Week 10 – Elder Jones

Backflips, slamming doors and Just Do It!


Loved hearing from y’all.

I won’t be in the trio for another few weeks. As for what I might need, I like blue sharks. Stuff like that is good. Maybe some of that Amish bread dough? I was thinking of that last week. I am fine on money right now. Elder Duse and I have been handling it well and I haven’t even spent half of my money for this month yet. If I send you a flash drive, can I have Dad put music on it because the cd’s get scratched really easily and some of them don’t work. Can you put a flash drive in a letter with just one stamp? Besides that I don’t know what else to ask for. Those are just suggestions. Anything would help really. Anything that helped Bryson and anything you think might help.

I’ve been hearing awesome things about Women’s Conference https://www.lds.org/general-conference?cid=HP_SA_24-9-2016_dPFD_fLHNA_xLIDyL1-C_&lang=eng. I’m excited for the rest of Conference! 

We were teaching this lady that really wants to get her life back together and is trying really hard to do it. She is around 23 and is a less active member. She is trying so hard and she goes to church every Sunday and reads more scriptures than I do. We went to teach her and she had a friend there that tagged along.  She totally felt the spirit and read the Book of Mormon with us.  They are going to keep reading it with the girl we are teaching. 

We got really lost. We ended up going just a little out of our area to find some people that the Relief Society President/Bishop’s wife wanted us to contact.  The street didn’t end up existing and we ended up waaayy out of our area and biked around looking for the non-existent street for two hours. We were calling people and looking on maps and it was so frustrating. We ended up finding it through the Bishop’s wife. Ughhh. Missionary work is hard. 

Sorry I wasn’t able to see that video mom. We don’t have access to YouTube. Although I was happy to see the next Face to Face is from Studio C, so we can watch that. Yes!

***** is doing great. We had another amazing lesson with her. The spirit was so strong and she is understanding it. She lives with her less active boyfriend.  When we invited her to baptism, she said that she couldn’t because she didn’t want to do it with the guilt of that. We knew that she would have to fix that before she got baptized, but I loved hearing her say that because she recognized that it needs to be fixed. It’ll be hard to get over that bump on the road, but it looks like it is possible. I’m so happy that we have her. It makes all of the door slams and drivers cussing us out worth it. 

Got a picture with Sister M*****.  She said that this was her first selfie since Christmas. 🎄 image4


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