Hadley, Bryson and Tessa’s Birthdays, Feeling Loved, Moving, New House, We’re Home!!!!! :)

Finally!!!  I know we moved across the country, but I’ve been needing to get a blog post down for a long time.  At least it’s only been since March 5th….. I’m going to try to get back to my weekly post, so as to be more real.  I don’t like this summary type of post that I’ll have to do this time.  Please know there are a million other things that I could write, but I stopped writing things down the week before we left Alabama.  I’ll just use my pictures on my phone to trigger my memory.  🙂  Also, please remember I am not a writer, I only do this because it is worth it and it feels right.  🙂  Here it goes……


Getting up from a kneeling position after family prayer and Dixon accidentally shoving his finger into my eyeball.  It threw me for a loop!  I was in so much pain I had to lay down, then I ended up with a little black eye and blood in my eyeball.  Not helpful as we were about to move.


Royce’s tooth fairy being delayed.  We told him sometimes that happens.  He kept telling us about all the kids he knows that get $5.00 for their teeth.  We kept telling him how hard our tooth fairy works and that she has very little money.  🙂  He ended up losing both front teeth right before we moved and looked so cute!



Having a melt down with all the stress before we moved and crying to my parents.  I still find it amazing that sometimes I need my parents to say everything will be ok.

Paying a million dollars to make sure our tires were perfect on the Suburban for our trip across the country.  Not really, but it felt like it by the time they were done….

Realizing how I had changed history in my head.  When Kevin found the old video camera and we watched it, I was exhausted just watching the older five kids (when they were little) move around so much.  I had remembered them being so good.  NOT!  They were doing cartwheels with lollipops in their mouths and  constantly running everywhere.  It was so good to eat some humble pie and have a good reality check.  Maybe my made up memories help me have a happier life though….

Kevin going around the house to check on sleeping children before we went to bed.  That is the normal part, the bad part was the scary batman voice he was using.  He cracked me up, but the kids were all waking up….

Starving the dog!  Seriously!  Every night before the move, Kevin and I would get in bed and say that this move was bigger than us.  We really weren’t sure if we could pull it off.  We were sooooo exhausted each night.  I started saying to Kevin that I was worried I was forgetting important things.  We had to move Bentley’s food and water in the broom closet for an open house.  FIVE DAYS LATER I was noticing that the kids were all doing fabulous (which was odd timing, but I’ll take it), but Bentley was behaving horribly.  She was jumping on the table and eating our food, begging  and being weird.  Finally, it dawned on me that her bowls hadn’t been in their spot.  Duh!  I quickly got them out and felt so badly.  Tessa told me she had noticed Bentley had been drinking out of the toilets.  Poor doggy!  I knew I was forgetting something.

Moving a family across America.  This didn’t work, but did in the end.  I don’t recommend it to anyone with a lot of kids.  It was not fun and I really like fun!  We are so happy now, but I had to keep reminding myself that at least we were all healthy and this stress was for a good reason.

Kevin going back to Alabama for a week of work.  It was hard to let him go, but we did well and we’ll have to get used to it.  🙂


People!  Just wonderful people.  I can’t post all the pictures, but here are a few….









Getting to go to the temple with friends for the last time before we left Alabama.  It was fabulous!  Love you Ricks!

Getting to go to the temple in Portland more often!  The kids can call and make an appointment to go whenever they want too.  So neat!

Merritt getting to get her ears pierced BEFORE she turned 12.  She and Ansley had talked about doing it together this summer, but since the move was about to happen, the two of them schemed and worked their magic on us parents.  The next thing we knew we were at the mall and the girls were soooo happy.




Dinner with different special friends before we moved.  Thank you to everyone that filled our stomachs and our hearts.  People coming over to clean and load our home in Alabama.  We would have never been able to do it without you!  You truly were an indescribable blessing to our family.  I get tears when I think about it.  THANK YOU!!!

Getting to do a group Classical Conversations presentation during their church (at the location where we had our classes) .  It was such an incredible experience for the kids and me.  We loved the sweet people and experiencing another way to worship.  We had to sneak out and jump in our car to barely make it in time for our church.  It turned out to be perfect.  We were able to discuss the differences as a family.  So thankful!

Corbin and Kevin speaking in church before we left (Corbin ended up speaking in our new ward in Washington too).  I can’t help but smile when anyone in our family is speaking.  My mouth hurts by the end.  Love them!

Kevin finding our old video camera.  We had taken footage starting at  Bryson’s birth and ending with Royce’s.  The last two weeks before we moved the kids sat on the couch and watched all the videos and had such a great time.  We kept getting babies mixed up, but we’d just wait until the other kids came to the hospital and then we could tell which baby it was.  🙂

Getting to have dinner with the people Kevin served with at church.  It was such a special, yummy food night.  The love filled us right up before we hit the road.  Kevin and I have been so thankful for everything he got to experience and learn at these great men’s feet.

