Bryson’s Home, Corbin is 17, Car Accidents, Fishing, Family and Friends!


And I thought I would get back to writing every week…..  It’s been five weeks!  Hopefully, I’ll do better.  We are back to ten people in the house and it’s wonderful on so many levels, but since this is a blog of non-perfections, but still finding the joy, you’ll see that there are things that are very trying too.  I can’t include the real, juicy details on some things because this is public and I still have to be fair to others around me (still wishing I could have that private, yet public blog that I can write everything).  🙂



My Mom acting out “Baby Boom” during a Cranium game.  She told us she would hunt us down if we put it on FB.  I told her she wouldn’t know if we did because she doesn’t even have one.  She preceded to tell me “Yes, I will know, my friends come running up to me the next day telling me all about it.”  Ha!

Dixon confused on where we live.  Easter day I brought my pajamas to play games at my parents house and Dixon asked me if we were going to live at Nana and Boppa’s house now.  I said “No, Dixon we live at the house with the zip line”.  He then asked “Then why are you in your PJ’s?”.

Seven and a half acres getting the best of us.  We happen to move in at the fastest growing time of the year and we have know idea what we are doing.  We have times when we get completely distracted and then can’t catch up.  Maybe in three years we’ll figure this out…..  We have a machete now….

Letting the kids make the chore chart because I didn’t have time and we needed to get organized.  This actually worked really well, minus the handwriting on the wall!!!


Our Alabama house still not selling!  Uggghhh!  We just put new appliances in and painted more rooms.

Two silver and one white car!  Personally, I do everything I can to not purchase white and silver cars, but somehow we just keep collecting them.  It’s just not my personality, I want red or a cool blue.  Most importantly, I am thankful we have four working cars and for incredible people letting us borrow one for the summer!


Whoops, spoke to soon.  We have four working cars, but Bryson got in an accident with my precious Suburban!!!!  I am thankful he and the other person are safe, but I can’t even tell you how much time it is taking to deal with this.  Such is life….

Dixon thinking the kids on the Wee Sing CD are different people he knows.  “Mom, is that me singing my ABC’s?  I know you videoed me and put it on there, you are so sneaky.”  Then he thought the next song was Royce.

My kids being as addicted to York Peppermints as me.

Someone teaching me that there is an “other” choice in the messages portion on Facebook (I am obviously not very technically savvy).  I had a wonderful time reading messages from the last couple years that were so sweet and loving. I felt horrible that I hadn’t responded to these people.

Sunny days!  You may ask why this would be something that doesn’t work…..  I love them so much that I can’t get the needed things done.  It’s almost as if the incredible weather and beauty pull me outside, my body starts to relax and I can’t get anything done.  The rain this week really helped me finally get organized again.  We did love running down to the river and floating in the water (I was sitting in my chair watching them not floating).



Bryson getting released as a missionary.  This was really hard to watch.  He did everything he could to delay it, but inevitably he had to meet with the Stake President.

Spending three days shopping to get Bryson set up in the real world.  He wasn’t very excited to dive in, but eventually he had to, so he could function.  I have a huge distaste for shopping, but we did it.  I realized that not only do we get our missionaries ready to go on a mission, but all that was purchased before hand is worn out and disgusting when they return, so they need to start over again.  Bryson had a hard time making decisions and really wanted me tell him what to do.  I wouldn’t choose for him because he needed to figure it out and own it, but I did help narrow his choices down.  Sooooo glad that is over…..

Dealing with Bryson’s recent car accident.  Oh so time consuming.  I think I’ll lock all the drivers in the basement for the summer so there won’t be any more accidents….. JK


Bryson coming home off his two year mission!!!  It was everything I always dreamed it would be and more.  The more doesn’t mean all good things.  🙂  There are things that I didn’t expect to navigate,  I’m still learning everyday.  10411962_10153887472414418_692087526631385360_n 11243811_10153887472284418_1988562116194473929_n


11264827_10153887471894418_7670472963807385291_n11390038_902607373114770_1576868907242014005_n 11150537_902607423114765_4963620922999008840_n 10431562_902607446448096_9039637952535935543_n

Bryson getting to speak in Sacrament Meeting and people visiting/attending.  We LOVED getting to visit with so many loved ones.  By the end of the day, Kevin and I had huge smiles on our faces as we were so filled up by everyone and the wonderful spirit that attended.

Bryson’s first day back he would stand up all of a sudden and not know what to do.  This was on his first day home and he kept feeling like it was time to go somewhere.  We were cracking up.  He has adjusted now and has a hard time getting going now.  🙂

Going to the temple with Bryson!  This was truly a treat to get to be there with him.  We loved our entire evening with this great return missionary.


11036982_895673473808160_2540778333654523101_n 11269467_895673497141491_3521868816103261586_n

Corbin getting a lifeguard job in Camas!!!  Addisen getting a job at Nordstrom’s Warehouse!!!!  Bryson getting a job at Gold-Hill Nursery!!!  So glad they are all working, but this makes it crazy for our household with five drivers and four cars.  We have to do some major calendaring each week.

