Merritt Turns 12, Visit to Bryson’s Mission, Bloody Head, Flooding, Swimming, Lucy, Green Eggs and Bacon!!!!



Twisting my ankle during basketball!  Uggghhh!  I have never come close to doing anything to my ankle in all the sports I have played.  I guess running shoes are not going to cut it for adult basketball.  One of the ladies told me to go in stronger, so I thought I’d try it.  I came down on someone’s foot.  Last time I throw myself into the crowd under the basket.

Taking kids to a new doctor one at a time.  Uggghhh!  On the third appointment the doctor noticed there were still three kids to go and asked if I wanted to combine them (the computer won’t let us do it without his approval).  I almost cried happy tears!  He is a great doctor and we’re excited to have him close by.  Dr. Miller got to know the Jones humor quickly and was probably wondering what he was getting into, while I was shaking my head.  On the last kid he said he didn’t even ask about our screen time usage because of all the bruises and scratches on the kids legs.  Ha!  They each said their favorite thing to do is fish and read.

Washing machine back hose dislodging itself and slapping water all over the floor, which happens to be a wood floor, on the top level,  without a drain.  Thankfully, we were home and caught it.  It still soaked through the ceiling down two floors.  Fans were our friend and it’s all dried up.  We used every old towel that we own and it took the entire next day to wash them (after we got a new hose and clamp!).  Water inside our house is not our friend!  We’ll be installing a drain soon.  😦

Two weeks without a regular date night!  😦  We decided to slide one in on a Tuesday night.  It worked out perfectly and made the week go by so quickly.

LOUD bullfrogs in the pond!  It keeps us awake at night.  When Corbin saw little eggs laid in the water, he scooped them up and put them in the stream to go to the Washougal River.  He knew their potential….  We even bought a net to catch them and get rid of them!  Corbin caught one, but there are more to get rid of.  We do appreciate the frogs eating the misquotes though.   🙂

Not being capable of getting out of my chair after dinner, for two hours!  We ate on the deck (which we are doing just about every night now) and it was so beautiful I couldn’t get up.  I was calling to the kids to bring me what I needed.  This is a real problem!  I actually should be taking care of my kids.



Royce:  “I’m not getting married when I grow up.”  My thought immediately went to how we have probably been a bad example to him.  I calmly asked him why and he said “I can’t, I’m too picky of an eater and ‘she’ will cook things for me that I won’t like”.  At least it wasn’t our bad example….  Hmmmm….

Dixon:  “Is Lucy here, I can’t ever find her?”  We affectionately named the tiny little Toyota we are borrowing for the summer “Lucy”.  We talk about her often.  When he asked this, we realized he had no idea it was the car and thought it was someone in the house that he couldn’t find.  I LOVE FOUR YEAR OLDS!  🙂

Royce catching a fishing hook on the back of his head.  😦  Thankfully, it looked worse than it was.  It ended up just a little hole….




Getting to go to the temple alone during the week. Kevin getting to go with the youth, Bryson and Addisen on Saturday.  Fabulous!




Bryson said “I decided that since we all keep taking the same wonderful pictures of the temple, I am making it a competition for the next year to see who can get the best one.  I just won the last years with this picture.


Season two starts now!”

Addisen added this picture of the Orlando Temple. I decided you get extra points if you visit other temples.
Addisen added this picture of the Orlando Temple. I decided you get extra points if you visit other temples.

Picking up Kevin at the airport with the kids.  The timing worked out perfectly and we were so happy to have him back from Alabama.  🙂


Washougal River rope swing swimming hole (two minutes from our house)

Across the pool of water is the rope swing. I'm sitting across from them with the little boys.
Across the pool of water is the rope swing. I’m sitting across from them with the little boys.
This is Bryson and Dixon, but I realized it could be Corbin and Royce and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Thankfully, I took the picture. :)
This is Bryson and Dixon, but I realized it could be Corbin and Royce and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Columbia River Cotton Beach (10 minutes away)

Friends swimming pool!  We can’t get enough of all the outdoor water.  Dixon cried today when I told him we needed to take a break (the older kids still went with Bryson down to the river, after he was done with work).

Eating dinner and watching stunning hawks and Bald Eagles flying above.  I can’t get over the cool breezes that blow through our house, blue skies and sounds of the river.  I had to pinch myself today to check if I was dreaming or not.

