Tantrums, Sliding on Ice, The Capital, Robot Clubs and Welcom…. :)

First sunny day in a long time, so we had to go down to the Columbia River and a park.
First sunny day in a long time.  We had to go down to the Columbia River and a park.


Trying to run on a sheet of ice and sliding down Vernon Road on my backend.  I had multiple bruises for the next week.  It took me about 15 minutes to get back up the hill and I had to actually crawl on my hands and knees to get back home.  Made me laugh as I did it though.

Taking almost a year to finally realize, notice, see and soak up how many wonderful people helped us and showed their love as we moved across the country.  I might actually get the rest of my thank you letters out soon.  Memories are flooding back as we begin our new year.  Thanks to everyone that touched our lives this last year.  It makes all the difference in the world.

Dixon:  “Did you know I want to be a missionary now?”  Mom:  “Really, me too!”  Dixon:  “Well, you can’t Mom, because you are old.”  (There are “senior missionaries.”)

Dixon’s randomness…..  We were having a great Family Home Evening discussion about Food Storage.  Suddenly, Dixon throws his hands in the air and yells “If there is a fire, jump out the window!!!!”.  We couldn’t stop laughing after that.  I’m sure it stemmed from our original topic of Emergency Preparedness, but the timing was impeccable.

Dixon having a full melt down when the kids went to put him to bed.  Kevin and I were gone and Dixon was over-tired.  The older kids were traumatized because they had forgotten how to deal with a huge tantrum.  Corbin and Tess couldn’t remember if they could physically force him or not.  They ended up laughing about it all as they tried to figure it out.  Dixon had a tantrum with me the next day and I kinda stared at him and thought “Oh yeah, this used to be my life all the time.”    I have to say I am so glad those days of little kids tantrums ending.  Not that there aren’t bigger, different things to deal with.  By the way, we got him back on track pretty quickly with some sleep and individual attention.  

Church times moving from 11:30-2:30 pm in 2015 to 3:00-6:00 pm for 2016!  We tried to prepare everyone in the family to focus on the positive things (yes, there are some).  Alas, after the first Sunday, there were some very grumpy people in the Jones home.  We have done better the last few weeks, only 11 months left….

Sneaking and watching all the Downton Abbey episodes before they aired in America.  The reason this didn’t work is that I think I temporarily messed my computer up.  It was completely worth it!  All is well now and I loved watching them with the Tess and Merritt (I wouldn’t let them watch every part). 😉

Playing Stake Women’s Basketball for the first time since July.  The basketball and ladies were fabulous, but I could barely walk up and down the stairs the next day.  My insides even hurt.  The worst part was finally noticing that most of the ladies were in their 20’s and early 30’s.  I WAS THE OLDEST ONE THERE!  When did this happen???? Could it have been my 44th birthday that did that to me?  I was a little depressed at the realization, but then again happy I could still keep up enough (or at least I thought I was….).  🙂

Royce and some of his friends starting a “Robot Club”.  Before we knew what was happening they began collecting money (from our homes and other people).  It was way out of hand.  Royce even wrote multiple letters to friends (around 7 years old) asking them to join and send money.  Here is one letter a friend texted me, so I could see what got mailed out without me checking first.  I couldn’t help but laugh and want to throw up at the same time.  He was such a great salesman that the money started rolling in.  I hate to squash the ideas……   12622422_1026994290676077_3316444563289738522_o12646645_1026994254009414_2614810647007316309_o


Kevin and I teaching Institute.  We get to teach 18-30 year olds every week and it always turns out is different.  I’m always a little huffy as we get ready and I really don’t want to dress up, but afterwards we are exceedingly happy.  The young people are amazing and the Spirit is strong.

Getting to do school even when public school is cancelled.  What is nice about it, is that we get to choose.  We’d rather get our work done and then play hard later.  If it’s snowy, we still get out there and play.

Kevin finally getting his new company going, https://viaping.com/.  It’s slow in coming, but super exciting!  He still has https://vinjones.com/ company too.

Reorganizing our food storage.  We just threw it in our basement room  when we moved in.  For Family Home Evening the kids helped us reorganize it.  Now we are using some of it and finding out what is good and what is disgusting.

