Transfers, Praying, Turnarounds, Scott Huskey and Faith is Hard – Bryson on His Mission, Week 91 & 92


February 23, 2015

Tuesday was good. A good Transfer meeting. So sad to see Elder Rich go. I really loved him so much! A lot of my best friends left this time.   SAD  😦

We got a bunch of free hershey kisses, and Elder Hendricks runs up to our neighbors and says, want some free kisses?  It was funny. Then he realized what happened and showed them the candy. Good laughs!

Our whole mission prays at 9:50, and it is really cool to see everyone’s alarm go off at zone conference and everyone drop to their knees and pray together.

As a mission we try to get 20 OYMs, Open Your Mouths, and it’s really hard here.  We took two hours one day and went downtown and tried, and got it! That’s a big deal to us.  W**** was going into rehab, but really open and excited about the BoM. Hopefully he will get back to us someday.

There is the B*****s, they are a less active family who we tried working with. The unbaptized daughter said she will never ever go to church or be baptized. But we have been going over and just getting to know them, and it worked!! The mom started asking questions about Jesus’ life and we had a really good conversation about Jesus.  The daughter said she would read the BoM. I didn’t believe her, but I told her we would come over the next day if she read. She said she did so we came over, expecting to leave because she didn’t read, but she did!!! Last week she would have never touched it. She says she won’t go to church, but we know she will eventually. We gave her a chapter, and she asked if she can mark in it. YESSSSSSS!!! I am so happy! We have solid investigators. So happy.

I was thinking about numbers and how they are important. But I realized, those times when I would get 35 lessons, were nothing.  I don’t look back at my mission and see those times. I forget those easily. But I do remember my converts. It’s not all the lessons that change me, it’s not all the church tours, but it is the people that I have taught and the members I have loved. They are what make up my mission. They are who I will never forget.  🙂 Not the numbers.

Love you. I don’t think this sent. Talking to president and I needed to get on to see the endorsement thing. He is saying that it will be sent to him and he will keep an eye out, but it happens on its own? I didn’t see it on mybyu.

Love you!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.15.17 PM

March 2, 2015

Walked into Church, and from the foyer I see a guy who obviously wasn’t from around here. I recognized him as Scott Huskey, but he didn’t realize who I was (I think). I am actually really impressed that I remembered him that quickly after so many years. I went around, said “Hi” to everyone, played piano for a sec, then met him.   🙂 That was pretty cool.  His wife is the Riley’s daughter.  Awesome!! He is a good guy.  It was so good to see him.

Teaching the B***** family is going way better. The mom is asking lots of questions, and remembering a lot of stuff from when she was a kid.  The kids who were anti at first, are reading and taking notes on the Book of Mormon, and participating a lot. Tonight we are going over to do a FHE and we are bringing a pizza, a game, and we will have a lesson and prayers, maybe even a family council (Issues with Tissues, Bryson won’t put the seat down!!)  Every time we go over, the teenagers have friends over, we have included them in our lessons, and given Book of Mormons to three of them. I love this, when you get into a home, and become part of it, you can effect the other people that are in their life because you are part of the family.  🙂

Diane, the mom, said something that made me think. Hendricks was talking about faith, and she said “Faith is hard for me.”  I started talking with her, and I realized how faith is easy for someone who has it already. It is the basic, easiest thing, and it is the simple first block on which we build all the other hard stuff on. Hard for someone with faith might be giving your life for the faith. But that’s just what gaining faith is to someone who doesn’t already have it. For someone who lacks faith, they might have a desire to have faith, but a broken heart and contrite spirit can be hard for them to conjure. It is that way with her. I never really thought something so easy and small to me could be huge like that for someone else. Anyway, our next challenge with them is Church!!!! Pray that the family will come to church!!!

We did exchanges.  It was good. Stayed up way late talking to Elder Lupton. It was nice.

We have been finding a few more potentials, and one or two are kind of solid.  I am excited. 🙂

Ate at Bishops, and he told me I am from Washabama. Haha:) He is really funny. I love him. We laugh a lot.

IDK if I said this before, but a member was telling us how cops, veterans and nurses all have twisted humor because they are around so much blood and gore all the time.  Same with us, but with gospel stuff. All my jokes are gospel centered, and jokes between missionaries are about some random deep doctrine or some crazy church history event. 🙂 I will sound so weird when I get home.


Love you so much. The new house makes me so giddy. You do to.  I am praying for y’all a lot! Thanks for the prayers for me too.


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