Happy 8th Birthday Royce, Royce Gets Baptized, “I’m in an anger phase!” and Bryson’s Visit!!!!




Staying up past midnight with Tess so we could register for EFY.  Funny part was that the registration opened at 8:00 am our time.  We had fun watching Hallmark movies together to stay awake.  🙂

Tess:  “I’m going through an anger phase, so please don’t frustrate me!”  She is awesome!  Just say it how it is girl, then we can all deal with it better.  🙂  Love my Tessa….  12651189_1029651147077058_742908429648311841_n

Dixon climbing the front of his dresser to get things out of the top drawer.  I was trying to teach him to us a chair so he wouldn’t tip the dresser on himself and get hurt.  Me:  “I’d really like it if you would use the chair for that.”  Dixon:  “I’d really like it if I didn’t.”  Wow, was that really out of my five year olds mouth.  I couldn’t help but smirk, but he is using a chair now.  😉


Playing Duck, Duck, Goose on our wood floors with Pledge sprayed everywhere.  We flipped all over the place.  So fun!

Beautiful sunny days after a long winter of rain.  The rain is in my blood and I love it, but I’m always ready for the next season.  When the sun comes out, I want to drop everything and get outside with the kids.  We made that happen a bit after school work was finished. 12669516_1029650937077079_7245749491282334987_n 12717370_1029650957077077_6713351726415756648_n

Enjoying our new game “Puff Pong”.  Bryson and his friends made it up after the wedding reception.  I kept hearing them all yell in the basement, while wondering what was going on.  Now we play it every time we have a family over.  It’s so fun because any age can play and everyone rotates in quickly.

Getting to visit “Discover the Dinosaurs” with Nana and Boppa.  Afterwards, we went to dinner at “Black Bear Restaurant”.  It was a perfectly wonderful evening.  There was a gluten-free lava cake dessert there that I have been craving ever since.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Dixon in his Superman outfit:  “I’m sorry I can’t watch Little Women with you, I need to go save people.”  🙂

Bryson and Brooklyn surprise visit!  It was a fabulous weekend with them. Warms my heart to think of it. We are so thankful to live on the west coast again, enabling this to occur.  It rained a lot, but it didn’t stop them from conquering as much as possible in Portland and at the coast.  10348301_958642834184428_8037670502034928712_n12742471_958642764184435_6187803261702770238_n12697141_1031978200177686_5563494533016799967_o 12705311_958636704185041_7230246196133094287_n

Fabulous Aunt Pat’s 70th birthday! We took off for Beaverton in the morning and spent the day with my parents.  That evening we had dinner with the family at Benihana’s.  It was exhilarating to watch the kids get excited over the food made right in front of them.  Truly entertaining.  12717739_1035510679824438_2611270633280699892_n 12729117_1035510893157750_8172279404828984299_n 10329146_1035510789824427_2873208860381674521_n 12744538_1035510659824440_6421228316813394480_n

Tessa and Corbin getting quoted on dating and kissing in “The New Era” church magazine (p. 15).  Ha!  They had been interviewed months ago and we had completely forgotten about it.  Then some youth in other states started texting that they noticed the comments.  So fun!

Great Wolf Lodge!  We signed up last Fall with our homeschool group.  It was an incredible two days of fun with friends.  It turned out to be a perfect way to celebrate Royce’s birthday with free endless ice cream.  🙂  12705678_1037828096259363_484355529683014062_n


Dixon's painful smile is back. Hopefully it will be short lived. :)
Dixon’s painful smile is back. Hopefully it will be short lived. 🙂



Royce turning eight and getting baptized!

Eight is great!!!
Eight is great!!!

12670331_1029650927077080_7443756699443959679_nWe had a special week with Royce.  His baptism was spiritual and we are so proud of the choices he is making.  His smile melts our hearts and we can’t get over how excited and interested he is in EVERTHING!  Love our boy!  He also got to start Cub Scouts.

Royce was begging for a Pinewood Derby car for Christmas. He is soooo happy now!
Royce was begging for a Pinewood Derby car for Christmas. He is soooo happy now!
Love these guys!
Love these guys!

Corbin having a blast at Washougal High School in the play “The Little Mermaid”.  WE LOVED GETTING TO WATCH HIM!  It was so fun as he would come and go for two weeks of performances.  He was glowing and exhausted at the same time.  12768308_1041023319273174_3762570363774101695_o 12764742_1041023399273166_6221334536339442920_o12711322_1041023099273196_3756670349959877412_o 12418899_1041023035939869_6348597788705032200_o 921247_1041022975939875_2787379331971127401_o



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