Teaching, Baptizing, A Funeral, and Alma – – Bryson on His Mission, Weeks 88 & 89


January 26th, 2015

🙂 I love y’all so much!!

We had a decent week. On Friday I thought it was Saturday, so my almost p-day thought kicked in, and then I realized it wasn’t Saturday. Friday was a tough day.  🙂

The ward had us check up on a lady who moved here from Bainbridge but hasn’t come to church. Elder Baird baptized her a while back. She lives in a camper trailer, and we go inside. There was incense burning, and there was a soundtrack of chimes and wind and water. There was mountain and water pictures everywhere. I felt like I was in a mystical mountain Buddhist temple in the Himalayas. She would close her eyes, take deep breaths and think when she spoke. She worried about our Shakras. I have a good shakra apparently. And we need to find out what horoscope I am, so I can plan my life……. She was really cool. We really enjoyed meeting with her, and look forward to it again.

I did go to the dentist. It all looked good. They said there were 2 spots that weren’t cavities but will be eventually, so they filled them. He was a member.

Knocked into a lady. She will die soon.   😦  We had a lesson. She is a Messianic Jew. We tried to help her see how the Jews celebrated all that because they knew Christ would come, but he did away with all of those traditions. It was a good lesson. It was good to learn about.

Got to go to a fireside. We weren’t supposed to, but Elder Rich convinced Pres., and they said they would have had me playing piano but they didn’t know I was coming. That’s ok though. I have played enough piano in public to last me a life time. I still played all the missionary choir songs.  “Called to Serve” and “Amazing Grace”. The firesides are good. Converts from that area speak. One of them really touched me. She said “Since I have been baptized, I have had a lot of highs, and a few lows. But the lows are ok, because I am not alone.”  So simple, yet it really helped me realize a lot.  Another lady talked about this huge church she went to that was full of music and party and praise and food. She called it Six Flags over Jesus!!!

G**** is getting baptized! Saturday!! We had a really wonderful meeting with her this week.   It’s actually happening!

We only were able to talk to B**** on the phone,. she was sick. But she said she prayed a little bit, and pretty much knows it is were she is supposed to be, and she will do it! Elder Rich gets to finish off his mission with two baptisms!!!   Three in two transfers is decent!

Though we have two baptisms soon, we are dry everywhere else. Hardly anything going on. We did numbers, and I wanted to cry. It was rough how few lessons we have. But then we found out we have been having the highest in the zone aside from the Zl’s. I wasn’t excited.

We were knocking and two coyotes were just wandering around the neighborhood. Welcome to PT (Port Townsend).

We knocked into another JW (Jehovah Witness) (they are everywhere!). This guy came out and started bashing right away.

Every day we had a word of the day. It is tough!! Learning lots of new words. We also learn a lot in studies together, and have really good conversations, and they often erupt into pretty intense debates on doctrine. Usually one of us is joking and pretending to believe a certain way, but then we study and learn a lot.

I love Alma. (The Book of Alma, one of the books in the Book of Mormon.) It is my favorite. So much missionary application. And sooooo much simple doctorine. There is so much good doctorine on every page. I love it!!

S***** and the family came up and took us to lunch. I had a ton of sushi, eel, and kalamari. I liked it all. 🙂 Then they took us shopping and spent sooo much money on us. They know we never get fed and sturggle with money and food. They really, really saved us. I love them and really miss them. President said he will go to the temple when she goes! Hopefully next month!

Off too P-day. Finally playing frisbee. Love you and I am praying for you a bunch. Thanks for all the support. Keep me updated.

February 2nd, 2015

Love you!  I prayed a bunch for you and included you in both of my fasts this week.  🙂

Thursday we had a funeral for Brother McCammon. I feel like I recieved a lot of revelation at it. I think that happens at funerals a lot. It brings life and death into perspective, combined with family and being focused on Christ. I love it. This man had been a stake president, and served 3 missions. He had Alzheimers so he struggled the last few years. His grandkids are all grown and married.  There was only one active child that spoke. One son, a new bishop, gave the eulogy. He was such a humble man, and spiritual. Nothing out of the ordinary, a good man.

We were meeting with G****, and I was getting a little worried cause she was getting antied and mixed up, and I was worried she might get scared or have a hard time in the interview.  So I started a fast that night, and it was probably the worst day to fast. Many things made it really tough. But she was fine and passed. Then we baptized her on Saturday! The ward really took over and did a good job. And we found out that the font works like a hot tub, the sides warm it up. So us emptying it and refilling it made it really cold. 😦 Whoops. I am so happy for her!

It has been good to work with her. This is another eternal that I have baptized. Brother Morris, who baptized her, gave a great testimony on Sunday about how he knew her dad and taught him follow up lessons, and has wanted to take his name to the temple, because he figured none of his family would ever join the church, but he felt like he should wait. Then G***** got baptized!!!  It was a good service, and hopefully the ward can help us keep up this habit!

C***** got the Priesthood on Sunday. Oh yea, we are all good. Back to normal. Just a bad week. He has a rough situation. 😦 I was able to ordain him. We have a temple trip to take him and G***** to the temple.   Isn’t that so cool!  I get to go to the temple with two converts!!!!!!!!! The work goes forth!!

B**** got in a bad wreck, so please pray for her.

This guy got us ice cream, and he almost looked familiar.  I asked Elder Rich, I have never seen him, but I feel like we have met him before. And he realized that it was one of the RM’s friends who he said we should meet before I got here. Elder Rich talked to him, and he said he wants to get baptized. his dad and him want it to happen somewhere, and the RM convinced him to be baptized in our church. So we could do it him any time, but it doesn’t sound like he has a testimony, and he doesn’t want to come to church because he “doesn’t do that”. Who thought this would ever be the problem! So we need to help him get a testimony. 🙂

Monday we all played frisbee and football.

Tuesday we had zone conference. It went well! I played a piano song and Sister Blatter got up and pretty much bore her testimony about my piano skills. It was embarassing. But I decided that I am done making songs up until I learn more about music because all my songs sound the same. For the AP’s training, they drew a map of Washington and kind of drew Lehi’s vision on there. At the bottom of the state, they wrote, Elder Jones house. Ha!!  Everyone thinks its so funny that we are moving there!  🙂

Funny thing, I don’t know if I already told you this, but Elder Rich is the youngest, and I am the oldest. We are best friends, but he always hates on his older brothers for things that they did, and when he does it sounds exactly like my little sibling whining about things I thought was so stupid, and then we argue about how bad of a little brother he was, how he should have been cooler, or how mean of an older brother I was. I think the arguments for younger and older brothers are universal.


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