Dixon:  “I read Green Eggs and Bacon” (instead of ham).  So funny!

S’mores night, games and guitar.  Minus the allergies, it was a perfect night!

Kevin and I getting to go to meetings together for our callings in the church.  We make a date of it and get ice cream.  Loving it!

Family Home Evening at a friends house.  It was so fun and nice to visit.  The kids had a blast too!

Addisen getting to fly to Florida for a week to visit David and his family!!!  They got to spend three days in Disney World!  So jealous, but super happy for them.  🙂

19398_912594445449396_1513253859644167643_n 11537701_912594415449399_8733042611497750196_n10409071_912594375449403_8219952522527469254_n

Merritt turning 12!  Kevin and I have real issues with this.  We have tried to do everything we can to keep her little, but she won’t.  Love our Merri Merritt, she warms our heart, makes us smile and is beautiful inside and out.  She earned her Faith in God award and is a Beehive now.  So proud of her.  🙂



Going to the zoo for Merritt’s birthday.  Nana and Fabulous Aunt Pat joined us and it was perfect!  We even got to go on the train.  🙂

11535913_909532642422243_3811606761478648600_n11391093_909532605755580_4705676959077085027_n  1544518_909532689088905_7411848658267001373_n

Visiting Bryson’s mission in Tacoma, Washington.  We were so busy right up to leaving that I wasn’t sure I would actually get to go.  But go I did!  We hopped in the car after 9:00 pm on Friday night and stay up until 3:00 am visiting and laughing with the Ripleys (I decided Bryson was trying to kill us old folks off).  Bryson had planned the entire weekend out and it was so fun to have him directing us everywhere.  We went from house to house meeting fantastic people that love our Elder Jonesie/Bama/WashaBama.  It was beyond my dreams and expectations.  We even got to go on a sail boat with the Jacob family.  Words can’t describe the beauty of the Puget Sound and great people.  The Beans hosted us the second night and we had so much fun finally getting to meet them.  These fabulous families sent me many updates on Bryson over his two years.  I will be forever indebted to them.  Pay it forward is the only way I can.  Thank you everyone for all the meals and love!   I can’t post all the pictures, but here are some.  FB has more.

Pres. and Sis. Batter :)
Pres. and Sis. Blatter 🙂
Bryson Baptized Doug. 🙂


Sis. Copeland
Sis. Copeland
Willis Family!
Shane’s barbecue!

Bischoff family taking Addisen to the airport for us and inviting the six remaining kids over for Sunday dinner.  Talk about a huge blessing.  How many people can say that the previous owners of their home, now live close by and are amazing friends.  We are truly blessed!  Thank you Bishcoffs!

Corbin getting to work nine hours for the Camas Pool on Saturday. There was a fun festival going on and he got to enjoy tons of people.

My Lilly plant opening.  The Relief Society President brought me this plant when we first moved here and it finally bloomed.  Our main floor smells sensational!  Thank you Sis. Kinsey!

We have to keep it in the corner of the window so it can stand up. :)
We have to keep it in the corner of the window so it can stand up. 🙂


Dixon swimming like a champ.  Last summer he was still having a hard time taking a breathe mid-stroke.  Somehow he remembered and actually improved over the winter.  He was all over that swimming pool.  Kind of freaking me out….

Accidentally listening to a song more closely and loving it.  The boys has played it for me before, but I never heard the words clearly.  The other day as we drove around in the beautiful weather with the windows down, we learned all the words and fell in love with it.  It’s actually an older song, but new to some of us.  We change wine to lemonade and coffee to milk to match our life.  

Bryson tucking the boys in and telling them stories.  These cute little guys love the older kids so much!


Dixon creating a new way to pray.  We all went to kneel down while Dixon stayed on his back with his legs kneeling in the air.  We told him to kneel down and he said “I am, I’m kneeling up”.  We all laughed and joined in for a “kneeling up prayer”.  Please never grow up Dixon!  🙂

Awesome coincidence!  We had some people over for a barbecue.  We had been introduced through friends, but didn’t know each other that well yet.  We started talking about two awesome missionaries in Alabama that came back and stayed with us.  We put two and two together and realized that it was her niece and they had just attended their wedding!!!  So amazing.  Now to get Seth and Jessica Burdette to come visit both of us….  🙂







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