Week 9 – Elder Jones – He Wrote Details, Yippee!!! :)


Taking Pictures at a Funeral Wake, Doctor Moo and the JW’s

So because p-days have started to get so crazy, I have decided to write the email throughout the week. We are allowed to write drafts, but not allowed to send them. So this should make it so the emails aren’t rushed. I just add a thing or two before I go to bed or after I wake up. This it stuff from two weeks so it is longer.

Don’t worry, I eat everything on my plate every night. And yes I try to help every time I can. Even if they say they are good, I help. That’s my boy!  🙂

Yeah, I haven’t seen rain since I left home. Come to think of it, I haven’t even really seen clouds. Just smoke. An upside is that it cooled down to the 80’s on one of the days this week. That was a major blessing on bikes. 

The missionary work really picked up about two weeks ago. I already told you some of the miracles that happened. We had another one happen this week. 

Awhile ago, we tried to contact a less active member and his girlfriend answered the door and we set up a return appointment with them. We didn’t think it would actually happen….  Most of the time in situations like this the lessons fall through. There was a mix up in the date and she was really sad that we didn’t show up. That was interesting, a good interesting….  So we rescheduled and when we did go back and teach her, she said she only had a half hour. But she was really interested, surprisingly. We stayed an hour and a half and she said she would read the Book of Mormon, read the next pamphlet, pray and go to church. Even better, her boyfriend came in for the last half hour and kept saying that he needed to get back into church and really meant it (This never happens)! He even shared an experience about how he was supposed to die but the missionaries gave him a blessing and he lived. We were not expecting him to even be supportive. But it was amazing. He said he would clear up the rest of his Sunday’s for church. Keep them in your prayers. 

Sister *****, an awesome member, feeds us dinner a lot. This one got out of hand when she was trying to tell about the inappropriate stuff her sister did and started telling dirty jokes. 🤔

We showed a video a kid we while were teaching. When Elder Holland came up on the screen he said “That looks like trump!”.  🙂

We are trying to reactivate someone named sister Robertson (one of the mission presidency counselors and his wife are in our ward and we see them at church every Sunday).  They showed up a a lesson, which was cool.  When we closed this lesson out, we asked who she wanted to say the prayer. She has the spirit of a 20 year old and is so funny. She looked at me and said “I want you to say it because you remind me of one of my old boyfriends!” 😩 Why me!?  To make matters worse, the Bishop was with us for this lesson. 

My trainer, Elder Duseigneur, got called Elder “Doctor moo” because nobody can pronounce his name. 

Thursday night we went to a Chinese Buffet with some less active members. For some reason I ate the squid tentacles. It tasted really good but the texture was gross. I ended up spitting out the suction cups. 

So, I had a few of those Listerine breath strips and because it was so strong, it cleared my nose right up. If you end up sending anything eventually, some of those would be amazing. 

In about a month, one of the Hmong Elders, is going home. He is so awesome and we are really sad he is leaving. But he has to leave in the middle of a transfer so his companion, also an awesome guy, will be alone. Because they have a car, he will have to go into a trio for two weeks.  Because we don’t have a car and because we all get along together really well, we should be going into his apartment for the last few weeks of my training.  Also that will give us a car. Yes! Nothing is set in stone yet but that’s what should happen. We will see in a month. 

Speaking of missionaries going home, we had a funeral for one of them. I love the mission lingo. It’s kinda funny. When you go home we call it the land of eternal P-days. That is a pretty long and so a term we use a lot is dying. You probably know this, but I’ll explain for all those who don’t. When we have that final district meeting, we all go say goodbye to the dying missionary. We call it a funeral. Well, we took it to the max this time. I wish I could send you the video, but it won’t let me save it. But I got pictures. We put Sister **** on a table and all the guys gathered around and I got on the piano and everyone sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again. It was really funny!  14409506_10207079936540784_5325783837550916214_o We had a trainer/trainee meeting on Thursday. It was awesome to be able to see the guys from the MTC again. 

 After the funeral, a group of us went to a lunch appointment that the Hmong Elders had.  We had real, homemade Hmong food. It was really interesting. I’ve had a lot of Hmong food at their apartment but this was crazy. It tasted amazing, but the texture was gross. The noodles felt like slime and the quail eggs were really something else. My stomach just turned over…. 

So I am really glad you sent me the family blog because I was about to ask for it anyways. Keep sending it. 😁

We had another miracle that came out of the blue.  One of our people that we are meeting with, suddenly decided to quit smoking.  The Lord was really working on her and we gave her a blessing and she seems like she has really been humbled and truly wants to repent. It should really change her for the better. It has so far. She started reading scriptures every day. It’s so amazing! 

So, we were at Sister  *****’s for dinner again and she had another interesting thing or two to say. First of all, she loves missionaries but it’s awkward sometimes. She said that if we were her grandsons, she would give us an oiled back rub until we fell asleep. Then for the prayer on the food, she said she wanted to practice for her prayer in sacrament meeting this Sunday. She said she was really upset about ISIS and the Taliban and wanted to know what we thought about the prayer. Her prayer was interesting. She kept praying that the Taliban would be destroyed and that the something would be brought back home and that something would be done to stop ISIS. She’s a great lady, but…..

So we had a fun experience. The ZL’s were over at our apartment Friday morning picking up a package we had for Elder ****.  We were talking about the transfers when there was knock on the door. I peeked around the corner and saw a guy in a nice collared shirt. I told everyone that the JW’s were here. It was so funny because all the missionaries have wanted to have the experience with them knocking on our door. One of the Spanish elders, answered the door for the JW’s with a Book of Mormon in hand once. But this time they knocked and four missionaries answered. One of the guys knew who we were but the other was foreign and started talking to the four young adults that seemed to be unusually well dressed. Haha. We didn’t bash them. I wanted Elder Duse (that’s what we call elder Duseigneur) to because he knows his scriptures so well. But we just shared a scripture with them and said goodbye. We decided to be nice. Even though we did record it. 😆


I’m sad because transfers are on Tuesday. I know we were losing the Spanish elders. There’s only one or two others that I know are leaving. But we have an awesome zone and it’s sad to see people leave. I’ll get the transfer boards on Sunday night (the 18th). This is our zone. We had already left with the Hmong Elders at this point. And there are a few other people missing. 

 We sent a crate off to Ghana 🇬🇭 

We have given a lot of blessings lately. Sometimes multiple a day. I’ve even had to do one in front of some of the counselors in the mission presidency. That’s scary. But it’s been going great. 

It’s so rewarding to see less actives at church on Sunday. You never feel like you’re doing a lot of good with them until some of them show up. It makes me happy. 

My trainer and I are getting along well. We have had our ups and downs but it is getting a lot better. He’s really awesome and is really patient with me. He teaches me in a way that I learn best. It’s going great. 

Going on splits for the first time was cool.  At home, I was the teenage Priest for so long. So, it was really cool to be on the other side and kind of know what I’m doing. 

Helped the Spanish Elders with some lessons before they leave tomorrow. So sad they are leaving. But they will do amazing where they go. 

Last night they made a new area in our district and called Elder Duse as district leader! That’s pretty cool. It will be good to be able to see how that works. 

Altogether it’s going great. The work is going great. It’s been great to be able to help so many people. Hope that this way of writing throughout the week is better. 


-Elder Jones


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