Drawings, “We look so happy?” NOT, House is “Live”, Momma Jones and Great Kids!

Royce's drawing of a cardinal (from his imagination).  :)
Royce’s drawing of a cardinal (from his imagination). 🙂


6 degree weather!!!!  10445554_836071573101684_6988856919763123872_n

Finding myself jumping on the grocery cart/buggy, pushing fast and riding down the aisles and parking lot.  I do this with the kids, but didn’t realize the kids weren’t there with me and I still did it.  Ha, on myself!  I did have a good time and I even laughed out loud when I realized what I was doing.  I decided to just enjoy myself….

Royce starting to clue into things….  Tessa said “Okay everyone, the moral of the story is to be kind!”  Royce responded, while making quotation marks with his fingers “Yeah, but this is not going to be happily every after”.

Corbin’s Suburban dropping it’s drive shaft again!  Uggghhh!  He’d just dropped off Dixon at CC and was heading to work.  Thankfully, he was able to pull over in the grass and not get in an accident.  I picked him up, took him to work, called and met the tow truck, got my car stuck in the mud (the great tow truck guy helped me out) and made it back to slam lunch down in time for the afternoon classes.  Thankfully, the Suburban is fixed again and we are still a three driver, three car family.

Corbin watching our family video and saying “We look so happy?”  The reason this doesn’t work is that he was saying, that it seems to him, in real life it’s not like that.  He is absolutely right!  Thus the words of the song “We Live For Moments Like This”.  In case you were thinking our life is always blissful, we are far from it!  Yes, we have great moments, but life is full of trials for us too.  We are just trying to focus on the happy side of it all.

Having the house perfect (as can be) for going live on the market, but then no showings.  🙂  The up side of this is we have cleared our lives up as much as possible to be ready to show at any time.  My house is constantly clean and I get to focus on the kids, school and have time for things I haven’t been able to do in years.  A blessing and a curse (if the house never shows, that would be a problem).  It’s only been two days….


Corbin getting his wisdom teeth pulled (actually this happened in December, but I forgot).  This was a good thing to have happen, considering there hasn’t been enough room for his 12 year molars to come in.  Now they are trying to move in and he gets his braces off January 26th!!!

Neighbors creating an awesome hill of snow!  It took them three days to build it up, but our temperatures were so low that it worked.  They came to our door and invited the kids down.  So many people had the flu that we had the entire hill to ourselves.  I even had to have some fun myself.  🙂  


The house going “live”!  It’s officially on the market and now we can only hope someone likes it.  It’s a tough time of year and a hard market….  Kevin made a video tour for it.


Dixon scraping his ankle and telling me he put a Band Aid on it.  I asked him who helped him put it on?  He answered, while cocking his head “Royce did, he’s such a good big brudder”.

Dixon getting to watch the tow truck up close.  It was so cool and the guy was awesome with him.  I love little boys and their trucks!!!

Getting to start Classical Conversations Home School group again.  We LOVE it and LOVE the people there!  We’re still trying to figure out how to take our neighborhood, house and CC families with us to the NW.

Momma Jones.  One of my favorite things about the South is the nickname some of Bryson’s friends and others have given me.  I’ll hear a shout out “Momma Jones”.  LOVE IT!  Warms my heart.

Dixon fell asleep on me.  :)
Dixon fell asleep on me. 🙂

Finding this incredible shampoo and conditioner at Whole Foods.  It’s scent is Chamomile and each day I smell it I am brought back to my childhood (not sure why or where I used to smell it).  I LOVE IT!  I can’t wait to get more.  10384286_836071526435022_1437544922420784587_n

Royce spending the entire afternoon drawing.  He found a guy (with his son) who teaches how to draw on Youtube.  I finally told him he had to stop for the day.  He can’t wait to get up and finish his school work, so he can draw more pictures.   🙂  10929170_836071516435023_1361970206654191836_n

Looking down at the temple name last Friday and seeing that Tessa had actually submitted the name and done the baptism/confirmation.  It had her name on it.  What an incredible feeling to know that my kids are doing Family History work (better than me).  The exponential work that can be done by them warms my heart.

Realizing that our family is spreading out and will only spread out more.  This is a good thing now as I realize that through prayer and fasting we are all united.  I read a neat story in the Ezra Taft Benson Manual.  It talked about how his family was sitting together at General Conference and as he went up to the podium each child squeezed each others hands and passed on “Pray for Dad”.  By the time it got down to the Mom, she was already bowing her head and saying a quick prayer.  I love when family can unite in faith and prayer.

Getting to watch my children spread their wings as they leave our home.  It truly warms my heart to watch them learn, make choices and grow closer to our Heavenly Father.  I am truly thankful for the blessing of being their Mom.





One thought on “Drawings, “We look so happy?” NOT, House is “Live”, Momma Jones and Great Kids!”

  1. Loved your comments. Selling houses takes time. It can be so frustrating. Big houses take even more time most of the time. I will remember that conditioner! Love to you all, and hugs, Aunt Peggy

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