Corbin Leaves, Trek, Beach, Rams, The Birds and the Bees, Addisen and David Visit, Camping and Purposeful Peeing on Beds!

Soaking up every last moment I can get with my last little one. Church is the one time he slows down enough to fall asleep.
Soaking up every last moment I can get with my last little one. Church is the one time he slows down enough to fall asleep.
Addy met Corbin at the Salt Lake airport so she could say goodbye (which warmed my heart, thank you Cheney family!).
Addy met Corbin at the Salt Lake airport so she could say goodbye (which warmed my heart, thank you Cheney family!).

2 1/2 months is the longest I’ve gone between blogs!  Uggghhh!  But it was an Epic Summer.  I’m so glad to have it over and get into a routine again with the remaining five kids.  My heart feels spread out in different states, as our children move out and grow up.  It’s a heart ache that grows bigger and bigger.  I’m still trying to find a place for the feelings…..  I finally posted the pictures that I couldn’t post throughout the summer because of the emotion.  Now I can let myself look at them and feel a little of the love/heartache.  The love I have for our children only gets deeper and deeper.  I always knew I would love them with everything in me, but I had no idea it could feel like this.  They are truly amazing to me as I see them grow into the great individuals they have become.

Things That Didn’t Work:

-Hadley breaking her hand while swimming in the Columbia River.  Not a great way to start the summer!13580484_1130193517022820_5357721964042340186_o

-Dixon losing his teeth way too fast!


-Build up to Trek (Ma and Pa trainings, meetings, bucket drop, etc.) while getting Corbin off to his mission.  The timing of this was a good and bad thing.  It helped me not get so sad, but both events at the same time was crazy!  He was set apart the night before.


It was quite the feat to get everyone there for the setting apart. Our cars all zoomed in from different parts of town. 🙂

We had to leave for the airport at 4:30 am with all the kids….  14224785_1188906234484881_9222018066454661839_n 14225609_1188907251151446_6414596289590229778_n 14233077_1188905884484916_7996158723990453214_n 14264953_1188905581151613_8815374013047673150_n 14322314_1188907501151421_8755819536164757543_n 14232478_1188906657818172_5260872211346817598_n 14322403_1188906924484812_6164018375436678567_n

-For FHE, Bryson playing songs on the piano for us to guess the title of.  He was so tired and fell asleep on the floor afterwards.14265004_1188908337818004_4885827048124352123_n14238335_1188908567817981_3974842093469617976_n

-Creating a video for the conference we were going to speak at.  Ugggghhh!  I don’t like the camera on me unless I don’t know it’s on me….

-The kids teaching Dixon he can make a wish at 11:11.  The unfortunate part was he kept missing 11:11.  So the kids told him he could do 2:22 or 3:33.  He got fanatical about it.  He was making wishes all the time and getting disappointed when he couldn’t fly, etc.  He did say one wish came true.  Dixon:  “My wish came true!”  Me:  “What was is?”  Dixon:  “To be as fast as a cheetah, watch I’ll show you…..”  Good thing some of the wishes came true 🙂  14237652_1188908921151279_3392660490244617684_n

-Family Chaos with multiple ages!  We have a crazy amount of people in our little family.  Long story short, we were trying to have family prayer (it took 25 minutes) and people were making fun of Tessa for her skin thing she had.  After A LOT of bantering and Kevin and I rolling our eyes at our children, Bryson threatened to pee on her bed if she touched him.  We finally prayed (a very irreverent prayer)…. Dixon appears at the end of the prayer (we didn’t know he wasn’t there for the prayer) and announces to Bryson “I took care of it Bryson…. I peed all over her bed.”  We were staying in a condo at the beach.  It was the first time the entire Jones family was silent all at once!  We all wanted to laugh, but they all looked at me to see what way they should play it out (thankfully).  I took Dixon outside and talked with him. The natural consequence was that he and Bryson would have to give their beds up to the girls. He was super sad.  Bryson made it right by talking with Dixon and washed the sheets to make it right with the girls.  SOOOOOO funny and a great family story, but OH MY GOODNESS!

-Bryson’s long hair!  He just kept growing it after he left school and it killed me.  He had fun being a surfer dude.  Caryn Dewey came to the rescue by grabbing him and dragging him to get it cut.  He wanted it to grow blonde again after it was cut, so he went willingly.  I worship Caryn Dewey!  🙂

In July, Bryson was about to get his hair cut until Ann Mulder told him to keep it because it's sexy. Ha! I love Ann Mulder (not that she got him to keep his hair long, but she is awesome at 80 years old!).
In July, Bryson was about to get his hair cut until Ann Mulder told him to keep it because it was sexy. Ha! I love Ann Mulder (not because she got him to keep his hair long, but she is awesome at 80 years old!).

