Elder Jones Mission – Week 8


Jenga, Fridge and Frosty

Ok, so I just let the Hmong Elders into the apartment and they scared the heck out of Elder Duse. Haha, good times!

Today is really, really crazy so this one will be short. I’ll add all the things that I don’t say today on to next weeks letter.

The work has picked up a lot this week. I have really been able to see the Lord’s hand in my life. We have been teaching a lot of lessons. We aren’t going and finding as much because of the lessons.

We called a random guy that used to be an investigator and he said “Hey, I really want to talk to you.”  We set up a lesson and it was amazing. It never happens. So cool. Unfortunately, before we hung up he said he had a new address. Of course, it’s not our area so we handed him off too. But as long as he comes closer to God I am happy.

I was giving a spiritual thought and was about to start trying to find a video, but one popped into my head. It wasn’t one that I shared a whole lot and I thought “Hey, this would be a cool one to share.”  So I played it.  It is called Good Things to Come.  It was a dinner appointment.  The brother of the people who’s house we were at was there.  He was baptized a few years ago. What I didn’t know was that right before I got out here, his wife had died and he had been struggling. By the end of the video he was crying and he was saying it was exactly what he needed. That evening, Elder Duseigneur told me about his wife and I didn’t realize that it was a prompting until the next day. It was amazing!

We have a family that we teach, but before a lot of the lessons we play Jenga and it gets intense. It’s great and we make great connections with them.

There is this guy named Frosty in our ward. I haven’t met him yet but I should get to this week. He was the drummer for Ozzy Osborne!  That will be fun.

We get to teach sister Cowen’s cousin (our Alabama friend). Once again a cool relationship.

Our fridge died and we had to get a new one. It’s so clean!

Sorry I don’t have pics this week because we were so busy.


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