Elder Corbin Jones Mission – Week 2

Well I have no idea where to start. First of all, I’m really glad Trek went well. I wish I could have been there. Thanks for getting those things to me. I’m looking forward to it. The shoes that I got from the store hurt because of the shape of the outside, not the inside. I looked at the front of it the other day and the rubber bottom is starting to come off. Could you send a bottle of Shoe Goo so I can fix it please, if you haven’t sent off the package?  Also, two other things I will need is a bleach pen and a pocket hymn book if you can find those lying around. We get $6.00 to spend in the MTC store every week so I saved it up and got an amazing t-shirt. I will get a picture from my companion and send it later. You’ll love it. One thing I will say is that I’m pretty freaked out by Hadley’s letter. I loved all the letters I got, but when I got a book that was bound by hair……… That kinda scared me. I hope it was Bryson’s because that would kind of make sense, but it still freaked me out. Please tell me it was fake. (It was just some fuzzy yarn)

 Went to the temple this morning. Same video. One of the guys is mad because he’s only seen that one. This makes it the 5th time. Haha. Oh well. Hearing of Bentley looking for me makes me sad. I used to call her for sleeping with me when I would come home in the summers after I got back.

I will send you a lot more pics when I get my Ipad.  I’m not sick anymore. That’s good.

I keep seeing Lee Hamilton, from Alabama, all the time. Sat with him a lot. He came in on Wednesday.  I love seeing him.

Every day our whole district wears the same color ties. I think its pretty cool. I’ll send you a pic I’m sure. One of my teachers had to go to the hospital so I’ve had a lot of subs. The coolest one that we all love is Brother Jolly. They are finishing up the District 3 (a show about missionaries)and he is one of the missionaries in it. That’s really cool.

I realized I brought the original copy of my Patriarchal Blessing with me. Could you copy yours and send it to me, just in case?

Ask Bryson if he knew a Bill Lawrenson on his mission. If he did, I have gotten really close with one of the missionaries in my district, Elder Nettleton, and he is his nephew.

Could I get Caleb’s email? I have a ton of Elders in my zone going to his mission.

We have learned the first three lessons of Preach My Gospel.  We get to teach them to TRCs repeatedly. I know I’ll need it but, it’s hard to do it so many times. My flight is in the morning sometime. Not sure when, but we meet at the front desk here at 3:30 in the morning, on Tuesday. So keep your phone at the ready. 

The Lord works in mysterious ways. On Sunday after the devotional, we get to watch talks and movies and stuff on the projectors all over campus. We all chose to watch Ephriam’s Rescue with about half of the MTC. A minute or two into it it wasn’t making any sound and the people tried to fix it but couldn’t  So, they changed it to a Joseph Smith movie I hadn’t seen. It had the Emma Smith, My Story stuff all over it and used clips from that movie. It was cool. You need to watch it. I thinks it’s called Joseph Smith, the restoration. It was really touching and at the end my companion was crying pretty hard. He looked at me and said  “This is the movie we needed to watch”.   It changed him in some ways. It was really neat.

New E-mail:

I have a few more things to say, so go ahead and send this to Mum to put on the family blog thingy. My TRC’s are great. The spirit was so strong in one of them. We started teaching and the spirit wrecked the room and basically yelled “Book of Mormon!” We jumped straight to it. Bad part is that our rooms got switched up a bit and we didn’t have a book to give the investigator. We got it to her after. It was cool. My TRC from last week was sick and ran out of the room throwing up. Yikes.  I’ll get you pictures later. Love y’all.


One thought on “Elder Corbin Jones Mission – Week 2”

  1. Loving his emails. Keep em coming. Hooray for Trek in the rear view mirror! I KNOW you rocked it. Can’t wait for details!

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