Mesiodens, Periods, Getting Locked Out, Fly-Bees, Raspberry Cordial and Mountain Hood!

Addisen posted this from four years ago! I can't believe how little everyone was. So cute, although I'm happy to report that Kevin's shirt in no longer among us..... ;)
Addisen posted this from four years ago! I can’t believe how little everyone was. So cute, although I’m happy to report that Kevin’s shirt in no longer with us….. 😉


Dixon’s Mesiodens!  We took him to the dentist and he reported he had only seen this in one patient, but the child was 11 years old.  We’ll wait until his baby tooth falls out, then pull the mesiodens.  I’ve included some pictures of what it could look like if we left it to come in right between his two middle teeth.  Perfect to be a snaggletooth during Halloween, but not so cool for wedding pictures in December….

This is Dixon's x-ray. The computer screen is what it would look like if it grew in.
This is Dixon’s x-ray.


What it could look like if we left it.



Royce asking if he can have “A Period”!  Obviously, our dinner talk has been going over his head.  With three sisters to be around, it was bound to happen.  He said “I want one, is it like the pyramids?”  I actually navigated explaining it to him without having “The Full Talk”.  The older kids were extremely impressed, which says a lot.  They even behaved themselves as I explained it to him.

Kevin and I star gazing on our deck outside our room and getting locked out.  Thankfully our window was open enough for us to yell to the older kids that were in bed.  They were laughing so hard as they allowed us to come in.

Dixon stating that he needed to go to another family (like he was sacrificing himself) so they could have more kids.  Oddly enough, he is going through a phase that he freaks out anytime I leave him, so I don’t think he would last long anywhere else.

Sneaking Christmas music behind Kevin’s back.  The kids and I play it whenever he is gone.  I know it’s a bad example to show them how to sneak, but it makes me sooooo happy, and he really doesn’t like it before Thanksgiving.  The season’s music isn’t long enough for me and I love the oldies (Frank Sinatra type).

Dixon asking if he could have another candy corn.  I told him he had enough.  Later I was holding him and he smelled like candy corn.  I asked him if he had taken one from the dish.  He slowly answered no, but it seemed like he was lying.  So I checked his mouth and he had definitely  eaten one.  I asked why there were remains in his mouth (I am the queen of stealing candy, so I’m trying not to laugh) he said that I had asked him to throw the bag away and there was one more in the bottom.  Genius!  I hugged him and said that was smart to check the bag!  He skipped off all smiles.

Royce getting stung by “Fly-Bees”.  Kevin has called Yellow Jackets, Fly-Bees for over ten years.  They are the ones that attack your food when you are eating outside.  He is colorblind, so he doesn’t see the yellow.  He told the kids not to worry they won’t sting them.  He even gets a little bothered by their freak outs at the dinner table outside.  The conversation was happening again (we have tried to explain it to Kevin, but he doesn’t agree) and Dixon was doing what his Dad said and laughing at the bee on his arm.  Then Royce starts freaking out!  We told him to relax, he’s just over exaggerating.  Then we look at his ear and there was a stinger in it.  The poor kid looked like an elf for a couple days from the swelling.


His ear before it swelled too much.

The next day swelling….

Tess keeps telling us to not spend any money until she gets her braces.  She wants them as soon as possible, so they’ll be off sooner.  We haven’t had time or money to deal with it.  She was reminding us AGAIN and Royce said “Why does it have to be all about yourrrrr braces, Tess?  How about it being about myyyyy braces!”  Ha!  He is good!

Tess, Raspberry Cordial and book club.  I had the five youngest kids at a book club for Hadley.  The other kids were playing while we did the book club.  Anne of Green Gables was the book being discusses.  This is one of our favorite books and movie!  We have watched the movie more times than we can count.  If you’ve seen it, you know about the Raspberry Cordial part where Anne accidentally gets her best friend Diana drunk.  We’ve often told Tessa that she reminds us of Anne in the fact that things like that happen to her.  Soooo, we’re having book club and there is this huge glass cooler of Raspberry Lemonade (to represent the Raspberry Cordial).  Tess sneaks in and gets a drink, right up in front of everyone.  She was doing great until she accidentally unscrewed the tap of the dispenser OFF.  She screams “Someone help now!”, right in the middle of our discussion.  The Lemonade is pouring everywhere.  We finally got it contained and everyone busted out laughing at the irony!  There’s always a great laugh to be had.

Talents!  Many years ago I was at a girls night and we were talking about talents.  I explained that I don’t have very many talents.  Mine were sports growing up and there isn’t much use for that  now.  One of my close friends said “That’s so not true Kelly, you are soooo talented.”  I responded with “Name one.”  She thought for awhile and said “You are so good at getting to church on time.”  Haaaaaaaa!   We all laughed for a long time at that.  It’s true, I don’t have describable, typical talents.  So, the other day I was talking with someone and telling this funny story (it has never bothered me, I think it’s funny).  We were laughing and I pointed out “Wait a minute, I am really good at making babies.”  This person happen to not be able to have babies, so she was cheering me on that she couldn’t do that at all, she has a million other talents.  This only adds to the humor of it all.  She then added that I’m really good at running up hill!  Haaaaaa!  She sees me running in the morning up these huge hills.  Wow, my list is growing!



