Week 12 – Elder Jones

Bowling balls, Baptism Date and Exchanges

So you know those missionaries that converted President Uchtdorf’s wife that he talks about in the conference talk in the Women’s Conference? Apparently one of them lives in Gridley, the next town south from here. Cool stuff right?

Exchanges were pretty awesome. It was great to be in a car for a day. We were up in Paradise which is in the mountains. It was exactly like the backwoods of Washougal. If there was a full town set up back by the mercantile, that’s Paradise.  Because it was cold out, it felt like it too. Pine trees everywhere and steep hills and mountains and stuff. Brought back a ton of awesome memories. 

While I was there, we visited someone that everyone just calls Grandma. She has two bowling balls that every missionary she meets sign. I signed it and paused, then I put a Roll Tide on it. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). The next day we ended up back there and I picked up the one that I had signed because it looked cool. After looking at it for a while, (remember that I had signed it the night before) I noticed something cool. Not only was there an Oregon Ducks signature on it, but also the a Tide signature! That made me so happy! Got a pic with them all here. Roll Tide!


I think on Thursday is when we get into the trio. We will have a car!

Look what I got!  (Trying to torture his mother!)image2

But I absolutely loved the package. I am going to find a bowl and fill it partway up with candy corn and sneak some candy corn like I used to do, even though they are my candy corn😝😄 (I usually have a bowl full of candy on the counter that the kids can’t take unless I say they can.  It trains the littles to have self control, but obviously by the time they are teenagers they can take them). Thank you so much! I used the pictures as my Halloween decorations in my hidden window. 


Elder Duse was going to take a pic of me with the package but kept taking selfies. We are really getting along really well. Having a lot of fun. 

As for the Book of Mormon read, I am behind schedule but I am at the beginning of Alma.  It’s really cool and I love going back and seeing how it looks. 

So, of course I save the best for the end. Our most recent lesson with ***** went really well. We committed her to baptism.  It looks like it will really happen. 🙂 There are things we still have to work out but it’s going to happen. All day Elder Duse and I had been talking about what we wanted to do for this lesson and we both knew that she needed to get a baptismal date. We prayed about the date and studied it. When we went over there that night, we were teaching the lesson,(I was the one that was going to commit her to baptism) I started to get really nervous. A ton of thoughts started running through my head about how maybe she wasn’t ready, her boyfriend was looking like he wasn’t going to be happy with it, she would say no…….  All these things were running through my head and I was not feeling good.  I was really nervous. But then it got so bad that it got to the point that I had the thought:  “Maybe I shouldn’t do it.”  That’s when I realized that all these thoughts were being put into my head by the adversary. I had been letting fear reign my thoughts and when I hit that point, I realized it and let the spirit take back over. Suddenly all those thoughts disappeared and I knew that the date we had prayed about was right. I didn’t look back on it after that. A little bit later in the lesson, the time came and I asked her (of course it always requires a little work) she said yes. There was a big sigh of relief from everyone in the room and her boyfriend stared getting first bumps from everyone and everyone started fist bumping everyone. It was great. She feels good about it. I am so happy. Elder Duse was saying afterwards that this is one of the things on his mission bucket list: to convert an atheist. That’s what she started out as and now she is on date for the 5th of November. It’s all paying off. Unfortunately, Elder Duseigneur won’t be here for that. He will probably leave earlier that week because of transfers. But as long as she gets on he road, that’s what’s important. I never thought that I would be at this point. I never could actually see myself helping someone from the beginning, as a missionary, and helping them get from nonbeliever to baptized. This is crazy to me. Man, the Lord is watching over us. 

Thank you so much for all that y’all do!  Miss you a ton. 


-Elder Jones. 


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