Lack of Frontal Lobe, Steel Tools, Who Made God, ReNember and a Shaved Head!!!



Replacing the kids pictures after more than three years, but leaving Corbin out!  Uggghhh!  We can’t pin him down to get a picture, he’s always working, at school or off having fun (or we forget).  🙂


Dixon watching the David Archuleta “Glorious” video and asking if I was the woman who boxes.  I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or not.  He was also wondering why he wasn’t in the video if I was.  🙂

Forgetting to do a treat for FHE (not that we always have a treat…).  I had big plans and then suddenly it was too late!   Never fail, the doorbell rings and our fabulous neighbor had Thanksgiving bags for the kids.  Perfect!  10801478_808306742544834_8622427022713459698_n

Bra shopping.  I can’t go into details on here, but it was quite the day.  I wish I had another blog where I could say what really happens!  It was all funny by the end of the day.  My advice, don’t take five kids bra shopping!  Duh!  🙂

Playing at the park while watching Dixon learn his social skills.  He would walk up to families and say “Hi, I’m Dixon and my mom is Kewee.”  So cute, but he wouldn’t leave them alone.

Royce explaining how he has to make everything even.  “Like, if I hit my hand two times, then I have to hit my other hand two times.”  Hmmmm, OCD at six?  I asked him if he is ok when it doesn’t turn out even and he just told me it’s complicated.

Catching myself engaging with a teenager.  It’s an amazing phenomenon to live with teenagers and try to figure them out, or the lack thereof.  One minute I think I am conversing with an amazing adult and then within the same conversation all connection is gone.  I read an article last week that explained that youth don’t develop their frontal lobe (in their brain) until around 25 years old.  I used to know this, but now Kevin and I are applying it.  When the conversation takes a turn to the nonsense territory, we just tap our forehead to remind ourselves they don’t have a functioning frontal lobe.  It has done wonders for my patience.  🙂

Royce finally noticing the words he says incorrectly.  😦  Correcting me yesterday, he said “Mom, it’s rennnnember, not remmmmmember”.  I smiled and told him that actually it was remember.  He said it correctly a couple of times and couldn’t believe it.  I loved “renember” and now it’s gone.  😦


Kids making a special bike course in the yard/driveway.  They played for hours.  I kept checking them from Tessa’s bedroom window.  It looked so fun!

10600560_808306775878164_8117119845245295678_n 10806449_808306785878163_5183668701117022618_n

Feeling myself start to relax as I enter a stage where my kids take care of themselves when we go places or even at home.  This is truly amazing.  After almost twenty years of constantly listening or keeping track of a toddler, I have arrived….. 🙂

Feeding the neighborhood horses.

10002918_808306882544820_1451317719666464917_n 1510542_808306855878156_8506641572194900632_n

Classical Conversation science bodies!  This was so cool.  The kids got to learn about the internal parts of the body and place them on their outline.  Hadley’s pigtails were the best!  🙂


Kevin and Corbin biking 65 miles in one day!  They went to a campout and then spent the next day biking.  It was beautiful out, but they were hurting on the way back.

Resting on the bike path.
Resting on the bike path.

IMG_1853 IMG_1850

Julianna Darby taking the three girls to a Christmas play at the High School.  The kids loved it and I had a fun night with just the little boys, then having a silent house for an hour while they slept.

No school during Thanksgiving week.  The funny part was the kids still “played” school throughout the day.

Kids having multiple hours of yard work (for speaking unkindly).  They made a huge dent in the massive amount of leaves.  Love those punishments.

Royce:  “How were the first tools made, if you need steel to make the tools?”

Royce:  “Wait, I have another question.  Who made God if He made us?”  We had an amazing talk and he was so excited about the eternities.  He ran around to the family and made sure they all understood it.

Answering the phone that had a Washington number.  I tend to answer those in a “Heeeelllllo000?” manner.  I’m always a little worried something might have happened to Bryson.  The woman on the other end jumped right in saying “In one word you just summed up where your incredible, wonderful, amazing son gets it from.”  Ha!  It took me awhile to figure out who it was, but it was a great, emotional conversation as she was very sad that Elder Jones was being transferred.  She had called her Mormon friends to find out the rules and if she could call me.  I am so thankful for all the fantastic Tacoma, Washington Mission people that love and support the missionaries!

Family bike ride (minus Kevin and Corbin) in the cold.  We had fun, but boy that wind can be cold.  The kids hooked up the trailer and did all the loading.  I just drove the car.  Love them!  10441000_808306669211508_8599469727973245323_n 10801881_808306645878177_7372022979721293927_n 10422298_808306589211516_4897107879841855360_n

Phone calls from someone I used to visit teach.  It was so good to hear from her.

Bryson sending us a Christmas box.  The boys LOVED the Captain America shield and we loved our framed pictures.

1902081_811585978883577_1202557340511332170_n 1454888_811586038883571_4532436603668855693_n 1924456_811586065550235_4486900044531833325_n

Kevin shaving his head!  It’s a huge step, but we both love it!  I think I was more excited about his haircut than I get about my own haircuts.  Addisen’s reaction was the best!

1390595_808564062519102_6726401223111132035_n 1499443_808564085852433_8919637896097319057_n 10805572_808563962519112_4164283719865376613_n 10805685_808563922519116_6777106513224066571_n

A perfect Thanksgiving.  I was expecting it to feel a little lonely, but it ended up one of the best we have had.  We ate our favorite cheesy garlic bread, played games and enjoyed each other.


Loved how this made our home smell!  :)
Loved how this made our home smell! 🙂


We ALL made the desserts the night before Thanksgiving.  So fun!
We ALL made the desserts the night before Thanksgiving. So fun!





Playing football and soccer with the kids (minus sleepy Tessa) – we had a blast!  (Corbin even pulled a Scott Sterling!  It was absolutely hilarious.)


The Elders came over for games and dessert.  We loved getting to share things we are thankful for and playing games.  Skyping with Addisen was so fun!


Setting up Christmas!  The kids do most of the work and then we get to have a snuggy house.  Love it!

1395358_811586285550213_1249086813090113333_n 10350403_811585932216915_5757291628033653201_n

Taking Corbin on our dinner date.  We haven’t gotten enough time with him, so we invited him.   Thank goodness it was 88 Buffet!

Frog legs....

Frog legs…


Getting the washing machine fixed under our five year warranty.  I’m not big on warranties, because of all the rules, but we knew it would be worth it on our washing machine.  Considering how much laundry a family of 9/10 does in a year, we scored.  After only a year and a half, this first fix paid for the warranty.  Yes!

Dixon making his first sandwich by himself.

10420291_808306729211502_2096564491620941340_n 10801881_808306702544838_5451302395275091624_n




Kevin:  “Kelly, I’ll make you a deal?”  Kelly:  “What, you’ve never made me a deal before?”  It’s not his style….  Kevin:  “If you make me a quick dinner before I have to leave for the campout (they usually stop for dinner), I’ll put all the ground beef into the baggies”  I despise touching ground beef (left over from pregnancy days).  Kelly with a smile:  “You actually have an extra half an hour until you need to leave.”  Kevin:  “Oh good, now I have time to do both.”  He was serious!  He was happy he could do the beef and not have to make me stop what I was doing.  Love my guy!




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