Institute again!  WE LOVE IT!  Kevin has been traveling a lot so we rotate the students teaching his part of the lesson when he is gone.  Of course we have mainly boys again.  They are awesome!  It feels like leaving the temple afterwards.

Merritt’s last volleyball game.  We’re sad to see it end.  My sister Janine and my Mom and Dad came for it.  It was so fun!


My sweets/treats craving finally getting under control.  I went all week just not caring about food at all.  It was so much better.  Too bad today was back to being really hard again.  Hopefully, the week will go better.

Checking out great at the dermatologist. I’ve had Basil Cell Carcinoma removed before, so this is a fabulous thing.  Feels good to finally get myself established with a doctor here.

Sneaking in some Motab Christmas music on a rainy day.  I think I smiled the entire drive as I sang enthusiastically in the car. Don’t tell Kevin…. He is a no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving person. 😉

Taking Friday off of school!  The school district had it off, so Thursday night I decided we should too.  It made for an awesome Friday.  Of course, the older girls still had school work to do, but gaining an unexpected day was wonderful.

Reading Boys in the Boat!  It’s about the University of Washington rowing team in the 1930’s.  They made it all the way to the Olympics.  It’s such a great book.  I find myself sweating with them and stressing out during their competitions.

Soccer games getting canceled because of a storm that never came to Washougal.  We were sad to miss soccer, but it was so great to get our day back.  Kevin fixed thing around the house, I got to go to our Ward’s Super Saturday, we got to dream a little on our land.  Best of all was getting to have a family night of eating and playing together.  We had an air hockey tournament.  So fun!  Kevin and I haven’t played for over a year and a half.  It felt so good to get crazy competitive with him.

Addisen and David dressing up as Ron Swanson and April Ludgate from the show Parks and Rec.  The sad part was that I had to look up who these people were.  They did a great job with their costumes.img_0318

Finding books left all over the house.  I love this!  It means my kids are reading them.  🙂


Dixon pretending to be a witch riding her broom.




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