Kevin and I getting to go on the Trek with Corbin and Tessa.  We are so excited!  I also get to go to Girls camp and cook for the 1st-3rd year girls for our ward.  Kevin and I also got called as YSA Advisors and Ward Missionaries.  We’re super excited for all these great adventures.

Getting to have people over to visit.  We love getting to see our dear friends and their fabulous kids.  We still aren’t fully unpacked and set up, but it’s more fun to see people.  I can get bookshelves when it’s raining in the Winter.


11012586_902606946448146_6546039651704061363_n11009350_902607066448134_6586647715953931334_n14425_902607483114759_7685065429232036901_n 11391309_902607539781420_124736794943740178_n 1625488_902607566448084_7326585658518809346_n

Jessica Nelson's wedding reception with the Kings. :)
Jessica Nelson’s wedding reception with the Kings. 🙂

Corbin getting to sign up for Running Start through the local High School.  They pay for him to go to the Community College!!!  Yes!

Addisen getting to room with Kaitlyn Hull next year at BYU-I!!!  I think I’m as excited as Addisen.

Corbin and Tess getting to go hear Corbin Allred speak at a fabulous Youth Conference.  They loved his stories and inspiration.

Tess getting to finish her last five weeks of Classical Conversations in Camas.  She worked hard and did great, even though we weren’t very organized.  We’re super proud of her!

Kids fishing all the time!  It’s so fun as they catch their first fish.

11109688_902607079781466_9028195625292463100_n 11391309_902607169781457_9220612526053249315_n 11012595_902607266448114_5553984708001990654_n 11391461_902607596448081_3227467960228328027_n

Planting the garden.  We threw some seeds in and are hoping for the best.  Maybe next year we’ll have a little more time to prepare and do it correctly.  Still, it was fun to work as a family down in the garden.

Dinner over at other great families homes.  There are so many great people and children.  We are in awe at how sweet they are to have all ten of us over.


Facebook tagged Corbin and Addisen as me!!!!!  This is a huge miracle.  The kids all look like Kevin, but maybe I have a few genes in there.  🙂  Of course, I believe everything on FB….

The kids and I getting to watch a momma bird teach her baby bird to fly.

Dixon playing “Farm”.  I spent hours of my childhood playing with “People” (Fisher-Price).  I loved sitting there listening to his imagination.

Getting to go to a Relief Society birthday dinner.  Sis. Kinsley’s home was beautiful and the food was delicious.  She has the ladies with birthdays in that month attend.  My birthday was in January, so she let me come with the May group.  What a treat!

Getting to play basketball each Thursday night with other ladies.  IT IS SO FUN!  I get to fly (if that is what I can call it, it probably doesn’t look that way) on the court.  The other ladies are great and so fun.

Corbin turning 17!!!  I can’t believe he is this old.  I love his great smile and how funny he is.  He dives into so many things and figures them out on his own.  I love to watch his mind work.  He has a light that radiates from him and he makes me smile.   Love you Corb!


Tucking my little boys in.  I LOVE getting to snuggle, read and sing with them.  They are all clean from a shower and so sweet.  I really wish I could just freeze them at this age.


Dougan Falls!  We drove up the road 20 minutes to beautiful pools of river water.  Loved it!  10346184_902607303114777_6733247990355020798_n  11168765_902607326448108_3578158070886456606_n

We also got to go hiking on Memorial Day and see Bonneville Dam from above.  So cool! 11257740_899390530103121_6571325489110625301_n 11295758_10153930851849418_1437081593486377198_n 11377283_10153930852714418_545162694053805264_n

Getting to go back to our Farmington Ward for the Gold’s baby blessing.  We loved getting to see that wonderful family gather and bless their baby.  Along with all the wonderful hugs as we saw people.  We missed the part of the ward that moved over and moved on.  😦


Getting to watch Frozen with Bryson for the first time.



Boppa taking Merritt and Hadley to the Father/Daughter Pirate Party at Activity Days.  Thank you Dad for saving the day and being the cutest pirate!


Kevin getting visit a few people as he works back in Alabama.  Love us some Cowans…

11400991_903764042999103_4606828809278492909_n (1)




2 thoughts on “Bryson’s Home, Corbin is 17, Car Accidents, Fishing, Family and Friends!”

  1. I love y’all so much! I think I’m more excited to be rooming with Addy than both of you combined 🙂 I’m glad all is well!!

  2. Loved this Kelly! Read it while sitting in a crowded gym waiting for Ryan’s graduation to start. Made the time fly by with a smile on my face. J you are simply the best of the best.

    I look forward to life slowing down (HAHAHAHAHHA) and catching up. That river looks FABULOUS!

    I think our boys saw each other briefly at Gold’s nursery. Daniel did a little work for them before heading off to Provo (today!) Can’t wait to compare notes on RM’s.

    Love to you,


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