Feeling Loserish, Saving Messages, Tooting, Pineapple and Fresh Corn!

Dixon melting my heart…..

Things that didn’t work:

-Dixon after we Skyped Addisen, David and Bryson: “Can we Skype Corbin now?”  😦 “Uh, no, not until Christmas and Mother’s Day.”  How do you explain that to a five year old.

-Saving messages from kids that move out.  😦  I have one from Corbin when he called on his mission from the airport.  I can’t erase it.  Bryson left a message singing a song and I love it!  I just replay them whenever I’m missing them.  Addy and David, I’m waiting for a musical from you two…. 😉

-Retraining Hadley and Royce from getting distracted during school.  They only had math finished by 11:30 am!  They were doing school until 4:30 pm.  Thankfully, they learned their lesson, got up early Friday and had school done by lunch.  Yippee!  Let’s see if they can remember this week.

-Feeling like a loser Home Schooling parent.  The responsibility is so big and gets the best of me sometimes.  At the high school level my kids branch out and get help from other people in areas that are beyond me.  It’s part of the plan, but I hate how it points back to me and I beat myself up for not having the perfect specimen without any holes.  After checking my pride and looking at what is most important (that being the character of my child and some other things), I moved on.

-Realizing we’ll never get to do it all!  Kevin and I were always waiting to do specific things with the kids until we didn’t have babies (20 years).  Now we are there and we’re realizing there isn’t time to do we want.  Uggghhh!  I know you all figured this out a while ago, but we are finally just accepting it.

-Tess rounding a corner in the high school and full on running into a boy.  She reenacted it, with all her emotions, and it was hilarious.  This is such a fun experience watching her navigate these years.

Things that worked:

-Watching John Adams ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472027/)with Merritt and Tess.  I think this movie is so well done.  I am reminded of the struggles everyone bore at that time, to give us the freedoms we have now.  I also like to see that they had the same problems and some of the same opinions as we still have today.  I’m so thankful for those who have served, even when they didn’t want to.

-Running along the Washougal River.  These Fall colors and crisp morning air are truly amazing to behold.  14322623_1199189280123243_5667075416409563849_n 14390973_1199189313456573_2099132759721619916_n 14292428_1199189410123230_699851029782449458_n

-Getting to do school with the younger kids.  I truly love working with them as they discover so many things.  Teaching Dixon to read is a highlight for me.  Their little minds are so excited to learn about everything.  I love these younger years.  I really miss parenting little kids.  It’s my favorite stage.  I love all the ages/stages of my kids, but I’m more naturally a little kid Mommy.

-Grape Pruning for FHE.  We did a lesson on weeding out the things in our life that keep us from the light of the Gospel.  The kids rocked the pruning at the Houston’s.  They even cleaned it up and we were out of there in an hour.

-Dixon at CC learning his history sentence.  14317427_1199189360123235_363410655923472391_n

-Uncle Reid visiting us.  What a wonderful blessing he is.  Love him!

-Megan Liston giving us the best tasting pineapple we have had in ages.  It was so sweet tasting that we fought over it.  Thank you Megan!14317345_1199189433456561_6870442905916372804_n

-Dixon jumping up and hugging me before I head out to run.  He wouldn’t let go of me and said “I could just hold onto you all day, buuuuut then I wouldn’t get to sleep in my bed…. ”  Oh that he could just stay five forever!  🙂

-Merritt forcing us to go to the temple.  What?  Kevin and I had plans to go to the temple.  After harvesting our corn with the kids, we thought maybe we should stay and work on the garden with the kids before the rain came on Saturday.  Once Merritt heard, she said, “No way, you two go and we’ll take care of it while you’re gone.”  I thought she was so sweet and I was proud of her, until she told me her real motivation was to get to snuggle with the kids, watch movies and get ice cream for babysitting.  I still think she is pretty awesome though.

-Boiling our corn, cutting it up and bagging it.  Not so fun, but will be great during the winter.  Do you think real corn or candy corn is better?  I think Dixon thinks watermelon is better.  🙂14322711_1199189590123212_8008027142667767081_n

-Soccer in the rain!!  As much as I love soccer in the sun, I LOVE soccer in the rain too.  It was killing me to not go run into the mud puddles and kick at the ball, like old times. It was an amazing Saturday! I think Royce was a little cold when he went in as a defender.  🙂  14316873_1199189396789898_7063226865213343100_n 14368663_1199189426789895_3946735211895194245_n 14329980_1199189456789892_2415720149508351595_n

-Merritt and Hadley getting to help set up and serve at a wedding reception. 14369923_1199189486789889_4580624836079745633_n-Getting one hour with two boys asleep and everyone else gone.  I cleaned up and then read for 20 minutes in COMPLETE SILENCE!  I think other people actually have moments like this each day, but mine only come every couple of weeks in 20 minute chunks.  I know I’ll miss it all later, but I REALLY like it when it’s silent. 14292257_1199189580123213_8994426820572763097_n  

-Dixon falling asleep while leaning up on me.  So adorable!  He told me tonight that he doesn’t like it when he can’t talk because then he falls asleep.  I think we’re in trouble with that one.  He also ran up to me after church and said he loved Primary and that he only tooted four times.  He ran off cackling.  Boys!  14358799_1199191603456344_423074721675212340_n

(So many awesome faces in the background!!!!  🙂




One thought on “Feeling Loserish, Saving Messages, Tooting, Pineapple and Fresh Corn!”

  1. Kelly-

    You really do have the CUTEST family. Puts a smile on my face to read these. You are an AMAZING person. You have said you would like to follow Ryan around. YOU are the one I want to follow around!

    Love ya! Katie

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