Addisen is Engaged!!!! Family Reunions, Bryson and Addisen at College, Epic Summer Ends, Soccer!


I’m so sad that it has been another seven weeks since I posted!  I am promising myself to not make this a habit.  😦  I truly prefer to do it once a week so as to make it more real and not just a drive by experience. That said, I can’t believe we made it through the summer and are now loving Autumn in the NW.  As a family, we are in recovery mode after the move and extremely full summer.


Dixon thinking our neighbor, Dennis, is the Dentist.  It’s hysterical to hear him talk about our fabulous neighbor.  “The Dentist is watching Sam (a dog) now.”

Josh Bischoff (one of the previous owners kids) pulling down into our driveway.  I was outside watching the kids swim and asked him if he wanted to come in.  He yelled out, “No, sorry, old habit”.  So cute that he accidentally drove to his old house without thinking about it.

Not being able to explain why this summer was extremely hard.  Kevin and I just decided to label it our “Epic Summer”.  That way we will look back and only think of the great things that happened.  🙂

Writing for our website.  I was actually pretty raw emotionally for the rest of the day.  It’s really interesting to stop and take the time to evaluate life.

Epic fail with Bryson’s car!  Addisen and I met Bryson at our new dentist’s office for their appointments.  As I walked in I passed Bryson’s black Acura and noticed it had some huge dents in it and a hole on one side.  The hubcaps were all missing too.  When he came out (his mouth numb of course), I asked him about his driving and what had happened to his nice car.  It was so funny, because he couldn’t understand what we were talking about and he was slobbering at the same time.  Addy and I were laughing so hard, because it just looked like he was trying to get out of it.  Finally, he jumps up and says he feels like he’s in a dream and he is crazy.  Ha!  He runs outside to see what we are talking about.  I end up following him to show him.  By the time I get there he is on the ground laughing.  I completely mixed up his car with someone else’s Honda.  Whoops!  I felt so badly, but thankfully he was laughing at this point.  This would sum up my summer.  I just kept making mistakes like that….

Getting back from our beach trip and leaving 14 hours later for Utah.  It was crazy (that’s why it’s under the didn’t work part).  We had to unpack and pack up the entire family (minus Corbin, he was packing up for a fishing High Adventure).  Plus we needed to pack up Addisen and Bryson for College.  Two cars packed up later….  We headed out early in the morning.  We were so thankful to make it to Utah quickly and without any problems.

Rain on the day we checked Bryson in to his apartment.

Goodbye picture with Bryson.... :(
Goodbye picture with Bryson…. 😦

Rain is not normally a problem for us northwesterners, but I had set Kevin and the kids up to rock climb with Tyler Taggert (thankfully we still got to have a fantastic lunch with him) while I went with Bryson.  Instead we ALL got to go with him to shop and make everything happen.  It was a bit tense, then we met up with Addy and David on the side of the road (yes literally) to grab her and do some drive by wedding dress shopping.  Oh my, it was not fun for all the kids and Kevin in the car.  Finally, the girls got to come in and watch her try dresses on and she hit the jackpot!  We had a special moment as she found the dress she wanted and it was all worth it.  Not exactly how I had imagined it, but it was easier to try to do it in Utah where the dresses are more modest.  I guess this is sometimes what happens when you have a big family spread out over many states.  Timing can be everything….

Our enormous master bathroom shower getting mildew/mold under the tile.  Not a good smell.  Kevin tore the entire thing out and now we can sleep better.  Hopefully, we’ll get it put back together someday.  🙂

Dixon wanting me to text Addy “I don’t want Addy to get married”.

Our Alabama house still not selling!  We are trying to rent it now.  😦  Stressful to say the least…..


Late nights hanging out on our deck outside our bedroom and looking out over our little valley.  The stars are so bright and we’ve often seen shooting stars.  Love it!

Bryson getting to visit Alabama.  He said it felt like home.  He had such an incredible time!  Thanks to the Ray family for making it happen.

12042754_960438487331658_3449662443225673560_n 11813454_875709439144435_3711784725526112889_n

Getting to visit with Celeste and Dylan McEntee at the airport.  We have been friends since we got married and feel so blessed to get time with them.  This is what life has come to though, to get to see people, we have to meet up as we pass by each other.  It was such an incredible time with them and made our hearts glad.  We stayed up way to late and the restaurant didn’t appreciate us.  Our older kids were calling and asking where we were, but we didn’t even look at our phones.  Love you Celeste and Dylan!

Bryson’s friends staying at our house while he was in Alabama.  First thing they did was accidentally kill a mouse with a trash can.  It was actually very funny…..  It was so great to have nine people sleep here before they helped and participated in the Spartan Race right by our house.  Those crazy young people stayed up until 3:00 in the morning laughing.  Of course, we had to make sure they had “Tuck, Tucks” and laugh with them.  We’re so thankful for incredible young people!

Hanging at the river.  The kids have named a specific park “Crawdad Beach”.   They spend hours luring crawdads in and catching them.  So fun!


Sealings at the temple.  We set up a group of people to go (four couples), but things fell through and we only had two, the Foxes and us (loved getting to be with the Foxes).  We promptly asked the McReynolds to join us and they said yes!  Love them!  Then I realized Bryson could go and be our fourth male.  So perfect!  He had never been to a sealing and it was incredible.  He got to be our “proxy son”.  The unplanned, unexpected special moments in life still amaze me.  I was smiling for days.  Bryson had other people to be with that evening, but he came with us first.  Wow!  The temple blesses our lives in so many ways.  Just being in the right place at the right time for us, seems to always make things work out.