Soccer fun!

Happy Royce!


Go Dixon!



Planning Addisen’s wedding for December 19th!  I have been amazed at the way David and Addy make decisions.  I love their taste (not that that was a prerequisite, but it is convenient).  😉  We have a friend helping coordinate things and it’s been fun to Skype with them and watch it all unfold.

Dixon receiving a little gift from a friend.  This new friend of his is so sweet.  He gave him this wolf to help him not miss me so much when he goes to his house.  Dixon named him “Wolfie” and truly loves him.  He even did his presentation at school on him.


Getting “Boo-ed” twice!!!  We had written off getting to be apart of things like that when we moved to the country.  The Boo-ers were good too, we didn’t see them at all.  I was giddy about it!  It truly warmed my heart!  We had fun passing it on to other families as the kids got to ring the doorbell and run.


Ready to ring the doorbell and run!
Ready to ring the doorbell and run!

My Mom and her friend Pat Decker coming out to see our home.  Pat has always visited when I have a baby and move to a new house (minus Alabama!).  She is so great!  We got to go to lunch and have a fabulous afternoon.

Pat Decker game us the cutest house warming gifts. So sweet! :)
She gave us the cutest house warming gifts. So sweet! 🙂

General Conference Weekend!  We LOVED it!  The kids set the room up and grabbed our special journals.  We had cider and donuts, chocolate chip cookies and M&M Bingo.  The best part was getting to listen to the prophets speak.  Our hearts were filled and we were ready to improve our lives.

My awesome Visiting Teacher dropped this bag off for General Conference. It had really cute things in it. :) So neat!
My awesome Visiting Teacher dropped this bag off for General Conference. It had really cute things in it. 🙂 So neat!


Sticky note quotes from General Conference




Kevin was making memes up like crazy!
Kevin was making memes up like crazy!

Dixon writing his first note to me.  He has been learning to read, but hasn’t taken off yet.  For him to try to sound letters out and write them astounded me.  I loved that it said (after a translation) “I love you Mom” twice.   He had just learned the word Mom the day before.


General Conference Jeopardy for FHE!  It’s so fun to use our notes and try to answer Kevin’s questions.  The Bischoff family joined us, but I think we might have been a little too competitive…. 🙂



Rain, rain, rain!!!!  It is finally raining more!  I love it.  The rain stopped right after we moved back and I’ve waited six months for it to come back.  I feel so relaxed and snuggy.  The only problem is I’m not as motivated to get things done.

Group texting with the older kids.  It’s so fun!  This was something I had never foreseen happening.  The kids are hilarious and we discuss so many things.

Royce:  “David is going to be my first new brother!”  While dancing around….

Tess finding our juice steamer!  We couldn’t figure out how we lost it in the move and she found it!  I was super excited.  Then ten crazy minutes later I had to ask the kids why I was so excited before, so I could still feel that way.

Corbin getting to go to Homecoming with Audrey.  They were so cute and had a fabulous evening!




Kevin and I getting to speak at a youth conference at Camp Zarahemla.  It was a fun day/night to drive up there with Tess and Merritt.  Speaking was fun and the dinner was yummy!

Lunch with Katie Durrant!  So good to catch up with her.  We needed a few more days to get really caught up, but it was still great to touch base.  Love you Katie!  I forgot to get a picture, but she said that was a good thing!  🙂

Finding my wedding dress at my parents house.  After we hauled all the suitcases out we found my Mom’s dress too!  Tess and Merritt tried them on and it was so fun!  Oh how the generations roll on.



Dixon calling Mt. Hood, Mountain Hood.  I won’t let anyone tell him the right way to say it because it makes me smile.

Missionaries from Bryson’s mission crashing at our house on their way through.  So fun!

12106868_971771419531698_8963735322211643293_n 12105991_971771472865026_3609568305532680821_n

Getting to check out the Gold’s property and have dinner with them.  Amazing, yummy food and great friends!  The kids had a blast together.  Love you Jenn and Joe!

Merritt so getting her baby fix!
Merritt getting her baby fix!
Jenn and Joe 🙂

Getting to go to a fun Halloween Party for Women only.  It was so well done, with lunch and Halloween activities.  We even got to decorate Halloween graham cracker houses.  We had so much fun getting to create what we wanted without helping little kids at the same time.  My kids LOVED eating all the treats for FHE that night.



A friend surprising me with beautiful flowers one afternoon.  The best part was the huge hug she gave me.  I felt so loved and smiled the rest of the night.


Getting home super late and finding Kevin and Merritt up doing Genealogy.  They were rocking it!

Frozen Disney on Ice!  So fun!  Thanks Mom for the fun night!

We ran into friends!!! :)
We ran into friends!!! 🙂


12065998_973611772680996_1386156159409173769_n 11215785_973611822680991_307379387694632520_n

Friends trying to hunt on our land.  Mixed feelings, but excited for them too.


Halloween party in Camas with friends!  So fun!  Thanks for taking them Erin.








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