Doggie Hair Cuts, Trains, 15 Minutes and Crazy Clowns!

Trains in the house! Dixon loves to get his train bucket out. He always has to take a picture so he won't forget how he set it up.

Trains in the house! Dixon loves to get his train bucket out. He always has to take a picture so he won’t forget how he set it up.


Dixon:  “Why can everyone else say Shu-u-u-u-u-sh-sh-sh, but me?”  Me:  “Because you’re the youngest, so there is no one for you to shush, but you can say it to me nicely.”

One of my friends messaging me:  “Thank heavens that you have friends that support you in no sugar.  I’m not ABOUT to give that up!!  Life has to have some sort of reward.” Ha!  The only problem is I happen to agree with her!

Feeling like I might die without my treats!  Oh the pain….  I do fine most of the time, but there are moments when I want to cry.  One of the other ladies was struggling too and asking if 100% cocoa was ok in oatmeal.  I was all over that and asking if I could put in in warm milk.  We sounded so addicted and desperate that one husband said we could just sniff the cocoa.  😉

Corbin’s reaction to the blog when he found out about Hadley throwing Bryson’s electric guitar away in Alabama.  He got just as mad as Bryson because he was in charge of the guitar while he was on his mission.

Kevin traveling out of town all week!  We missed him but focused on the good parts.  Getting to eat all the meals he doesn’t like and watch girly movies.  We’d rather have him here, but we can focus on the positive.

Playing baseball with the kids and getting hit with the ball!  It went right into my stomach.  Thankfully, it was a only a small wiffle ball, but it stung all night.  It was actually pretty funny when it happened, but Hadley hit the ball really hard!

Tess trying to tell me about these crazy clowns everywhere.  She grabs me and shows me a video on FB.  Dixon was trying to sneak and watch it.  He never gets scared by things and I’ve actually worried about how much he likes a thrill.  I told him not to watch it, but he saw enough.  A little while later he came up crying to me, saying the clowns scared him (they were the freaky kind of clowns).  He said “I can hear the scary music in my head for 100 days and see the clown faces for 10 days.”


Merritt making a Halloween kit I had from last year.  It turned out cute.  I’m not crafty at all, so we had to figure out how to put it together.  14656407_1221498737892297_5802679492802991382_n

Going around the dinner table after General Conference and asking the kids what they want to change or work on and what questions were answered for them.  It was really neat to hear what they, personally felt and experienced.

Hadley fixing the vacuum all by herself.  So impressed!

Starting to schedule 15 minutes each day alone with one kid and they get to choose what we do.  I found I spend time with different groups of the kids, but I need one on one time while having fun.  We get one on one time in the car and when they get tucked in, etc., but I want them to choose how to spend the time.  I had so much fun playing basketball, boardgames and baseball this week.  It backfired after Dixon’s day.  He kept coming up to me the next day and saying “Let’s go play that game again.”  He was so cute, but I found myself almost saying “What? I gave you your 15 minutes yesterday!”.  Thankfully, I caught how ridiculous that sounds, but I did have a good private chuckle to myself.

Starting a Book of Mormon Challenge that Corbin’s mission President sent out.  It divides it up to finish it in 67 days, nine pages a day, 3 pages morning, noon and night.  Looking for Christ and underlining anything to do with him and/or his atonement.  It’s been wonderful!  I didn’t think I could ever find the time, but I’m looking forward to it and find I have even more time for other things.  Along with feeling the Spirit more strongly throughout the day.

Bentley getting groomed!  She goes from looking like a poodle to looking like a skinny golden retriever, naked mole rat.  14563540_1213147938727377_1549011270418471984_n 14523211_1216084165100421_5005668558383424584_n

Soccer practice being cancelled for all three teams.  It made for an awesome night.

Royce making a homemade kite for cub scouts.  It was so cute, he had to take a picture.  14570435_1221498787892292_3200662163017060968_n

Bentley enjoying the last sunny day with warm weather. 14611139_1221498727892298_1273829991035843791_n

Dixon getting sealant on his teeth.  He was a trooper.  So cute! 14633081_1221498761225628_9165502213690430436_n


3 thoughts on “Doggie Hair Cuts, Trains, 15 Minutes and Crazy Clowns!”

  1. Ummmm- yup- I would be that friend! Not even hot chocolate????!!!!???!!! It’s like living in a lesser degree of glory by choice!!!

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  2. Dixon can say shush to me. I often need it! My Aunt Cathy used to do the 15 minutes a day thing. I think your two youngest should get 15 every day! Love to you all. Aunt Peggy

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