David (Addisen’s then boyfriend, now fiance´) coming to visit to finish the summer off.  The two of them were so happy to be together after a long separation.  David and Kevin had “The Talk” and they came back smiling.  Reports said that David was amazing and made Kevin smile.  🙂

DAVID PROPOSING TO ADDISEN!!!!  We were having the Miller Family Reunion at Neskowin Beach and David took Addy on a walk to Proposal Rock.  🙂  They came back engaged!  The smile on both of their faces will forever be imprinted on my heart.


Since this is my blog, I do have to say that I am happy for them, but wasn’t prepared for the other emotions that come with being a mother.  I tried to just push it all away, but it’s truly thought provoking as the next generation takes stage and creates their own lives.  I love my Addy with all my heart and know David will take good care of her, but I can’t get over that she was just a newborn in my arms.  Thank you Addisen for so many joyful years in our home.  I love watching them work together while planning the wedding.  They bought their first purchase together for their apartment.


We are so happy to have David as part of the family.  🙂  Love you two!

Miller Family Reunion!  We had a great time playing games, skim boarding, climbing Cape Kiwanda (my Dad still made it to the top at 73 years old!), relaxing, eating and laughing.  I need more beach time though!

At the top of Proposal Rock
At the top of Proposal Rock


Proposal Rock

11898642_943670645675109_8185978596345169188_n 11933378_943670569008450_7880718927827993549_n 11914242_943670485675125_6165193491408648146_n 11951991_943670462341794_9008442964647643900_n

Awesome family reunion in Utah for Kevin’s side of the family.  We hiked Brighton Lakes, swam and had a great picnic dinner.  Wonderful people and lots of laughs.  So thankful for everyone that made it happen.

11896093_944701292238711_6453963317108801111_n 11887925_944866525555521_6444439373872796290_n 11225430_944866552222185_8608386927606112371_n 11831706_944866572222183_6435944850460901299_n

Addisen and David getting a ride from Salt Lake City to Rexburg with our good friends the Leders.  We were enjoying BYU’s (Provo) orientation when Dori Leder texted me that she was right behind me.  It was so great to get some fun time with them.

11896021_945773892131451_5466819556022727552_n 11892263_945773862131454_2182314849115818632_n 11933429_945773828798124_6460909971065602214_n

They had an mostly empty Suburban, after dropping their daughter off and were heading to Rexburg that day to visit one of their other daughters.  Wow, what a huge blessing!  They saved us so many hours of driving!  Sad part was not getting to say goodbye to Addy and David.  😦

As we walked to the Leder’s car Kevin wanted to cut through the baseball field.  We couldn’t get through, so Kevin “made us” jump the fence.  Dori and I almost got stuck, but it was worth the hard laughs.  Thankfully, we didn’t get our kids kicked out of BYU before it even started!  Thank you Leders for a great time!!!!

11898613_945773918798115_598172483654286097_n 11907227_945773968798110_4724336328138602696_n

Making it home from Utah in time to turn around a couple hours later and drive with Kevin to Yakima, Washington.  We were speaking together at a home schooling conference the next day.



We had a wonderful time and it was a great way to finish off our Epic Summer.  The kids did great while we were gone and it felt so good to get back and be HOME.  Truly epic for us.

Dad’s birthday lunch, love you Dad.  🙂  It was great to see my Mom and Janine too!


Our garden!  We have inherited an amazing garden that provided more berries than we could keep up with.  We started freezing them and are still loving them.  Our corn and apples turned out perfectly too.  Next year we want to attempt an array of vegetables.


School starting!  Corbin is at Clark Community College (registered at Washougal High School, so he can play tennis and participate in the Drama Department).  Tessa and Merritt are doing Challenge classes at Classical Conversations.  Hadley, Royce and Dixon are doing CC Foundations.  We are in full swing of education and loving it.  I love to get to work with the kids during the day and enjoy watching them educate.

Kevin and Corbin getting to go fishing.  We love living right by rivers and lakes.


Hadley, Royce and Dixon playing soccer!  It has been so fun to watch them!

12042787_960438137331693_4905099396248513704_n 11219116_960438177331689_8436548956174445126_n 12063534_960438197331687_3385157409351758814_n 12047136_960438257331681_523963099829252939_n 12063317_960438233998350_8628257012656908871_n

Boppa Miller playing tennis with Corbin.  He has been a huge help in getting Corbin up to speed as he takes on tennis for the first time.  It’s like getting private lessons.  🙂  Thanks Dad!

11221882_960438003998373_7271717296898808457_n 12063460_960438023998371_8952364774520235979_n 12036494_960438057331701_2926564156421871305_n

Merritt finishing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  The next thing I knew the kids were all dressed up Narnia style and in the woods acting it all out.  So awesome!

Corbin asking a girl to Homecoming.  Yippee for being registered in High School and getting to go to activities, but not attend the school.  🙂


Getting to Face Time with Bryson and Addisen (sometimes David too) each Sunday.  Kevin and I are usually a bit weird by the time we get to the conversation….. We even got to visit with Julianna last Sunday.  We love getting to talk to the kids during the week, but Sunday is a face to face conversation and it’s so good to “see” them.

988429_960438347331672_2826265997411896600_n 12038335_960438370665003_270332117386381032_n

Addisen’s 19th birthday!  Oh, how we love our sweet Charmin!  She amazes us as she progresses in life.  Love you Addy!





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