Week 5 – Elder Corbin Jones Mission

Thank you Sis. Love for the name tag holder. :)
Thank you Sis. Love for the name tag holder. 🙂

Tires, prophetesses and cats🙀💀👹

Yeah, three word summary….  We found an investigator that was a little out of it. When we were teaching her she kept saying she spoke in tongues. Not only that, but she sang in tongues regularly too. Some priest guys said she was a prophet and she really believes she is a prophet. That was a fun experience. 

So, I was giving a blessing to someone on a bed because she was in a lot of pain and couldn’t get up and as I was doing it, this stupid cat jumped up and started rubbing it’s body all over my arms and all over me. It was terrifying (He is horribly allergic to cats, like swell your eyes shut allergic).  I just didn’t move and as soon as the blessing was over I went and scrubbed my arms down and found some hand sanitizer.  Not fun, but worth the sacrifice!

My companion is amazing. He pushes me hard. We are supposed to memorize Doctrine and Covenants 4.  So, we sat down and did it in 20 minutes, because I needed to. We have been trying to work really hard. In a good, solid, successful week we usually teach 10 lessons. More than that is hard to get and you have to work hard. The week goes from Monday to Sunday. At the end of yesterday (Sunday), we hit 22 lessons. It was really hard, but we did it. My trainer never has broken 20. We work hard and don’t come back home unless we have to. Like when I got a bad migraine yesterday.  We were teaching a lesson and everyone was yelling and talking to different people and the radio was blaring and I got this bad migraine. I couldn’t even focus my eyes. After that lesson I endured through another lesson then we went home and I slept until I wasn’t dying.  After that we were able to go back out for one last hour and found someone that was really interested! Worth it!

The missionary that was here before me left a ton of stuff so I have enough blankets and clothes and pillows and stuff.  That has been such a blessing.  He left a hat and I snatched that up last night when we found it. Feels good to have that.

Three flat tires in six days. That’s me! I was borrowing a bike until I got mine and it popped. I patched it up. Five days later, when I had my own bike, I got a flat, then I patched it up. The next day a sneaky little thorn popped a big hole in my tire so I went and got a self sealing tube….. 🙂  Yeah, that is not cool.  image1

We get fed every night. That’s amazing and I’m so thankful! Our ward is tiny. Like less that 200 active people.  There are a lot of elderly people. You can hardly hear anyone sing on Sunday. We only are over one ward.

I loved hearing about your week. Awesome things happen to y’all! Love getting pictures too.

Love you and miss you. Have fun. Keep up the Preach My Gospel lessons on Sunday nights.  Luva!

-Elder Jones


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