Corbin’s Mission Call!!! Losing Children, Mom Fails, Perfect Day, Milam’s Visit, Addy and David Visit, Bryson is Home and 4 Birthdays!!!


He reports to the MTC on July 20th.  We are so excited for him!  Congrats Corb! 13217291_1095352660506906_8000004092286769426_o

My Mom and Dad celebrating their 5oth WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!  They went to California to celebrate.  Congratulations Nana and Boppa, we are so thankful for you.   13308384_1107386592636846_1824822567872686261_o13323272_1106979522677553_2231658433814499504_o

What started with two people is now this group, minus a few people (please ignore the little girls finger on the top...).
What started with two people is now this group, minus a few people (please ignore the little girls finger on the top…).



-Deciding Creo Chocolate is a food.  They told me it is, so I had it for lunch and wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.  I think it may be a new diet.  We took a tour and advise everyone to order chocolate from them and go see their shop.

Because a fountain of pure chocolate is one of my happy places. :)
Because a fountain of pure chocolate is one of my happy places. 🙂

13308673_1106978752677630_2107505207585519888_o 13320639_1106978906010948_5716654069736814991_o

-Watching Dixon through a window as he climbed slowly up our front (really back) yard in roller blades.  He was so careful while he talked to himself the entire way.  When he got to the top of the hill he looked down and sat on a stump.  Then he crawled back down the steps instead of skating down the grass.  When he reached the bottom we asked him what he was doing and he said “I got to the top and realized I needed to go to the bathroom.”  So funny!

-Dixon:  “I want you to find me a ‘How Jesus made people video’.”  Uhhhh…..

-Hadley and I getting ice cream on our faces after celebrating her Memory Masters achievement.  Hadley is well known for having food all over her face throughout the day…. 13323423_1106979476010891_8815027881542928601_o

-Big, bad, horrible, terrible, nasty ALLERGIES!  It all started with headaches, then it went downhill from there.  I have now found the wonder drug Allegra-D.  I only take 1/4 of it and I’m doing awesome.  If I take any more I’m a crazy lady.

-Dixon sneaking into my room the first morning Addisen and David were home for Spring Break.  “Mooooommm, Addy and David are sleeping together IN THE SAME BED!!!!”

-Losing Dixon at Thunder Island when we picked up Addisen and David. (We didn’t actually lose him, he ran off to find me and wouldn’t listen to Kevin telling him to come back.)  Thankfully, he went to the car (no where near where we were) and stayed there.  Islands have water surrounding them you know…. So we were a little panicked.

-Dixon:  “Mom, that’s why your read the constructions.”  Me working on shelves.

-Before I spoke at Stake Conference I was really worried about “Sticking my foot in my mouth”.  Hadley said to me that I was being so gross because that would taste really bad.

-Kevin and I were out late one night (I can’t remember where now, but I’m sure it was really fun) ;), Corbin started checking “Find My Friends” on his phone to see where we were and if we were on our way home.  Isn’t that a little backwards?

-Tess getting a shot at the doctor’s office.  She was in a full panic while desperately trying to get out of it.  “Can I just drink it?”, “This is abuse!”, “I’m going to have to adopt children because I can’t do needles.”  Ha!  Dixon (the five year old) kept reassuring her that it would be OK and that it doesn’t hurt that much.

-Dixon:  “Are you right-handed or left-handed?”  Me:  “Right, what are you?”  DJ:  “I’m finger-handed, this one.”  He showed me his pointer finger.  🙂

-Dixon:  “Why are you going to that baby bath?”  He meant baby shower…. 🙂

-Corbin backing into a friend’s car in our driveway.  He has to pay over $1000 to fix it.  We told him the bad news on his birthday…. Nice parents huh?  He’s been working so hard to save money for his mission, so he is sad, but the good part is that I don’t think he’ll ever make the same mistake again.

-Weirdest pigeon running story ever!  I was running to the summit of our road and having a wonderful morning.  Then I started to head back down, suddenly a teal headed pigeon started to fly towards me and landed right in front of me as I ran by.  That wasn’t so weird until it did it for the next 10 minutes over and over!  I thought I was going crazy.  I was laughing all by myself and even named it “Flappy.”  It stopped for a little bit and then caught up with me and did it again for the next 5 minutes.  So odd!  I think my life could be a movie… A really weird movie….

– Dixon crashing at the bike park while I was on the phone. The Big Mom Fail was that I stayed on the phone and told him he had to be quiet while blood was pouring out of his mouth and he lost his front tooth (it was really loose).  I did get him tissues that I held on his mouth.  The call was really important, right?

-2nd Mom fail on the same day!  Long Costco story, but I lost Hadley while returning something.  I walked back up to the return area and said “Yeah, I just lost my daughter, but I still want to return this, then I’ll find her.”  She is 11 and probably though it was fun.  The cashier said “You think that’s hard, you won’t believe that last week a lady with eight kids came through the checkout, imagine keeping track of that many kids.”  A smirk rose to my face and I informed her that that was me, I had eight kids and yes I just lost one and it is hard to keep track of them.  She was mortified, but I just laughed.  I was on a time schedule to drop the dog off for a grooming, so I had to shop and try to find Hadley at the same time.  We didn’t find her until we were all checked out.  She came running up smiling at me.