-Our neighbors losing one of their rams.  Dixon came running in saying there was a llama in our yard!  14212543_1188909127817925_8264430283080692466_n

-Impromptu “Birds and the Bees” talk with Royce.  After our horrendous experience around Christmas time as we informed him of the truth surrounding Christmas, we didn’t want to cross this line with him again.  Buuuuut, Royce had been asking so many questions that the animal examples weren’t cutting it.  The girls were all giggling and looking at me saying “just do it!”  I decided to just tell him.  He didn’t cry or anything.  He loved getting to know and couldn’t believe it.  So glad that is over.  🙂

-Realizing my little boys had never gotten candy out of those machine thingy.  We were at Les Schwab FOREVER, so I challenged them to read some books and I would give them a quarter for the machine.  They were so excited and giddy to use it on the candy machine.  I’m not sure if this was a good thing or a big Mom Fail…. ?  14237762_1188909441151227_1013268957078994710_n

-Dixon trying to get out of yard work.  “Dad, you know that Dads like to work….  Any chance you want to work with me outside pulling weeds in my area?”

-Girls needing to “relieve themselves” on our drive back from the beach.  They made us pull over and ran into the forest.  I think they drink too much water.  I didn’t want to pull over because I had passed so many cars that I didn’t want to lose my spot!

Things That Worked:

-Tess getting to go to EFY in Tacoma.  She LOVED it!13592368_149284722146326_6234670239045674215_n13567220_1067135080047931_1563291866126130790_n

-Walking and swimming at Lacamas Lake with different people throughout the summer.14102688_1173809732661198_7386600450241173871_n 14067636_1173809822661189_2772220465318883486_n 14040011_1173809762661195_5626750661739034098_n

After swimming in Lacamas Lake we happen to drive by Movies in the Park and jumped out to watch Minions. Such a beautiful night!
After swimming in Lacamas Lake we happen to drive by  the “Movies in the Park” and jumped out to watch Minions. Such a beautiful night!

-Temple with Corbin.  What an incredible blessing it is to go to the temple with your children.  Love my Corbin!13584935_1130859940289511_4854218497232741433_o 13603459_1130860000289505_7664389837740686754_o 13603483_1130860153622823_5699935256857595624_o

-Mountain biking at Round Lake!  So fun!

-Summer evening glow!  That feeling when the kids have been swimming and working in the garden.  A breeze is gently blowing through the open windows.  Everyone is fed, clean and you all snuggle in for scriptures, prayer, then a movie.  This summer we added older kids rolling in throughout the night.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling that I’m truly thankful for.  14316927_1188909497817888_6062471907390129605_n14232465_1188909291151242_609218292894534748_n

-4th of July parade and ward breakfast.  Shooting guns with friends and a fun barbecue and fireworks.13606799_1129466973762141_2489233364306893262_n 13557742_1129466957095476_2811539597055545687_n 13606724_1129466923762146_3541506882084189269_n 13615218_1129466900428815_7747563285977838900_n

-Getting to see BFG and have dinner with my parents.  It was a wonderful evening.  🙂13584661_1133359056706266_6781886374837327408_o

-Ape Caves with the Johansen family.  The kids loved it, while I read in the car. 😉  Not really a cave person….13613376_1133415856700586_8734565425393513586_o

-Bryson inviting EVERYONE to our house.  Not everyone came, but a lot did.  We were a revolving door and it was so neat to get to meet so many great people.  Made life a bit crazy but life is about individual people, right?  🙂 Bryson’s quote of the summer:  “Moooom, there are a few people on their way here…. can they stay…. ?”  Me:  “Of course, my Bubba.”  🙂

This sums up Bryson's summer: "Mom do you know anyone in northern Idaho? I'm driving up to Canada tonight and want to stop after six hours and crash somewhere?" "Yes Bryson, the Bullock's our friends from 18 YEARS AGO are there for a month, let me check with them." He went, he stayed, he went on their boat, he drove onto Canada.... Thank you Bullocks! You're the best! Love my Bubba boy!
This sums up Bryson’s summer: “Mom do you know anyone in northern Idaho? I’m driving up to Canada tonight and want to stop after six hours and crash somewhere?” “Yes Bryson, the Bullock’s, our friends from 18 YEARS AGO are there for a month, let me check with them.” He went, he stayed, he went on their boat, he drove onto Canada…. Thank you Bullocks! You’re the best! Love my Bubba boy!

-Girls camp for Merritt and Tess!  The leaders did such a great job and the girls loved it. This left me with only three kids at home during the day.  So weird and wonderful at the same time. 13717274_817556795045455_4487730323232627614_o

-Getting to go see West Side Story with Corbin and Bryson.  They were so excited.  Crazy to get across town, but worth it!  We were trying to squeeze in last minute fun with Corbin.

-Teaching Institute class to the Young Single Adults all the way into August.  The young adults amaze us!  We love getting to feel the Spirit with them.14067697_1163290547046450_1437995136493326733_n

-Getting to help serve food at Refuel Washougal.  It is such a great service and we loved the people.

