A Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, Sledding, Hate!, Books and a Little Soap….

Addisen and David Frey are married:  

It’s been over two months since I last posted!  Uggghhh!  I stopped taking notes after the first week, so I’ll just go off of pictures and what I can remember.  I’m so glad the last two months are over.  There were many wonderful, spiritual, happy moments, but mainly it felt like a lot of work.  I’m sure I’ll get better at this phase of life and learn some tricks to make it go more smoothly.


Reading Follow the River by James Alexander Thom.  It was a true story and was highly depressing.  I learned a lot, but as she starved I couldn’t eat myself (I made up for that in December).  I finally had to stay up late one night to finish it so I could move on in life.  I have to say it was the best book discussion I’ve ever been to.

Dixon:  “Why can’t I say hate?”  Mom:  “You can, once.”  Dixon:  “HATE!”  Smiling coyly like he just did something super big.  So funny!

Having a talk with Royce about Santa, etc.  I won’t go into detail here, but it was time for it and he cried for 30 minutes.  A moaning kind of cry.  Especially as we added information about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.  I was dying as he cried harder and harder.  Oh the horribleness of it all.  I’ve decided I can’t have “The Talk” with him, it’ll break his innocent heart.  But I don’t want him to learn it from anywhere else.  Oh the dilemmas of parenting….  Royce has since recovered and is really happy to understand it all now.

Dixon almost getting tricked by Bryson.  

 These boys are so cute!  If only Dixon could stay this little and squish his face up forever.  Instead they grow up and stop thinking they like Mom the best.  It’s all good, just a bit sad….  Love my kiddies.

Rough patches during the wedding.  Expected, but not in the way that it ended up happening…..  😦  Some things in life can just be down right disappointing.

Dixon getting his mesiodens pulled.  I could hear him screaming in the back room.  We decided it would be best to have Kevin back there, because I would only make it worse by wanting to run out with him.  Kevin did an incredible job with Dixon and Dixon came out so proud of himself.

Tessa, Corbin and Hadley having sassy mouths.  We’re getting them back on track with a little soap action.  They had many opportunities to clean themselves up before we had to resort to this.  Happy parenting…..  By the way, it worked. 🙂  They are all speaking kindly to each other now.

1935795_1010796718962501_4678523181039098811_n 6597_1010796735629166_1174949022207034045_n



Addisen and David’s Sealing!  Incredible day with incredible people.  I can never thank everyone that helped enough.  So here is a huge THANK YOU!!!  Our entire family felt the love.


These are all just off of my phone...
These are all just off of my phone…




Addisen and Bryson when they were in Tracy Swartley's wedding next to them at Addy's reception. Warms my heart! Love all three of these people!
Addisen and Bryson when they were in Tracy Swartley’s wedding, then at Addy’s reception. Warms my heart! Love all three of these people!


Addisen's dinosaur look before the wedding. Thank you Brenda Frey for doing her hair beautifully.
Addisen’s dinosaur look before the wedding. Thank you Brenda Frey for doing her hair beautifully.


Addisen and David's first apartment. They're so cute!
Addisen and David’s first apartment. They’re so cute!

Learning to sing parts to hymns as family.  Some family members have been able to do this, but now we are all trying to pull it together.  Bryson said he’d waited his entire life for this.  🙂  We still have a lot of work….

Playing fun games over break and for Family Home Evening.  Jenga was a hit as the littles could participate too.

Church Primary Program!  I think it is my favorite day of the year.  I couldn’t help smiling through the entire thing.  Those kids are the cutest and Dixon kept singing super loudly, which cracked me up.  The spirit was strong and made my day.

Time Out For Women!  I got to go with the fabulous Tiffany Fox, but I think I caused her to end up in the hospital.  😦  Just kidding.  We were all set to have a great night at the Marriott but then she had a gall badder attack.  At 7 1/2 months pregnant, it was a horrible thing.  I hooked up with my ward ladies and loved it.  It was so nice to run into people from all over Oregon that I hadn’t seen in years.  My heart was all filled up spiritually and lovingly.