-Corbin starting to give his special things away.  He has always kept everything he loves (all very organized of course).  I started to notice that the younger kids were inheriting his model paint and knives.  I had to shed a few tears as the process of leaving on a mission started.

-Royce:  From the bathroom…. “Oh my goodness! I am so silly!”  We were a little worried what was going on in there until he said “I have two pairs of underwear on”.  When he arrived home from the campout he went to change his underwear but accidentally put the clean ones on the dirty pair.  So funny! 13305180_1106979292677576_4334067764855055803_o13308217_1106979172677588_8900646584695989706_o

Girls night while the boys are at a Father/Son campout. Love my girls!
Girls night while the boys are at a Father/Son campout. Love my girls!

-Kids playing some weird game with their arms in their sweatshirts.  It’s so odd and funny at the same time.  They crack me up.  Someone is going to get hurt soon….


-Getting to go to a missionary discussion with Merritt.  It was so neat to hear her testify of Christ.

-Easter at Nana and Boppa’s house.  We did it on Saturday this year because of our late church time.  It was perfectly wonderful and so fun to watch everyone run around their yard.  Thank you Mom and Dad for all the effort and love.

Some quick squirrels got to some eggs first. :)
Some quick squirrels got to some eggs first. 🙂


-Addisen getting to read the scripture during a BYU-I Devotional.  We got to hear her live on the computer.  Loved it!

-Royce’s first Pinewood Derby.  It was so fun!  He placed an unexpected 3rd place (we always lower our expectations due to past cars falling apart on the track).  13350284_1106978699344302_4406054159477217820_o

-Merritt participating in a piano festival.  She scored “Superior” and won a prize.  Yippee!

-FHE Mock Missionary Discussions.  We invited some families over and had the adults act as investigators while the youth taught discussions.  The youth rotated rooms/situations.  It was AWESOME!  It was so neat to watch these amazing youth bare their testimony in tough situations.  The adults were pretty funny too.

-General Conference awesomeness!  I love the talks, they seem to get better and better every conference.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with how I am changing.  😉  Tess was babysitting for Saturday’s talks and watched them while serving cereal and losing a bunny (they found it eventually).

I knew where he was at this point…

-Spring Break beach trip with the wonderful Johansen’s!  12916811_1070638192978353_4181237189145783705_o 12971041_1070638129645026_3798026440402499598_o 12973374_1070637639645075_6847077568194933797_o 12961245_1070637579645081_3360806931422233325_o 12976908_1070637552978417_9031718769280715075_o 11147240_1070637436311762_2562321433785939287_oAlso a fun picnic at Thunder Island in the Columbia Gorge.  So many great people to spend time with and the kids had a blast with the beautiful weather. 12971058_1071202099588629_8742106334613153239_o 12967383_1071202149588624_7904038466052156490_o 12973538_1071202209588618_8848859594500805174_o 12973059_1071202389588600_6622475716622790112_o 12957658_1071202439588595_7071244329734382609_o

Dixon decided to jump on the trampoline on his chair.

-Addisen and David visiting in between semesters.  It was so great to have them home.  Thank you Mica and Joe for driving them!  12973527_1072509722791200_1023295140475135311_o12977109_1071665019542337_25576565889828774_o13320738_1106980879344084_144462657322722912_o13346283_1106980719344100_7046676220016671989_o13340182_1106980962677409_308432675965867568_o

-Kevin gathering wood from all over Washougal.  He chops it and the kids stack it to season over the summer.  It’s the greatest thing to heat your home all winter on your own wood.  Not to mention how manly it is when Kevin chops wood.  😉  What a huge blessing!  13329548_1106978122677693_399539184395768595_o

-Royce singing Grease songs in the shower.  So cute!

-Awesome new park with ingenious play structures. 13305001_1106980169344155_2440565287513411408_o 13346309_1106980292677476_6251910453697692533_o 13346183_1106980352677470_6213820100216331007_o

-Fire station with the littles!  13308217_1107386052636900_671785666067820848_o 13323305_1107386402636865_1820530261432872743_o 13350327_1107386525970186_8249706812299077715_o13323641_1106979336010905_2377966526494162962_o

-Corbin going to Mormon Prom with Tabby and Washougal High Prom with Bailee.  Great girls and so fun!  13301234_1106979666010872_3045852384962196095_o 13087887_1080415918667247_5650835615187112023_n13320531_1106979776010861_3102111410191163326_o

-Dixon:  “Mom, Mom, Mom, guess what?  Did you know Jesus’ steps were heavy and slow?”  He has been learning a song in church that has this line in it.

-Dixon:  “Dad.  Do you know who Jesus loves?”  “Who, buddy?”  Then he put a mirror in front of his face.  How sweet!

-Tess getting to do two Mock Trials.  These were incredible experiences!  13340156_1106979429344229_5459620285686668883_o 13316867_1106979859344186_5647701051124655315_o

-Dixon:  “Mom, everyone needs a helper and a friend.”  He was helping me gather up the weeds I had just pulled.  So cute!