Realizing that life without Tess Jones would be down right boring.  She makes me laugh every day.  I often chuckle about things from the past that she has done that are hilarious.  I could make a blog with things that just Tessa does.  😉  Love my Lou!

Tess was so sweet to make a welcome sign for me. She came running up to me to show me and then I had to break it to her...... LOVE HER!
Tess was so sweet to make a welcome sign for me. She came running up to me to show me and then I had to break it to her…… LOVE HER!

Dixon:  “It took me a long time to get five”.  🙂

Dixon:  “Oh Mom, I have a song, want to hear it?”  Mom:  “Yes Dixon, I’d love to.”  Dixon:  “Mom, Mom, Moooooooom, Moooom, Mommmmmm.”

Awesome Institute Teacher Training.  Kevin and I got to go for a half day training.  We were so inspired and felt the Spirit in abundance.

Temple, temple, temple!  We love the temple and the people we get to see there.  It grounds us and helps us see to eternity.  12631415_1024749420900564_471955242031694865_n 12647416_1024749434233896_3924131591084780956_n

A new couch from our Fabulous Aunt Pat!  We picked it up and got to spend a little time with her.  We love the couch, but really love her too!  We finally all have enough room to sit in the family room together.

Vancouver Animal Museum!  I took the five youngest to this incredible place.  It was like getting to go to the zoo.  We got to be close and actually touch the animals from all over the world.  It was truly incredible!

Trek Meetings!  Kevin and I are heading up the Stakes Trek Committee.  I wanted so much to be a Ma and Pa (favorite thing we’ve done in the church yet!), but alas we are serving in another way.  My consolation is that we get to work with INCREDIBLE people.  Every meeting we have, whether it’s one or two people or a group, we leave blown away by the caliber of people we get to work with.  We are learning so much from these valiant saints.  So excited for trek (that’s after hyper-ventilating, as I think about pulling this off).

Last minute FHE with the fabulous Fox family.  Love me some Tiffany and baby Grace time…. 12418888_1026994157342757_5230918366998698231_o

12622422_1026994037342769_2580995299751169367_o 12628609_1026994124009427_556186737383875153_o 12697410_1026993987342774_618036638061675497_o

Getting to have a great birthday.  I got to go out with my Mom and the girls the day before.


The kids, Kevin and friends were so wonderful to me and made me feel very loved.  Thank you everyone.  🙂  Kimmy Davis sent this gem of a picture from my eighteenth birthday.

I'm doing "The Beasley" here with my hand and teeth. Only some people can understand what that is.... Man that cake look yummy Mom!
I’m doing “The Beasley” here with my hand and teeth. Only some people can understand what that is…. Man that cake looks yummy Mom!


Merritt and Tess finally getting to babysit!  They were so happy and loved getting to be in other wonderful homes with cute kids.  It’s so hard to move somewhere new and start over.  Plus, living out of town doesn’t help.

I GET TO GO TO WOMEN’S CONFERENCE in Utah at the end of April!!!  The admission ticket was my birthday present and we had airline miles to seal the deal.  I have always wanted to go!  My stomach even jumped when I realized I actually get to go for five days!!!!

Double Birthday dinner with my parents at the Chart House restaurant.  It was downright perfect!  Beautiful view, incredible parents and delicious food.    We’re so thankful to be back home.  Thank you Mom and Dad, we love you!  12615176_1025205100854996_4264288907428333943_o

Royce’s enthusiasm!  He happily pretends to paint like Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel and loves everything he works at.  I adore this boy and his age!  12622520_1026994417342731_2121804553301107959_o 12628485_1026994470676059_3486892324862625154_o (1)

Getting to visit the state capital with our home school group.  It was such a fun day with a car full of youth.  I was incredibly inspired by so many things there.  The mock trial the youth performed was great.  By the way, I live in Washington and our capital is in Olympia.  Duh!  I kept picturing myself driving to Salem, Oregon!  Good thing someone mentioned that we were going to Olympia!  Hard to kill old habits.  🙂






One thought on “Tantrums, Sliding on Ice, The Capital, Robot Clubs and Welcom…. :)”

  1. Kelly, I love the way that you write. You’re sentiments are exactly how I feel. (Funny about that—) You express much of the richness of life and the humor of family.

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