Head Slash, Mouse Chasing, Foot Fungus, Family Pictures, Girls Camp, Julianna and White Water Rafting!!!!

SEVEN WEEKS!  I don’t think I’ve gone this long between posts.  I guess it’s representative of how crazy life has been during this “Epic Summer”.  Thus, I will keep things short and see what I can remember…..



Finding out a few weeks after Merritt’s birthday that I completely forgot to get her a little beginners make-up.  Uggghhh, it’s a cute tradition to have them wait until 12 to wear any make-up and I spaced it.  I justified it by changing the rules and not letting her wear make up, because I want her to stay naturally beautiful.  🙂

Bryson chasing everyone with a mouse that he caught by the tail.  Not cool Bryson!  I screamed and really freaked out!

Starting over at Classical Conversations Practicum.  It’s hard to be new to an area and be a loner again.  Thankfully, there are wonderful women to listen to and everyone was very kind.

Trek getting cancelled because the temperatures were going to be 116 degrees.  We were extremely sad, but then again it cleared up our schedule.

Replacement Trek Hoedown. :)
Replacement Trek Hoedown. 🙂


Three weeks of incredibly hot weather.  Crazy for the NW.  It has presently cooled down and seems to just bump up here and there.  I am loving the high 70’s, low 80’s weather.

Family calendar time.  This is a necessary evil for all ten of us.  Uggghhh, we have to coordinate each week, but it’s so hard for everyone to focus, be nice and listen.  I finally bought a big calendar (rather than have people always looking in my planner or asking me questions) that we fill in each month/week.  That is helping…..

Tess:  “Mom, I don’t know what I’m going to do if Corbin says there’s fungus growing on my feet one more time!”

Taking five kids to the dentist and the first two had cavities.  I kinda freaked a bit, then the rest made the cavity free club.  I was in a snarky mood and started saying that the cavity free kids were my favorites for the day.  Tess was not smiling but handled it, then I realized Royce was listening and crying.  Epic fail as a Mom day!

Dixon almost drowning at the river.  We were getting ready to leave.  The littles and their friends decided to go back out really fast and race back to us.  We didn’t notice them go behind us.  The next thing I heard was Dixon yelping out, thankfully!  Water is a silent killer, so we were very lucky!  I ran to save him, but slipped on the rocks, by the time I got to him, Royce had jumped off his tube (even though he coundn’t touch and it’s so hard to push someone up) and pushed him back up on the other tube.  He’s our hero!  Dixon did such a good job of getting himself up out of the water long enough to yell out.  I still get shaky thinking about it all.  Sooooo thankful!

Dixon (after watching Bryson make protein drinks):  “Why do you put protein in the pool and why will it help my foot to heal?”  I was just kidding about chlorine helping it heal, but I wanted him to get over it.  🙂

Family pictures!  The pictures worked but getting everyone in the same place, clean, neat hair, matching clothes and listening is a nightmare.  Too many personalities to make it work smoothly….  11834878_10154128909274418_8499874208527338632_o 11223493_10154128905824418_1762610948313453926_o 11782302_10154128909809418_2931698322717054876_o 11836685_935013456540828_2576238538970566524_n  

Corbin splitting his head open on a wakeboard.  Of course, he kept boating for the rest of the day.  When he got home, he needed stitches but we were going white water rafting the next day, so he wanted us to glue it shut and take his chances.  It worked and he is doing great a week later.  Thank you Sharon Bischoff for saving the day!



Getting to take care of other people’s homes while they are on vacation.  It’s so fun to do chickens and collect eggs, etc.

Father’s Day!  Loved getting to celebrate Kevin and his greatness as a father and then go to my parents. I’m so thankful for my Dad!  Love the men in my life! 11828686_936298339745673_7155518576842462376_n 11402696_999914050041368_5072587033646222650_n

Family Home Evening floating down the Washougal River.  So fun and painful.  The river is lower that normal, so we had to walk some of the time on slippery rocks.  We parked our car 3 miles down and only made it one mile in two hours.  Poor Kevin had to run to the car in his sandals for 2 miles.  He saved the day.  We ended with some great cliff jumping!

Merritt’s first temple trip (thanks to the Trek being cancelled we found a 6:30 am appointment that the five oldest could attend).  Very special morning!

11058628_918266151548892_4845763916749947821_n 11219649_918266171548890_501862628258671213_n 11231686_918266204882220_5506569247170505016_n 11138676_918266244882216_8209258159919886176_n 11709630_918266254882215_6568022030146716650_n

Josh McCullough visiting for the day.  Love him!

Setting up our four foot pool!  Saves the day.  I can get things done here while they swim or the olders can go to the river while the littles swim.  Love it!

11412336_919334081442099_5963772533322703547_n 11698517_919334104775430_5899859795721128938_n

Beach day with my parents!  One of the best days I’ve had yet!  The weather was 68 degrees (while it was 99 degrees in Portland).  The beauty was breathtaking and I loved the time with my parents and kids.  Can’t wait to go again…..