Renting our Alabama house!  We are so relieved to have a good family in there.

College kids rolling in for Thanksgiving and Wedding/Christmas.  What an incredible experience to follow them through texting as they drive home.  Filling the house up with their personalities.  So fun!

Royce:  “Merritt, what do you imagine the Tooth Fairy to look like?  I imagine her like an angel.”  He is my little believer….

Christmas Eve side of the road trash pick up tradition.  Royce just told me his jacket still smells like beer.  I was wondering how he knew what beer smelled like…..

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Zoo lights with Nana.  It was cold and rainy but still great.


Sledding on Mt. Hood!  Such a fun day with great people!  Thank you Dewey and Barney families!

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Thanksgiving, wedding showers, guests at our house, Addisen and David getting Sealed in the Temple, Christmas Eve, Christmas and so much more that I can’t even go into.   Facebook will have to do for this.  We haven’t edited the wedding pictures yet, so those will come soon.  I get exhausted just looking at the pictures of the last two months.  Here is to the next year being calmer and more serene.  I’m focusing on being present for the kids and simplifying.  I want to do only the things that really matter and feel right.  The rest gets thrown out.

A full house! Bryson's friends from Alabama came, Kaitlyn and so many more.
A full house! Bryson’s friends from Alabama came, Kaitlyn and so many more.



Bryson, Josiah and Caleb playing night with tiki torches football the night before the wedding.
Bryson, Josiah and Caleb playing night football with tiki torches, the evening before the wedding.


Christmas Eve with Kevin's side of the family. So fun and great!
Christmas Eve with Kevin’s side of the family. So fun and great!


Christmas at Nana and Boppa's. Corbin and Addy looking so cool!
Christmas at Nana and Boppa’s. Corbin and Addy looking so cool!


Out with our handsome boys!
Out with our handsome boys!

Kevin and I celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary!  We went to a fabulous dinner, but a long overdue trip will have to wait.  So many memories flooded back at the temple in December.  I am so thankful to get to live my life with this wonderful, faithful, good, fun, funny, spiritual, gorgeous, loving man.


Love all our monkeys!
Love all our monkeys!

Bryson and his talents.  Love my Bubba!  



One thought on “A Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, Sledding, Hate!, Books and a Little Soap….”

  1. Kelly,

    I SO enjoyed reading about all of this. You were in my thoughts and prayers so frequently as you prepared for the wedding, Christmas, college “kids” home…. Thanks for taking the time to share what you have and I enjoy the pics! Royce and Dixon have grown so much and Tessa is SO TALL! I’m so glad for you guys that you were able to get the house rented. It took forever to meet them! I’d see a car in the driveway and no lights on/signs of life in the house. I just met part of the family last week, taking some sugar over of courseJ The mom is Jessica and I’ve met 2 of the 4 children. Nothing has been mentioned of the dad, I hope he’s still a part of the family? Jessica, the mom, seems a little shy so it might take a while for her to warm up. They are most recently from TX but lived in this area 5 years ago.

    We’ve enjoyed having Noah out of school and Julianna home for nearly 3 weeks! She’ll be leaving this Friday morning and I miss her already.

    I want you to know that I have MASTERED the layered bars nowJ I learned just how long to bake them, etc and part of our success has been using PARCHMENT PAPER in the pan. The bars come out so easily, no waste and the pan is easier to clean. I don’t need to be making any more for quite a while,thoughJ

    Does Kevin still come back to HSV for work related stuff? I wasn’t sure. Please tell him he’s always a welcome guestJ

    My heart just ached for you when I read the part about your conversation with Royce. Has Corbin started his mission paperwork process yet? I bet you don’t want me to bring that upL

    I’ll keep this brief. I just wanted to reply.

    Take care of your sweet self.


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