Corbin’s Mission Week 1

KODAK Digital Still Camera

(This is actually a week late because we were on Trek, there’ll be another one on Wednesday)

Yeah, I got the letter. It worked. Tell anyone about  . I am dying for letters.

Well week one at the MTC is amazing and exhausting. I just got out of the temple and had an amazing experience there with lots of revelation. I finally saw a different video. The one with Corbin Allred. It makes a lot more sense in that video. Much better.  I have seen two of my EFY “Sisters” here. One from each year.  It made me so happy to see them. I keep running into them. One of them is Kemilia Quinton and the other is Lydia Sannar, if you want to check Facebook. My companion is amazing and we go really well together. He is from Rigby, Idaho.  He came in throwing up the first day.  It took a few days for him to get better.  He’s good now, but Elder Haddock also came in with a cold and spread that to half the district. I also came down with something entirely different so I’m coughing a lot. Tell sister Love that I sleep with her owl pillow (which we named Oliver) every night and I do clip my tag onto it while I sleep.

The MTC buildings are always burning hot so we are always sweating, but the residence halls are freezing so I freeze at night because all we have for bedding is a sheet and a blanket. Good thing I brought an extra blanket. We can wear short sleeved t-shirts most days, so that is good.  I found one other Alabama fan. That made me happy.  The missionaries in the room next to us all left for the Birmingham Alabama mission this morning. It was cool to see them. I have been able to go into all my TRCs and do really well because I know the lessons because of Preach My Gospel that we did on Sundays.  I feel like I can just focus on the spirit instead of the lesson materials cause I have read it so many times. I know that this is not a very long e-mail but I am not the best writer. I took a sticky note with me in my handbook to write things down that I need to tell y’all about all week. But I do have two more things to say.

First of all, When I left, Tess(a) put a picture of Gerald the seal from finding dory in my suit case .  It’s been an ongoing game with us that we hide this picture in creepy places in each others room and its kinda scary. Well, I found it and slipped it under my comp’s pillow and freaked him out. Well now Gerald is being passed around the district in the same way. Gerald is our district mascot now. We are always yelling get off! at people we want to move in our district.  Unfortunately, Gerald was lost when he was passed to an Elder that doesn’t like me. So could you please e-mail me a few pictures of Gerald and attach a few to a Dear Elder letter?  Tessa can help you find the picture and Dad can help you get it to me? Thanks!

The other amazing thing that happened…… Because it was Pioneer Day on Sunday, we saw on our schedule that the devotional was extra long. Longer than normal. The people who had been here knew that we would have someone really special come and talk to us. After the opening prayer was over, NASHVILLE FREAKING TRIBUTE BAND walked onstage and started singing Children go Where I Send Thee. They did a concert for about two and a half hours for us. They did the first half of the Joseph Smith CD, including the introductions and everything all the way until Brother I’ll Follow You. It was a dream. It made me soo happy. I wanted to sing The Rising with them and all the rest of them. It was the coolest thing. These songs I grew up listening to, were being preformed in front of me. And they had the choir singing with them on a few. The choir sang with them for I Was Born. That was cool. My comp knows that CD so we keep singing it now.  But they didn’t stop there. They did about half of the Redeemer CD too! Could you please send me that CD?  Please find it, rip it, then send me the CD. I loved so many of those songs. For the last song, Jason Deere got up and explained how he wrote the song The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved then sang it for us.  Then he talked a little bit and said we were going to sing it too. The words came up on the screen and the entire MTC Sang it together!  It was so amazing. I really needed that.  A lot.  Well, thats about all I have to say. I can’t wait to e-mail you again.

Please send letters. Love y’all!

Elder Jones.


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