11667538_919333954775445_2886952382209825367_n 11659476_919333901442117_452537140608415268_n 11168389_919333998108774_8385228502398008037_n 11698413_919334038108770_8526849532980998227_n

Setting a glass vase, with water and flowers on the entryway table.  I know this sounds silly, but I haven’t put flowers down lower than counter height for 20 years.  Littles would always knock them over and it wasn’t worth it.  This is a huge step in my life and I’m super excited to keep doing it.  True freedom!  🙂

11692543_919334121442095_5596105636808930810_n 20091_919334138108760_7903827830444258563_n

Royce’s prayers:  “Please bless Elder Perry and President Packer to have a good time in Heaven together.”  These men are two apostles that died within weeks of each other last month.

Hiking Oneonta Falls!  It’s a mini gorge with a waterfall/pool at the end.  We swam in it over and over.  So elating!!!

11665664_924068754301965_3991887582627418415_n 11737990_924068807635293_1313312319236035805_n 11231327_924068877635286_6160162258998794633_n 11694748_924068914301949_692596247352424723_n 11048642_924068997635274_8467129192670013603_n

Gun shooting on the Fourth of July!  Loved having friends over to shoot on our land.  Then having a great night with food, friends and fireworks.

Blueberry Buckle! :)
Blueberry Buckle! 🙂

11011179_924069270968580_4937963721779853772_n 11692769_924069307635243_2380937626046524769_n

Getting our Suburban back after a month in the body shop.  I LOVE OUR SUBURBAN!


Dixon playing Marco Polo  “Marco, pillow”.

Visiting with long time friends.  Warms my heart and fills my soul.  Some things only get better with time.


Merritt cleaning the entire house to help pay for girls camp.  Perfect timing before Julianna came to visit.  Great job Merritt!

Kevin visiting Alabama friends!  So great!

11666303_924069460968561_3050068826961402815_n 11666135_924069497635224_2938386138599270601_n

Julianna Darby visiting from Alabama!  We loved our week with her.  She is a true joy to have around and was up for anything.  She really wanted to conquer the NW.  Love and miss you Julianna!

11737972_924295414279299_2693110246291405120_n 11692724_924775770897930_8490188967213601288_n 11665522_924775504231290_3293696227746466467_n11228532_10203233840525476_5756183618893799058_o 10603876_10203233842205518_1709138690366931990_o

Pioneer Day celebration.  We had so much fun at all the activities, even the tug-o-war that ended in a snapped rope and major rope burns.  So fun!

Getting to help with dinner at the Young Single Adult Regional Conference.


Girls Camp!  I got to be the ward cook.  It was held at Camp Nisqually in Olympia.

11745830_931010936941080_7463972115104582768_n 11781600_931011053607735_55572232361866693_n11707704_10207059481788434_423048429508133684_o11779897_10153099619436849_3259150163994750144_o

So beautiful in a forest of trees.  I loved getting to spend time with the fabulous girls and leaders while feeling the Spirit.  The dirt was not my favorite part and it felt so good to get home and shower.  I’m thankful for all the fabulous women that put time into making camp happen.  It couldn’t have been done better.  The perfect ending was getting to meet two sister missionaries from Bryson’s mission.  They spoke in the morning and then camp to my camping spot.  Loved them!


Kevin enjoying his time with the kids while I was at camp.  He took them down to the river.

11703476_10154095165339418_5826997083763237552_o 11782480_10154095165709418_278989339319981955_o 11731686_10154095165569418_121354446074216081_o 11728772_10154095165794418_8232609075849636280_o 11070092_10154095165399418_1251981506108222777_o


Starting a webpage for families.  We’re having each of the older kids write their opinions on specific topics.  It has been fun to see what they think.  🙂  http://pursuinghappiness.us/

Bryson’s mission friends and families visiting.  We love having people stay with us as they pass through.


White water rafting with the Kingsburys (from Bryson’s mission).  Oh how fun!  I was like a giddy little girl when we got to jump in and float down through the rapids.  I could have kept doing it all day.  So happy!  The 104 degree day was perfect.  Also, being completely disconnected for six hours was liberating.  Thank you Kingsburys for making it happen, you’re a blast to be with!  11012852_934144569961050_1099664562867346497_n

Getting to go to the Due West/Nashville Tribute Band Concert.  Kevin ended up out of town, but we had a blast!  We LOVE their music and thoroughly enjoyed their entertaining personalities.

11222966_933391883369652_4145250638483065053_n 11811512_933391946702979_5294842539333820765_n

Taking the kids to the temple to see the outside and feel the special spirit.  The other day I realized that the three younger kids hadn’t been to the Portland Temple yet.  So we went on our way to Nana and Boppa’s house.  Loved it!  🙂


Reptile man at the library!  Awesome!

11846664_936290956413078_625258644407919125_n 11825009_936290913079749_1155172763874061102_n 11013039_936290796413094_8366393197913390386_n 11222120_936290756413098_2760720128278269829_n 11800447_936290936413080_7530472059880421670_n

Favorite picture of Addisen and David.











2 thoughts on “Head Slash, Mouse Chasing, Foot Fungus, Family Pictures, Girls Camp, Julianna and White Water Rafting!!!!”

  1. MOST awesome family photos ever!!! In fact… most awesome family ever!!! I was sad to read that you were at Due West concert. I was too- but we missed each other! I do LOVE their music. Bought two CD’s and have been listening to them over and over.

    We WILL connect sooner or later!

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