Week 11 – Elder Jones


Stuck in he mud, conference and rain!

It feels like Neskowin right now. Really cold and misty and every thing. So cool!

Honestly I am really really mad. I was Reading the blog post about honesty stuff was really funny and I may have known about Tessa’s weed thing but I am so mad about Hadley and the guitar. Like I am really serious and really, really mad. I’ll have to repent after this but I’m too mad to do it now. I was supposed to take care of the guitar while Bryson was on his mission and when it didn’t end up making it across the country I felt really bad because I had failed. I know how much Bryson loved that guitar and how it was my responsibility. But really Hadley? How do you even do that? I’m really sorry Mom for getting mad at you for that back when it happened. 

On a better note, this week was great. Some awesome things happened. I go on exchanges tonight. Conference was awesome!  We watched it at the stake center because that is what we are supposed to do.  They released Women’s Conference this week and we got to watch it too.  Fourth floor last door was probably my favorite from all of conference.  I really like Elder Yamashita and Elder Bednar talks.  They were all amazing but these were my favorites.  Questions I had were answered and it was amazing.  The Gospel is amazing!

Had our last appointment with *****. She is leaving the center she is at and going to the ward she should be in. She is doing better than ever. If only we all could be like her. We will miss her!

We had more progress with ***** and her boyfriend.  She is reading everything we give her, praying and feeling the Spirit.

A good chunk of the zone went hiking in an old mine shaft.  A new sister missionary got stuck waste deep in mud!

The second half of October we’ll be in a trio.  We’re moving to the other apartment which is cool.


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