Merritt Turns 13, 50th Anniversary Party, Rivers, Water Falls, Lullabies, Bacon and Visitors!!!


Father’s Day!  Love these guys!13507237_1119022408139931_6001138496570978838_n 13510768_1119016104807228_8284167824254749187_n 13466118_1119016154807223_3850546545605973625_n


Someone’s comment to me after I said something tricky:  “I used to think you had a halo, but now I know you have horns too.”  Ha, I laughed so hard.  Funny that anyone would think I have a halo in the first place… 🙂

Corbin’s fetish for bacon.  He has really loved bacon since he was a little kid.  I mean crazy love for bacon!  He loves his Sunday school teacher and this is why:  “How can you not love her, she brings food and her last name is Bacon.”  Ha!

Dixon:  “I know this song, we sang it yester-Sunday.”

Trampoline springs breaking.  Three have flown off. How will we survive without a trampoline?

Feeling like Stephanie (Bryson’s friend that’s staying with us) looks more like an Elizabeth.  So now I call her that or Liz.  She’s awesome about it.  😉

Dixon building a “Space TV” out of cardboard.  We found out later that he built it so he could change in it out of the site of others.  Bryson and Corbin had been jokingly making fun of him when he changed.  Not cool boys!  Momma Bear is mad.  13575981_1126846127357559_5386161545834138137_o

Basketball soreness!  Liz (Stephanie) and I went to play basketball at the stake center.  Great ball, but the soreness got in the way the next day….

Dixon losing his third top front tooth.  No new teeth are showing up and his mouth is very empty.  13580514_1127403650635140_7896632829256348413_o13576829_1126845740690931_3465010866412904601_o

Dixon:  “I’m cold, look I have chicken bumps.”  🙂

Hadley:  “Tiny weeny” instead of teeny weeny.  We played off that for awhile…..

Liz and Bryson’s cars both dying at the same time.  Tons of hard saved money later, they have working cars.  13580419_1126846444024194_1257846189292100130_o

Washing machine dying for three weeks!!!  This is not good in a household of 10 and others visiting.  Thanks to those that offered their machines.  We now know the Washougal laundromat inside and out.  We learned how to get 20 loads of laundry done in 1 1/2 hours!  It was awesome!  They have industrial “Mega-washers”.  I still prefer doing laundry at home….

Our well water turning brownish-yellow.  Another thing that doesn’t work well with 10 people in a household.  Thankfully, it miraculously got better and we are good to go.  It may have had to do with the huge rainfall we had on Father’s Day weekend???

Dixon:  “You know that guy on Sesame Street, Alma?”  (this is a name in the Book of Mormon).  🙂  He of course meant to say “Elmo.”

Kids going crazy on the car ride home from Beaverton.  We started singing all eight church Primary songs that we sang to them when I was pregnant with each of them. It calmed them right down.  It was such a wonderful reminder of all those years of singing lullabies.

Addisen having horrible allergies in Rexburg.  Her eyes swelled up and she was such a mess.  I hated being so far from her and not getting to help.  David took good care of her.  That night we called her from the car and sang “Angel Song”, a song from when they were little.  I smiled and cried at the same time.  So did she.

Tess saying: “Doubleganger” instead of “Doppelganger”.  Makes sense, right?

Teaching an institute lesson on Procreation to a class of mainly young men.  Of course, Kevin was traveling.  I tend to stick my foot in my mouth and I was in rare form.  Love these young adults we get to teach and their laughter.

Kevin returning home from a business trip to a household of our kids and extra people.  His eyes were bugging out at all the different personalities and chaos.  All I could do is smile…..

Longest meeting ever!  A group of us created Trek families and it took four hours.  Almost 300 youth with Ma’s and Pa’s.  It was fun and crazy at the same time.

Pouring rain for the Father’s Day Annual Golf Day.  The guys and Chelsea got soaked, but still had a blast.

Trying to grow my hair out for Trek thinking I would braid it.  I gave up and cut it off.  It’s just too much hair and weight for my head.  I’ll have to wear a bandana….

Oh the shortness.... :)
After!  Oh the shortness…. 🙂

Kids always trying to snuggle up to me when we say prayer because I rub their head and back at the same time.  Then everyone tried at one time….  Oh my family……  13576828_1126846370690868_5610024483633585221_o

Deciding little kids growing up is wonderful one minute and breaks my heart the next.  I love being to so close to them while they are little and them trusting me and getting to love them so deeply.  Then they grow up and I love watching them become who they are and their awesome personalities, but it’s really hard to figure out how to be.  It’s not a “taking care of role” anymore.  The love it still there, but they don’t want it shown in the same way.  I miss my olders being little, but love them being big.  I never knew it could feel this way….


Merritt finishing her Personal Progress.  I barely knew she was finishing things, but she just kept trucking along.  3:00 pm church helped a lot, she had all day to work on things.  Congrats Merritt!  13415550_1114055595303279_5301885102925234995_o

Merritt’s 13th birthday!  Where has the time gone?   13391382_1114055685303270_730918200301527664_oI can’t believe it!  She is a wonderful, beautiful, fun young woman.  Thank you for blessing our lives Merri Merritt.  Love you to the moon and back!  She had a beach themed birthday party while it rained outside.  🙂  13584755_1126846544024184_501563696636709727_o 13576760_1126846634024175_9129892436083637618_o 13528292_1126846717357500_6682314280757244076_o 13576802_1126846807357491_6863742954074641275_o

Getting to go to the river with the Johansens.  The river was perfect and the time too short.  13528554_1126845627357609_1337637695404307668_o 13568846_1126845530690952_3982662507524611785_o 13581974_1126845674024271_5240587206844864614_o 13585097_1126845437357628_8563981050024887447_o

Getting to go do Sealings at the temple with new couples.  So fun to eat out afterwards and laugh the night away.

