Royce Turns 7, Knee Armpit, Cadaver Soap, Snow….. and Awesome Kevin!!!


Freezing cold weather!!!  For three weeks public schools have been canceled at least two days of the week!  The snow is fun, but we are so cold.  On Wednesday it was 73 degrees with a winter storm warning.  The storm flew in and it went from 73 degrees to 45 in 15 minutes.  10363792_856916917683816_2670195380444229259_n


Postponing the basketball banquet and realtor caravan THREE WEEKS IN A ROW!

Experiencing the last of everything and starting to say goodbye.  There are so many good memories and people we will miss.

Finding Dixon in the bathroom licking the top of the toothpaste tube.  I told him that could make him sick and not to do that.  Five minutes later he was downstairs and said his mouth and throat were hot and he started spitting a lot and foaming at the mouth.  I realized he has actually eaten it.  We tried water and it only made him foam more….  He then tried applesauce, which made it worse.  Finally toast worked.  It seemed to soak it right up and he was so happy to be better.  I don’t think he will ever do that again.  I learned a lot about toothpaste on the internet.

Royce asking about the real meaning of Easter.  We explained it and then he said “Wait, then how’d the Easter Bunny get in there?”

Kevin buying special soap for his head.  Since he has started shaving his head all the time, it is flaking a bit.  He researched it and ordered some soap.  It came and he put it in the shower to use later.  I kept wondering what the horrible cadaver/mothball smell was.  I finally figured out it was the “Grandpa Soap”.  It is literally called that, which I think is rude!  I made him put it in a ziplock bag and not use it anymore (at least while we are showing a house and probably forever!). So if you notice he smells bad, just blame the soap.

Pulling a Father of the Bride “fasten your ….” moment with Addisen and David.  We were having a jolly ‘ole time conversing and I accidentally said something that meant something else and then hesitated. It sounded bad, but I didn’t mean it that way.  There was a long pause. David was so great and said “We can still recover from this”.  Of course, Addy and I kept laughing for five minutes.  Leave it to me….   Uuuugggghhhh!!!

Sending Bryson a package!   16196_861008340608007_638962988337548087_n The reason this doesn’t work is because of Dixon’s hand.  I didn’t notice this until I was sending the picture to Bryson.  I had told the kids to hug the package, but Dixon just hugged everything….

Temple Recommends.  Not that Temple Recommends don’t work….  Just that we didn’t get to get them back in the NW.  Last September Kevin pointed out that we needed to get our recommends renewed in March.  He told me that he was going to get his done back at home.  I laughed and said “I bet you will!”.  We will make it back in time to do it, but don’t want to cut it that close, just in case.  So we are getting them renewed here.  Really it doesn’t matter, but we almost made the goal.


Helping the kids while they play in the snow.  It’s so fun to be outside, but I also love it as they go in and out of the house and I gather their clothes to put in the dryer.  Helping them have hot chocolate.  Kevin made an awesome igloo (Snow Palace) with the kids and Julianna.



Scheduling ABF to drop off the moving trucks on March 19th!!!!  We started to get really excited once we had that scheduled and the inspections being done on the new house.  If all goes well with loading and cleaning, we will start driving back on the 21st.

Royce turning seven!!!  We took him to his favorite restaurant “Pizza Inn”, it was disgusting, but he was happy.  He was so enthusiastic all day!  10983474_10153658646174418_7626648600226182697_o


Kevin made him an awesome race car cake.  🙂

Telling Royce and Dixon how lucky I was to have them.  Royce turned and said “I wouldn’t have any other mom.”

Spending the evening looking at family videos and pictures.  We had to get through each child being born.  We couldn’t find Hadley for awhile, and got her mixed up with other babies.  In the end we found our sweet Hadley and all was well.

Tessa and Hadley having seven hours of yard work!  This is great for me because I had them clean the entire house from top to bottom for the open house.  They did a great job and it looked pristine.

Getting a new car stereo put in during the open house.  The best part was looking out the window of Chik-fil-a (while we were waiting) and watching Bentley (our dog) tied up to the sign looking like a beacon.   11046604_861008393941335_5128672496399287937_n

Dixon conquering the monkey bars.  

Dixon’s attitude.  We were at the park and kids kept slipping on gravel that was accidentally spread on the cement.  These poor kids would slam down on the ground and start crying really hard.  Dixon slipped two times.  He got up each time and brushed his hands off and then said to himself “That was awesome”  or “Wow, that was so cool”.  I was cracking up that he thought it was so good.

Royce singing the hymns!!!!  This is seriously the best part of my week.  I can’t help but smile through each song, trying not to giggle.  He can read the words now and is so excited that he is belting out the songs.  His timing is just a bit off, so you can hear him loud and clear.  My heart just loves these moments that I know will go away too quickly.

Dear Aggie Patz finding candy cigarettes.  A couple of weeks ago we were reminiscing about how we loved those when we were young.  She happen to see some at a cute store and surprised me with them.  We giggled as I offered them to other people.  🙂  11037330_861008353941339_6577946047462917470_n

Corbin making me a proxy playlist.  🙂  I noticed that I didn’t have any older teenagers in my car to expose me to the new songs that come out.  I actually started to miss them ruling my music!  So Corbin made me a list of songs and I loved them!  Love my Corbin!

Dixon naming his body parts and calling the back of his knee a “knee armpit”.

Tessa memorizing Pi.  Blows me away!  

Royce, said to Kevin in rapid succession…”When I get a motorcycle, what color should it be? Purple?  I don’t ever want to go to Russia, or pee in a pond in Australia.”  If you knew what we were recently studying and discussing, this would make sense.

Kevin the great…. 🙂  


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