-Getting to go to BYU’s Women’s Conference!  It was a fantastic vacation.  A friend was turning 50 and rented a house in Orem, Utah so we could celebrate with her.  Best idea ever!  I was so uplifted and filled up by such incredible speakers and great friends.  Before I left home I was pretty giddy.  The kids individually kept coming to me and telling me why I shouldn’t go, that they didn’t think it was a good idea. 13096111_1083824144993091_8616021690933783133_n I just kept smirking with my back turned.  They did great while I was gone.  Kevin was awesome and so supportive!  13124681_1085972871444885_1832807773340276732_n 12115826_1085972918111547_5437256341858407851_n

-Arriving home from the Conference to Bryson.  So fun to have him home for the summer.   13076727_1086758251366347_345258786118230557_n

Finally starting to look alike, maybe?
Finally starting to look  more alike, maybe?

-Mother’s Day!  We started the celebration on Saturday with a beautiful luncheon at Skamania Lodge with Nana and Boppa, Aunt Nini, Justin and kids.  Great food, family and scenery.  I’m so thankful for my Mom.  She has been a rock for me this year and my cup runneth over at the blessing of getting to have her as my Mom.  13329611_1107387009303471_2920354352311763107_o 13323443_1107386919303480_3770878044904434499_o 13304940_1107386819303490_1901427338464240718_o13119009_1188046544561450_4258691379650390593_n 13301443_1107386662636839_4186739182772754151_o

-Tess getting her Driving Permit.  I got a two year break from teaching kids to drive and it was awesome.  Thankfully, Kevin had started to teach her in parking lots, so she was a pro with the basics when we started.  Buuuut, it’s still the stress of learning how to drive.  We’ve had a few exciting experiences, but she blows me away at her determination and skill.  If she messes up, she wants to go do it again to get it right.  You go girl!  13138914_1087868684588637_5586497663288933864_n

-Royce telling us his dream about getting kidnapped, girls chasing him, a pocket knife and people dying that he couldn’t save.  Kevin summed it up to what an eight year old would dream about.  🙂

-Corbin earning his “Duty to God” award.  Way to go Corbin!  11416188_1060797533962419_5705381874894030954_n

-Merritt and Tess getting to go work at Fabulous Aunt Pat’s house for two days.  They helped her with her filing, but really they got to have an awesome time.  Pedicures, movies, tons of food.  Thank you Aunt Pat for spoiling them!

-Getting together with friends from my childhood.  Oddly enough, a lot of them live near us.  It was wonderful to see them again, laugh and share memories.  13323206_1106979019344270_3440518188626200743_o

-Dixon:  “Dark Vader”  He’s pretty close….

-The Milam family visiting from Colorado.  They brought eight of their nine kids (19 down to 2 months old).  Filled our basement up and our hearts.  We all had such a great time.  It was like having a Memorial Day Vacation right in our own house.  Love us some Milam’s!  13305135_1103931902982315_3206852827952658838_o 13268010_1103932026315636_1678120989830272620_o13308600_1106978302677675_7820685659961844451_o13301332_1106978419344330_1307572994720695903_o13325594_1103437076365131_270906787698476527_n

This is why Bryson isn't in the pictures. :)
This is why Bryson isn’t in any of the other pictures. 🙂

-Perfect Memorial Day!  Kevin started out with a power bike ride along the Washougal River while I meant to go running but ended up on the our bed looking out to the beautiful valley while finishing a book.  Some of the kids joined me, reading books next to me and it was blissful.  We then went on an incredible bike ride at Lacamas Lake (I got to ride Bryson’s bike which was like riding on a cloud, gotta get me one of those….).  We visited a cemetery, had a wonderful barbecue and bonfire with s’mores.  As Kevin and I fell asleep we said it was the perfect day full of happiness and we didn’t even have to leave our area.  13323681_1106977632677742_5892325244121957678_o 13329499_1106977796011059_3086812258037697623_o13340083_1106977556011083_8119276513838199836_o 13308354_1106977922677713_2772720647557411110_o

-Getting a plethora of shelves from some friends.  I’ve been looking for shelves for our books for over a year.  I finally feel moved in!  I feel whole now that I can help the kids easily find the books they need.  I have a weakness for good books and can’t let them go.  The kids have been reading like crazies all week.  Merritt is finishing a book a day.  Just awesome!  Thank you book shelf fairies.

-Incredible strawberries in our garden.  We ate and ate and ate.  So yummy!  Our land takes an incredible amount of work (we are still figuring it out) but it’s so worth it.  We love having the kids work so hard and then reaping food, beauty and solitude.

Worth the work! :)
Worth the work! 🙂


-Four birthdays!  Hadley turned 11 April 13th, Bryson 21 on April 14th, Tessa 15 on April 23rd and Corbin 18 on May 19th.  Lots of parties, plus there was Mother’s Day in there too!  No wonder I didn’t write the blog for 10 weeks!  Love all my Spring babies (still one more in June).  Time flies by so quickly and they grow even more in my heart.  13323651_1106981039344068_8697956705161968321_o13305203_1106980436010795_7172976024813244025_o









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