100 degrees!!!  So hot!  We took off early in the morning to Oneonta Falls in the Columbia Gorge.  Sooo fun to hike in the mini-gorge in super cold water.  13310360_1023842504331127_8291568377194890279_n 13308285_1023109284404449_7814946432832701798_o 13339488_1108705292504976_3224821435835567126_n 13325549_1108705395838299_7033352641713304908_n

Pressure washing our deck and repainting it.  We only got one level done, but it looks so much better!

Corbin ordained as an Elder. Step by step his mission gets closer….  I’m pretending it’s not happening and will deal with it after he leaves.  So excited for him though.

Puppy sitting for the Johansens.  Cutest dog!  13575898_1126845810690924_1823178648319642964_o 13568931_1126845937357578_3781957350830979481_o

Tess deciding to run cross country.  She hasn’t run before, so this is a huge challenge for her.  She has rocked it as she figures it out.  Step by step, she feels less like she is dying!   In one week she improved so much.  Kevin and I have run with her and it’s so fun.  Her joyous personality cracks us up.  She got to go on a trail run in the pouring rain with the team.  She was covered in mud afterwards.  So great!

Bryson’s friend Stephanie staying with us for the month of June.  She is taking floral classes in Portland.  She’s so great to have around.

They're just friends. :)
They’re just friends. 🙂
So fun to listen to them sing.
So fun to listen to them sing.

Knock-out (bump, gotcha) basketball with the kids.  It was so fun to play hard with Liz (Stephanie), Bryson, Merritt, Tess and Kevin.  For some reason I kept making my shots and getting Bryson out.  It was wonderful!!!  🙂

Corbin finishing his Clark College classes and graduating from Seminary. Great job Corbin!

Jenny Carpenter coming up to Kevin and I at Seminary Graduation.  She was an awesome member in Bryson’s last area of his mission.  She happened to be visiting family.  I love connections like this with amazing people.  13580660_1126846210690884_1291500531583145699_o 13522874_1126846284024210_8841234847330121773_o

Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary Party at our house!  It was kind of a joke to try and prepare for this, but we did it.  Family came and much fun was had.  We had a nice dinner and danced to 50’s music with tiki torches and white lights outside.  Of course, after the 100 degree weather the previous week, it was cold and cloudy for our party.  Loved all the memories shared that evening and the love of family.  13422431_1114043238637848_187519101829062593_o 13458620_1114046631970842_8669881122096446811_o 13411922_1114046488637523_6864780831447971654_o

Hadley and Kevin getting to go to a Father/Daughter party.  They had so much fun and were crazy!  Thanks to those that organized it.13391663_10154163175020539_9048130992637164589_o

Sarah Worthington visiting from Alabama.  It was great to see her.  She and Corbin had a great time during her short visit.  Thanks for coming Sarah.  13558801_1126846487357523_7750700980182193357_o

Kevin getting to travel to Louisiana and Michigan to speak for Dow Chemical.  It’s the best to hear him on the phone afterwards.  The energy in his voice is contagious.

Tess finishing Drivers Ed!  Yippee!

School ending!!!!  Love the summer schedule and outdoor play.  Swimming at rivers, playing with friends, eating on the deck, cool breezes in the trees, pool filled up, raspberries from the garden.  I’m in love with the NW.  13522894_1126847207357451_6548818464217077323_o 13576760_1126847310690774_6061264494338726992_o13582147_1126847274024111_3804025528121332358_o13528147_1126846004024238_4528080186650163710_o

Old Spaghetti Factory dinner with my parents.  We only had three kids with us and it was so fun to eat out and not have kids potty training.  We have so many restaurant memories with my parents and toddlers.  We have finally made it out of that stage!

Bryson’s friend McKenna Kramer visiting from Utah.  It was great to meet her.  It’s fun to have other missionaries from Bryson’s mission visit on their way through to the mission.

Getting to attend the Classical Conversations Practicum.  It was fabulous.  This year was much easier for me as I finally know some people here.  The kids love the camps they get to attend and I love getting rejuvenated.

Attending the Durrant’s wedding reception.  It was beautiful and filled my heart up to see Daniel all grown up with this gorgeous bride. Their video presentation made me smile so big.  Love the Durrant family!

Drive to the reception. :)
Drive to the reception. 🙂

Squeezing in one last family trip before Corbin leaves for his mission.  We went camping at the beach and it was perfect.  One and half days felt like three.  Eating, playing, singing and being with family warms my heart.

13522046_1122775904431248_1222516413239465547_n 13466191_1122775914431247_4602738471180878572_n 13528967_1122775954431243_7317954148290622555_n13517604_10155006197654418_7677672428953000943_o13576008_10155006196289418_5811556842679765348_o

Kirsten Nelson and her boyfriend visiting for a night.  She was an Alabama missionary but lives in Washington.  So great to see them!  13580500_1126847140690791_5552086905688258437_o

Going to CTR Clothing (Remington’s) to purchase Corbin’s mission stuff.  He is the best shopper ever!  “No, no, no, yes exactly.”  Just my style.  It’s getting real for me.








2 thoughts on “Merritt Turns 13, 50th Anniversary Party, Rivers, Water Falls, Lullabies, Bacon and Visitors!!!”

  1. Oh Kelly. You are the BIGGEST ray of sunshine. I just smile the WHOLE TIME I read these. And the photos REALLY bring it to life. You are my favorite. Can’t stop/ won’t stop saying it!!! SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU. And that weeny teeny is HILLARIOUS!

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