Week 3 and 4 – Elder Jones

WEEK 3  – August 9th, 2016image005

Hey, I get a half P-Day since I leave tomorrow. I’m exited to leave. We report tomorrow at 3:50 in the morning. I’ll call you tomorrow morning. When we talk, remind me to tell you about Ephriam’s Rescue. I want to tell you about that over the phone because it is so funny. 

One funny thing I will tell you is that every time someone says the word phone or iphone or something everyone says something along the lines of “What’s that? a phone?”  Hahahaha, we have no tech. I am so ready to leave. It’s awesome here, but I need to leave and get into the field. 

Katelynn got here on Wednesday and I ate with her a few times and I see her all the time. It’s been so great to see her. It’s weird not being able to hug her. Just handshakes and the name of Sister Hull. Oh well, it’s still great. 

Last night’s devotional was so awesome. It was by Matthew Holland who is the President of UVU and I think Elder Holland’s son.  It was all about Joseph Smith and was so good.  After that, the Choir sang an amazing Praise to the Man. It was so great. Then we watched Ephriam’s Rescue. So inspiring. 

Well, we had to send an Elder in our district home.  We were running down the stairs and he landed on his leg wrong and tore up his knee. We are not sure if he tore his ACL, but we think so. He will go home and get an MRI and surgery if needed. Then he’ll go out to the field. 

Last night everyone on our floor snapped. IDK if you want to put this on the blog, but someone from our district had a few bags of rubber bouncy balls. There was a giant war. It got to the point where we called it the French Revolution because people barricaded the halls with furniture. I was hiding in my room so I wouldn’t get in trouble but I still got a welt from crossing the hallway to the bathroom.

So Brother Jolley, that I told you about earlier, served with Christian Callahan. Not as companions, but I think he was in his zone sometimes and even the same district. Small world huh?

Got a haircut a few minutes ago. Mom, I also saw your blue pen that you always have on you desk, that I always steal.  I had to buy it because it reminded me of you and it’s an amazing pen.  

Luva and I’m jealous that you’re at the beach!

WEEK 4  – August 15th, 2016, Chico, California!!!image8

I’ll start by saying that I almost got run over by a SWAT car on day one. Yea, great way to kick it off. We were going to an appointment and there was a standoff with a ton of cops.  When we tried leaving, four swat cars pulled by me really close. 😁   Way to break me into the new area.

I got sent to Chico California! It’s up north, so no temple for me for awhile. 

Blessings! My nose has been really clear ever since I left. Even though, Chico is known for really bad allergies. We can’t visit the dentist unless we have a toothache. That’s not good.  IPads are wonderful.  All the area books and maps with members are on them and it’s so easy.   We can teach with videos. Also, I can get on my e-mail whenever I want as long as I don’t respond, so go ahead and send anything whenever. Especially pictures.  

I went a day with Elder Haddocks name tag because it got switched in security at the airport. Haha. Neither of us noticed. Fun stories.

The night before we left the MTC we all gave each other blessings.Only a few of us had previously done it. The spirit was so strong. 

The Nashville CD’s are keeping me going.

It’s great out here.  It’s very hot and I haven’t seen a cloud yet. Only smoke from the forest fires. You can see the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s from some places here. There are palm trees, pines and cactuses that all grow side by side. Interesting, but beautiful.

Some less actives had bike lights waiting for me when I got to the apartment. That’s awesome!

And now my trainer. He’s pretty amazing. He’s a short Samoan and amazing.  We work really hard. The weekly average was ten lessons a week. We did that in four days. We have been contacting less active members the whole time and I went tracking yesterday for the first time. We gave away a Book of Mormon.

We are on bikes. I’m borrowing a bike from the zone leader until I get mine today. The loaner bikes from the mission aren’t good, so I won’t do that. We have to carry our side bags everywhere, not great.  

Well, I wish I could e-mail more, but that’s all I have for right now. Luva!

Elder Jones.


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