Beach, Tess or Tessa?, Teeth, Grape Juice and a German Pancake!!!

I did it, I did it, I did it!  I posted this one week after the last one.  I think I am recovering and feeling like the old Kelly again.  Happy Day!

Just had to put this on here because I think he look so cute! Love you Kev!
Just had to put this on here because I think he look so cute! Love you Kev!


Dixon almost losing his front tooth with a odd thing growing in behind it.  We go to the dentist tomorrow to have it checked.  My kids seem to lose their teeth on the later end, so it could be 2 years before he gets his permanent front tooth.  😦

Starting a head cold the morning I left for the beach!  Ugggghhhh, why does sickness hit at such inconvenient times?  Somehow, I still made it work and had a great time despite my runny nose and muck on my face!

Never being sure whether to say Tess or Tessa anymore.  Tessa started going by Tess when we moved here and I am misusing her name now.  She has different times when we are allowed to use the separate names.   Secretly, I love her flare and admire her for trying something different.  🙂


My Mom with an amazing German Pancake!

Getting to go to lunch with just my Mom!  I was driving to the beach for a getaway and got to stop by Beaverton and be with my fabulous Mom!  When I was in Alabama I would dream of getting to do this. Now I’m at the stage that I can slip away.  The best part was when my Mom walked into the restaurant to meet me and the hostesses said “Oh, I know your sweet Mom!”  Of course they do.  🙂

Kevin getting to go fishing and crabbing with my Dad and his friends in Garibaldi Bay.  Kevin got up at 3:15 am and drove down with my Dad.  What an outstanding way to spend half a day.  Thanks Dad!

Fun Friday and Saturday with a group of friends that we all got married in college together.  Celeste and Dyllan McEntee hosted us in their beautiful home in Newport, Oregon.  The food, friendship and fun was perfect.  It still amazes me that time doesn’t seem to change anything.  We can just pick up where we left off.  Love you guys!

11221921_10153472288301281_1231769220898564097_o 12038888_10153472285456281_5516598520907174826_o

Getting to go to General Women’s Session with the three girls.  Addisen was texting with me, so she is there with us too.  Oh how I loved the talks and music.  The sweet young girls that would notice the camera was on them while they were singing in the choir made my heart happy.  I love that age!


Getting to watch Brian Regan live on Comedy Central.  This may not be a big deal for others, but we don’t presently get regular TV at our house, let alone cable, etc.  We had fun laughing with other people as Brian Regan pulled off his clean comedy again!

McReynolds coming to our ward for church, dinner and the “Blood Moon”.

Kevin took this!
Kevin took this!

We loved getting special time with them and having an home teaching lesson for old times sake.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.  Love you guys!

I just noticed Tessa's photobomb! Ha!
I just noticed Tessa’s photobomb! Ha!

Appreciating that our kids, including teenagers, are in bed close to 9:00 pm each night of the week!  This last summer, we had four shifts of bedtime.  First the little boys, then Hadley and Merritt, then Corbin and Tess would get home and tell us about their great adventures, then Addisen and Bryson would say goodnight after midnight.  We were so exhausted!  Of course this didn’t happen every night (Bryson was gone a lot and Addy would go to bed a little earlier during specific shifts).  As a mother, I feel one of the most important things is to be at the “Cross-Roads,” meaning the coming and goings of the kids.  So, I am so glad to get to have the privilege to listen to these incredible kids each night and tuck them in, but I really appreciate the early bed time now that school is in.  😉

Running up the ginormous, long hill that leads to our house and passing Corbin and Tess coming back from early morning seminary.  I’ve always wanted to high-five someone as I run past them and Tess and I nailed it. I smiled for the next five minutes, until my body wanted to die again….

Getting back from running one morning (having left with all the kids asleep, minus Tess and Corbin at seminary) and finding kids at the dining room table working hard on their schoolwork.

I love our routine and that they get up and get going.  Not having a baby or toddler really helps this situation a lot.  Obviously, I’m still appreciating this new stage


Getting lucky by having access to some Concord Grapes!  Yes!  Kevin and the little boys harvested them Saturday night and I steamed them into juice on Monday.  In my opinion, this is the best grape juice ever!  Yum!  So worth the work.

12032241_963000043742169_612369639088662800_n 12065618_963000077075499_6919019891358881239_n

Staying home all day on Monday!  I haven’t gotten to do that since we moved here!  It was a beautiful, glorious Fall day and I loved just staying here.

Tess memorizing “The Family:  A Proclamation to the World“!  (It’s loooong!) Go Tess!  She had the choice to memorize it to show the maturity needed to own an iPod.  The best part was she memorized it only for the permission to buy it.  We didn’t even pay for it.  😉  I think she did it in less than a week. Super proud of her!


Kevin and I getting to teach an Institute of Religion class together.  We love the young adults that attend and leave with a little skip in our step after being with them.  It’s really fun to do something like this with Kevin.

Royce playing at a friends house and losing his tooth while wearing vampire teeth.  So funny!







One thought on “Beach, Tess or Tessa?, Teeth, Grape Juice and a German Pancake!!!”

  1. That German pancake!!!! And when do you and Kevin NOT have a little extra spring in your step??? LOVE that you are teaching an Institute class.

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