Week 6 – Elder Jones

image1Satan Screens and Volcanoes

Well, this week was harder, but time is starting to go by faster.  We had Zone Conference week, so that knocked off a day.

We had a ton of appointments cancel on us, but still managed to pull out with 15 lessons. We committed someone to baptism. It was good……. until she called us a few days later saying some things about the church and saying the Lord said not to be baptized. We had to drop her. That was sad.

Only one flat tire this week. That’s a new record.

Could I get the crock pot Italian chicken recipe please?  We eat a lot of rice and chicken so I want to change it up a bit.

I ran into a lot of cat problems this week (seems like this may be the theme of his mission). One day we visited so many cat houses that by the end of the day I broke out. I decided to get Benadryl (very good idea) the next day. It was bad!

My companion and I play a game where you grab leaves off the trees you pass by while biking and you have to sneak attack the other person and hit them in the face. Then you have to dodge and slam on brakes not to get hit. It spices things up.  🙂

We always hate when we knock on a door that has a “Satan Screen”. It’s

this thin, white metal door that has small holes in it so that you

can’t see the person on the other side, but they can see you. 👿👿👿

Apparently, there is a smell in our apartment (Corbin has a broken septum and can’t smell most things, we fixed it, but he broke it again).   This morning the Hmong (don’t know if this typo or a new kind of missionary ) 😉 Elders came over, everyone was looking for it. Including in the vents.  It turned out to be rotten watermelon (I don’t really want to know why they had to search for rotten watermelon).  

It looked like a volcano blew this week!  Ok, maybe it wasn’t a volcano but the forest fires here are hard to control. It started to come down over the hill you see there. Luckily, Chico has a small airport with a lot of fire planes and they took care of the fires around us.  image4

So that was my week. I love the e-mails from you’ll. Sounds like your having a lot of fun.

Elder Jones


2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Elder Jones”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The church is Soooooo true! How else could it survive its representatives? 😂 My own boys only news being the “hilarious” break checking is Exhibit One. I didn’t even want to send it out. And those screen doors freak me out too! Off to search for rotten things. 😂😂😂

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