Book of Mormon, Giving a Talk, Toaster Ovens – Bryson on His Mission, Week 90


February 9th, 2015

Everyone that reads this, I have the best family ever!   My Dad works hard to support my family, and in every e-mail tells me how much he loves his wife and how lucky he is. At first I thought, ok thats nice, but then I realized its a big deal. I am lucky to have that, and it is an example I will never forget. My Mom is pretty great too. Home schooling and sacrificing all her time to raise all these kids. She is crazy to try, but somehow she excels at it! My siblings are my best friends, and it is cool to know that I have this endless supply of love coming from them. That is something that only God can beat. Pray for them as they are moving. Moving is so hard.  Please PRAY!  Anything good I do is because of God, and because I was raised by these awesome parents. I should be better for how well I was raised. Love you parents.

Elder Rich’s sister is very pregnant, and his mom just e-mailed him saying “Please, please, please do not tell her how big she has gotten when you see her.” It sounds like he has had a problems saying it like it is, and she is very sensitive about that right now.

My whole mission I have heard stories about how people at BYU-I get married so easily. And quick. Lots of girls with mission calls get swept away by these RMs. There are always stories that are good to hear. It fun to joke about. Until its your sister. If I heard this story about someone else, I would say, she is a GONER!  Thats what you get for letting her leave Alabama. The way she talks about him………. She really likes him. I am so scared. Oh well. I guess if one is down for the count, I have three other sisters.

We knocked into this cool lady! She works for a really nice clothing store, and is from Aspen, CO. They sent people out to see if they should open a place here. They said it would be a great place. So she moved out here to open it up. Then she realized its mostly a bunch of people who are good with Walmart jeans. So she told them it would be a horrible place to open up shop. But she fell in love with the town. She is deciding whether or not to stay and open up anyway. I think she is prepared for us! She said she is a minister, one of those universalist people who believe in everything. That’s how most people are in this town. She asked about our church, and we taught a first lesson, gave us her number, and took a BoM, and said she will be at church next week! She could be solid!

The Book of Mormon is so great. I love it. My favorite part of PMG (Preach My Gospel is the study guide for missionaries) is the Book of Mormon chapter. There are some good insights in there.

One of my favorite is about Ezra Taft Benson and how we used the Book of Mormon to respond to objections. We can use it for each individual one, like abortion, homosexuality, why we need church, but we also always use it to bring them back to the question of is it true or not. If it is, then these things are not important, because the book is true.

I was thinking about how great I feel when I read it. When I read it, I really do know the will of God, and don’t stand between two opinions. It becomes my thinking. So anytime I get a thought that is negative, I run it past my doctrine filter. If it doesn’t fit, then I instantly delete it from my head. I am talking about things like, why do we do this this way in the mission, why would our church do that. Even when I consider complaining that the certain rules are stupid, I think back to the principle of obedience and what the rules mean and why we have them.  Rather than just thinking or wishing that I felt a certain way, I do because it has been ingrained in my head from all the reading and prayer. It is wonderful.

I was wondering why everyone doesn’t feel that way when they read the BoM. Then I realized, they almost always do. Rarely, have I been with someone that reads it with any sort of faith or desire for truth, and they not find it to uplift them, testify of Christ, and prompt them to the truth. If we can get someone to read it, it is seriously unstoppable. The BoM is the key. Keystone of our religion, and the key to a convert.

Just Read IT!!!!!!

Last night we knocked into a lady who said she read it, and we asked what she objected to, and she went off about a bunch of stuff that isn’t written in any of our scriptures. Just teachings of Prophets.  I realized that I don’t think I have heard a good bash on any of the doctrine in it. I have always wondered why people hate on it, because everything in there totally backs up the Bible, and most of the time clarifies what the Bible was trying to say, and gives us more insight to what the doctrine in the Bible means. It goes perfectly with it, and I am sure that Christians would love it.  Just Pray about it.

At least once a half hour, while knocking, someone will say, wow, you are a missionary, just in PT? I am so sorry! This is a horrible place to be a missionary.  You should go somewhere else, you won’t find anything here. It’s rough when even the town people know its rough. It is a tough place! But we will conquer!

We got to go down to Steilacoom, which is part of Lakewood. Elder Rich had someone he was baptizing. I gave the missionary message while he dried off. I did the Restoration but focus on baptism. It was a cool twist. Mostly only missionaries were there so it didn’t matter too much what I said, but the President walked in. Good way to lose your train of thought.

Thanks a bunch for the Valentine’s day package. I loved Tessas little poem! The Darbys also send a great care package. Shout out to them!!

The youth had a pinewood derby. 5 lb. limit. You can do anything. The kid that won had a tiny electric motor. We took a few minutes and used a metal grinder to shape ours and then spray painted them. Then I strapped work out weights. Elder Rich did a really bad job putting his wheels on, and was going to give it up. I fixed it and then his won almost the whole thing. He and I got 3rd and 4th place.

Friday was kinda hard again. WEIRD!

Our nieghbors are so funny. We go over there and play Apples to Apples sometimes or jam on their guitars. Three people about our age. Good talks about the church. I think I told you, but we had a Christmas competition with them. One time I was singing, and they started singing back. Then I made up a song about how my neighbors are creepers, then the changed  heavens door to “knock knock knockin on our nieghbors door” It was wayyy funny! They played guitar to it and everything.

Then the other day, they were making fun of our Christmas lights still being up. So we stole this kinda big rock and their ash tray and put them by our door. Definitely out of place. We came back, and they had moved their stuff back, but there was a mostly empty gallon of milk, and a toaster oven that was plugged in right by our door. We start laughing, and then one of them comes out, all nonchalant, and say, “Oh hey guys.”  He bends down, opens up the toaster oven, and pulls out two bagels with cream cheese. Then walks back to his door and goes inside like nothing happened. We were dying!!!!!

The Kingsburys came up and took us to dinner last Monday! I love them!

Wish me luck for a last week with Elder Rich!!


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