-Farewell parties leading up to Corbin leaving for his mission.  It was CRAZY!  But getting to see so many wonderful people that we miss from all over the state warmed our heart.  Lots of food, music, games and fun were had. 13731980_155704384837693_3852400622488382735_o 13735652_155704491504349_44255114948802651_o 13669342_1140000132708825_7534447520891523804_o 13734914_1140000639375441_3819638069189124648_o 13735727_1140000982708740_6890803076975338620_o

-TREK 2016!  It was epic, exhausting, emotional, fun, dirty, spiritual, eventful and so many other things.  I don’t have words to describe our experiences, but I am sure glad it’s over!13923471_1149167845125387_9001909220195587494_o 13652887_1149167891792049_7869463625634550258_o 13652981_10155107820769418_4025643993862423531_o13913739_160437587697706_7319591066916975658_o

-Addisen and David visiting for two weeks.  It was so fun to have them here.  I love getting to see them as a cute married couple. 13913708_1151496278225877_5826706459234595668_o

Bryson, Jadra, Addisen and David meeting up in St. George for dinner at GG's house. Warms my heart! :)
Bryson, Jadra, Addisen and David meeting up in St. George for dinner at GG’s house. Warms my heart! 🙂


-Oaks Park!  So fun!13925972_1152338878141617_7597382149684687024_o 13680192_1152339294808242_1924848866015478132_o

-Spartan Race.  Bryson had his friends come stay here the night before the race and they are crazy funny!  We had the VanFranks here too, loved getting to catch up with them.  Bryson had a blast working the race then running it.

-Saying goodbye!  I just don’t like goodbyes.  I avoid them at all costs and get really weird when it’s time to say goodbye.  There were so many goodbyes this summer but I am really trying to focus on the reason it hurts to say goodbye.  It’s because we get to love in the first place.  I wouldn’t change it.  Goodbye to the Corbin, the Fox Family, Bryson, Addisen and David, Stephanie and so many more. 13770460_10155069025619418_1356884020328463279_n13987473_1165183646857140_4802094865570624816_o 13995483_1165183956857109_2811555727131781516_o

-Neskowin Beach, Oregon!  Greatest vacation!  We got to go with my side of the family and enjoy the coast, play games, eat and laugh hard.  It can be a little lively with our crew, but it was wonderful.13923247_10155136833924418_8157792018543213876_o 13920366_10155136833914418_9013890539058316523_o 13923844_10155136834089418_861848943799120970_o 13909354_10155136834084418_936519064644729143_o 13913683_10155136834104418_6284780392328071246_o 13913939_10155136834354418_2052984946307248623_o 13988019_10155136834364418_9142482514113763728_o 13923847_10155136834339418_4996231463701207697_o 13963085_10155136834584418_5017775034986593422_o 13995472_10155136834864418_9034646347196721042_o 13995638_10155136834869418_5720603447903084415_o13903220_1155294317846073_4866785832713009688_n

-Speaking at a Home Schooling Conference in Yakima, Washington.  We took Merritt and Tess with us and left the other kids with my parents.  Thank you Mom and Dad for making their time so fun!  It was a great 24 hours with the girls and Tess said it felt like she was an only child. 😉14040186_1166050123437159_7538081180030684101_n

-Getting to watch the younger Fox kids.  It was so fun to have a two year old in the house again.  So cute!

-Kids listing off their favorite missionaries of days gone by.  It was so cute to listen to them describe each one they remember.  Then Dixon gets everyone’s attention and tells them that his favorite mission is “Elder Jones, Corbin of course”.  Duh, so cute!

-Sneaking temple trips in as much as possible this summer.  I was getting ready to go one morning and realized Merritt was home and could go.  The next thing I knew she was jumping on with another group and doing baptisms.  It was so neat to get time with just her.  We got to watch wedding parties taking pictures outside for a bit.  It was all so beautiful and special.  Love my Merri Merritt.

-Sports starting for the kids.  Tess is running Cross-Country.  Merritt is doing volleyball.  The three youngest are all doing soccer.  Kevin is coaching Hadley’s team.  This makes for lots of driving considering it is the first time I don’t have a driver in 5 1/2 years.  It’s actually going really well and we love to get to watch them play.14064264_1173809642661207_6117786684872956864_n 14233123_1190239041018267_44718894008223703_n

-Tess getting to run the “Portland to Coast”!  She loved her experience and had a blast getting to know everyone.  This Cross-Country thing is opening up an entirely new world for us.

-Missionary Family Home Evening.  We invited a number of families over so we could visit and explain FHE.  It was so neat get to know new people and their kids.

-Camping over Labor Day weekend at Camp Meriwether in Tillamook, Oregon.  It was so beautiful and fun to be with lots of other families.  Tess was running in a race down there, so we got to watch her.  LOVED IT!  We didn’t shower while we were there, so we went to church smelling pretty badly, but it was worth it.

We were sooooo dirty and smelly here!

14232595_1188909691151202_6923999453887243268_n 14212716_1188909811151190_5719269134861720836_n 14249985_1188910287817809_6424272203468370731_o 13726628_1188945977814240_4375552890363583957_n

-Realizing four of us were all wearing the same colors!  🙂  14212117_1188946804480824_2619810317576682526_n14222124_1188946621147509_209869380559502932_n

-First day of school! Also, doing school out on in the yard during the beautiful September weather.  The breeze blowing in the trees as we read books together was amazing.  14238262_1188947001147471_4059062321536600408_n 14233125_1188947247814113_3981598987402453183_n 14317444_1188947597814078_7549774542461827955_n 14322277_1188947401147431_903297348465915978_n




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