Kids mixed up words, Year Move in Date!, Farmington Ward, Armpit Legs, Fingerpits and Thumbtoes!

Try to ignore Dixon's painful picture face... :)
Try to ignore Dixon’s painful picture face… 🙂


-Tess:  “Feel my fingerpits.”  The part between your fingers…. 🙂

-Tess:  “Did you see my mindtrip there?”  Meaning she had a brainskip and tripped up on her words.

-Dixon:  As I leave for my run… “Bye Mom, don’t do anything I would do….”  I always say to the kids “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”  🙂

– A little bit of a mudslide on our driveway because of so much rain.  😦

-While carrying Dixon in from the car (yes, he is five years old and I still carry him when he’s sleepy)….  Me:  “Dixon, I love you.”  Dixon:  “Me too, even I love you when you’re gone.”  Me:  “I super love you when I’m gone.”  Dixon:  “I love you all the time so much and forever even when you’re dead.”  😦

-Dixon getting super sick.  He practically drove himself to the doctor because he wanted to stop feeling that way.  He ended up with strep throat.  Antibiotics are awesome!  Minus the amoxicillin rash he got after 7 days.

-Tess: After going to a cooking party came up with the word:  “Spiconing” (spices and seasoning).

-Trying to teach Tess the art of “Let it go”.  She is always wanting more… More driving (she doesn’t have her permit yet), more sleeping in, more cookies…… and constantly talks to me about all of it….

-Dixon getting a brain freeze…  “Ahhhhh, I have a fraze breene.”

-Dixon:  “I was running so fast that my armpit legs started hurting.”  “My thumbtoe is red.”    Haaaa!  These comments actually make sense when I think about them.

-Tess:  “I eat so much more than Royce!  I like 20 dinners now.”  Tess and Royce are VERY picky eaters.  Royce has just started to like noodles and will eat rice as long as there is no sauce on them.  He doesn’t like any other dinners, thus Tessa’s comment.  For some reason Tess and Royce sit next to each other at dinner and it seems set up for us comment on it a little more…..  Or maybe it’s so the dog can sit between the two of them under the table….

-Mourning that my three oldest have grown up and left (almost with Corbin).  There are little things that I realize were only a part of raising the older kids and not the littles.  I got “The Land Before Time” from the library for the boys and it brought back so many memories of snuggling with the older kids.  I think my heart will forever be missing my kids.  Love all of them with all my heart!




-All the beautiful blooming daphne, camellias, cherry tree blossoms and hyacinth.  We just keep clipping them off and smelling them in our house all day.


-Opening our Easter container and finding all our fun Easter games from the Darby’s in Alabama.  Such great memories.  They sent us holiday cookies representing the entire year.  LOVE and MISS the Darby family.  775005_1050586411650198_8689544926839788638_o 12828513_1050585461650293_1089931265925454658_o

-Taking the three younger kids to Rice’s Rock Museum in North Plains, Oregon.  It was very interesting.  We had fun spending time at my parents house (since we were at my old stomping grounds).  I sat in my old room looking out at the beautiful yard.  I am a very blessed woman to get to still go back to my childhood home and have our kids get to partake of it’s goodness.

12719445_1057793964262776_3801643613217949030_o 10644373_1057794010929438_6438735021559181686_o 12525465_1057794047596101_612374875960841277_o

-Tess getting a cute invitation for a birthday party.  People amaze me with their creativity.  12888697_1057793437596162_9143338887506991132_o

-Trying to wake up one morning and realizing that I don’t make breakfast or lunch for anyone anymore.  20 years later!  I think I’m loving this phase.  🙂

-Tess finally weighing enough to make the lawn mower turn on.  She was so excited!   12440285_1057793537596152_9104683680181205984_o

-Glow in the dark mini-golf for FHE.  We had fun and then ran in to two families from our stake.  Thanks Aunt Nini for the great Christmas gift.  🙂  12828364_1057793677596138_7468271584243501453_o

-Getting to visit Farmington Ward and our old house.  The new owners are in our old ward, so Tess ran up and asked if we could walk through it.  The owner said yes!  We all loved getting to visit and see our old memories.  It seemed so small, but our kids were all small way back then.

-Hadley doing her “Faces of History” presentation at Classical Conversations.  She studied, wrote and presented about Michelangelo.  It was fabulous to hear all the different presentations from “Ancient Times”.  12888704_1057794114262761_8546488303031224365_o 12901334_1057794214262751_2009434546879743632_o

-Hitting our one year moving date!  We left Alabama on March 21st, arrived in Oregon on March 24th and moved in to our house on March 30th.  Last year, we had to make our kids promise to not do any April Fools jokes because we might freak out on them.

I’m so thankful we are finally recovering from “The Great Move”.  It’s been a beautiful, fabulous, long, hard year.  So many great things to focus on, but some of the hardest phases we’ve experienced yet.  Thankfully, things are looking better.  We have absolutely fallen in love with our home, land, ward, fabulous people, family (not that we didn’t love them before) and area we live in.  Counting our blessings… and missing people in Alabama.

-Remembering that Kevin has an incredible voice, but I never get to hear him sing alone.  When we were dating, he would sing to me or perform and I fell in LOVE with his voice and his cute little smile while he sings.  So, I requested that he sing one song to me each night.  Life is too short to not enjoy something so wonderful and special.  He has remembered every night.  If he was traveling, he sent me a song on my phone.  My smile is so huge while he sings and I feel all giddy like a young girl in love.  LOVE MY KEVIN!  🙂

-Getting to wash all three cars in the beautiful Spring sunshine last Saturday.  The kids were doing chores and yard/land work.  I got to be alone for hours listening to the birds and smelling Daphne while I washed and rewashed all the grime off the cars.

-Getting to go to “Stake Senior Temple Academy” with Corbin.  Our stake does the most fabulous temple preparation activity.  We had a delicious dinner, then we were taught by incredible people in our stake.  I was so inspired and excited.  They even had gluten free food for me.  🙂  Yummy!

-Getting to go to the temple early in the morning to do baptisms with Merritt and Tess.  The flowers were mesmerizing and we loved the peacefulness.  12885785_1057798200929019_4901873090101114306_o 12525651_1057798247595681_6114751484098847237_o

-A cute picture of Corbin and Hailey Dewey.  We lived by the Dewey family 14 years ago. Then they showed us the Camas area.  Now we get to be with them again.  Hailey and Corbin are the same age and Caryn found this gem of a photo.  Hopefully Corbin and Hailey don’t read the blog.  🙂  12891100_1057793597596146_3842953325328983903_o

-Awesome Easter Egg hunt in Washougal.  It was fast and easy and the kids got free snow cones and cotton candy.  Hadley, Royce and Dixon had never had a snow cone (so they claim).   You should have seen the look on their faces when they found out they were free.   12901137_1057798384262334_924962470646497936_o 12888598_1057798440928995_2092433941033618908_o


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