Cooper Corless wearing a new suit to church.  He matched our little boys.  🙂  11201175_887847624590745_7620198571671249879_n

The Darby’s!  There is no way to describe the love and support our fantastic neighbors gave us.  Julianna kept taking the kids out to different places and coming over to love us.  We miss you!!!



Awesome, fun, perfect, great, sweet, loving going away party!  Thank you Laura Cazier and Felicia Borden for sending us off filled up with so much love!  Thank you for everyone that took the time to come on a precious Friday night.  I really will write thank you notes this week.  🙂  We miss you all dearly.

Getting to spend the night at our wonderful neighbors house on our last night.

Neighbors and friends coming to send us off as we drove away.  More wonderful people.


Kids getting to spend the night at different houses on the last night (this was huge for them, considering we don’t do overnights).  Thank you everybody!

Both cars making it across the country!  This is huge, considering we didn’t prepare the Volvo for the trip.  We were going to tow it, but the night before we left we found out Volvos don’t tow very well.  Corbin drove the Volvo all but two hours of the way.  He did a fantastic job!  I drove the Suburban most of the way and Kevin worked in the car.  We were exhausted, but plowed our way through four days of driving.  Addisen met us in Burley, Idaho with her friends.  It still all seems like a dream.

Staying at my parents for a week!  They were wonderful to us.  My Mom made us homemade meals and helped us recover.  They were both so helpful and the kids LOVED their house.  Thank you Mom and Dad!




Please don't mind Hadley on this great Easter day, she says she was just being "proper".  :)
Please don’t mind Hadley on this great Easter day, she says she was just being “proper”. 🙂

Getting to be back in the Pacific NW.  This is a dream come true for us.  We love the beauty, air and smells.  We just can’t contain ourselves.

Closing on the house and moving in.  Thankfully, we got to recover a bit at my parents.  We barely had enough energy to unload everything and start to unpack enough to live.  We pretty much only have bookshelves left and pictures on the walls.

Hiking, swimming in the river, parks, zip line, people visiting, dinner at people’s homes, figuring out the new house and land (and falling in love with it) and getting to know our new area.  WE LOVE IT!  Kevin and I seriously just start smiling at each other and don’t even have to say anything to know we are living our dream and thinking about how happy we are.  Even with all the stress, it’s great.










Picking up Addisen from BYU-I.  I wasn’t so happy about having to drive back from where I had just come, but that was one of the reasons we moved back to the west.  Also, it was completely worth getting our Addy.  🙂  We brought her boyfriend, David, back with us for a week.  He is fantastic and fit right in with our crazy little family.  Of course, I wasn’t at my best as I was on the computer and phone a lot, getting things going here.  They went hiking in the Gorge, to the beach, the temple, Rose Gardens and Powells.  Fun for them!




Our ward!  We love it!  We think it’s a little hidden gem of a ward up here.  The members are extremely kind and we couldn’t be more thankful.  Our freezer was full of meals when we moved in (our home was owned by members of the ward before us).  The Relief Society cleaned the house top to bottom and we got to paint before we officially closed on the house.  This little town of Washougal is mesmerizing and we love our little valley over the hill (it would be a mountain in Alabama).  🙂


It was a polka dot kinda Sunday.
It was a polka dot kinda Sunday.

Corbin getting to go to Mormon Prom with Hailey Dewey.  We were so excited to see how well Corbin can clean up!  Our mouths all dropped open.  He made us laugh by telling us that he had to spend all day on himself to look like that.   We have been friends with the Dewey’s for over 14 years, so it was a great experience for us.  Hailey looked beautiful and Dave looked awesomely cool with his gun.




Addisen working hard to find a summer job.  She has hit the pavement and looked really hard this past week.  Hopefully, things will work out soon.  🙂

ELDER K. BRYSON JONES GETTING HOME FROM HIS MISSION IN TWO WEEKS AND TWO DAYS!!!!  We are in shock and so excited for May 13th.   We’re all starting to prepare and get ready.  It’ll be sad to have his mission end, but so good to have that boy home (wait he’s probably a man now).  😉


Thanks to a new friend in our Washougal ward, we got a jumpstart on Elder Jones signs.  :)
Thanks to a new friend in our Washougal ward, we got a jumpstart on Elder Jones signs. 🙂

Hadley turning 10, Bryson turing 20 and Tessa turning 14 all within a week and a half!  I love birthdays because I get to say yes to everything they ask for AND completely single them out.  Love my kiddies.  You three are all so different and are the joys of my life.  Thank you for coming to our family and fulfilling a special spot.  I love you with every fiber of my being.









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  1. Moving is sometimes the hardest work of all. Glad you are back in you beloved northwest. Your mom and dad must be super happy. Hugs to all, don’t forget to feed Bentley! Love, Aunt Peggy

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