Clutch Time, Piano, Transfers, Sad Leaving – Bryson on His Mission, Weeks 78 & 79


November 17th, 2014

Hey there family! Good to hear from you!! I had a crazy week. Yesterday was one of the craziest days of my life, and wiped me out so completely that I barely remember any of last week, and what I do remember seems like a month ago! This might not be the most complete e-mail. It will probably be all about piano and not missionary work. SORRY! I am still a missionary!   I talk about myself the whole time. It’s a good thing I am 2000 miles away or you might be sick of me.  🙂

I hit 18 months! It is clutch time.  I am going to go hard and use everything I have learned.   I need to eat better and get in better shape!

Thank you so much for the letter.  🙂 It was nice of you, and I will go put it to good use. Love you!

We had an investigator who had a crazy week. She decided to get baptized. She smoked and got drunk because she wouldn’t be able to do it ever again. She hates smoking too.   She is better now. Interesting……

Last monday, Elder Webber, who was in charge of the Sequim fireside, asked me to do some things in the fireside.  I am cool with it because I enjoy it. We decided to do a special musical number, Let Us All Press On like MoTab did it in Conference in April, but we pretty much had to make it up ourselves. We did it very different, but we still had the rounds.   I used the hymn book a little, but it was pretty different.  It was a lot to remember in my head.

For the last verse, we slowed down to half time, and I had to slow down in one measure. That was rough, but then we sped back up for the chorus, it was great!  We only got to practice for a few minutes before the fireside.  😦 It went well though. He asked me to play everything for the fireside, but I don’t have the sheet music for Amazing Grace or As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman. I could sight read Amazing Grace, but I would need to practice the other one a bit. So we brought Sister K up to play those two songs. I did everything else.  😦 Plus Elder Webber asked me to do a piano solo. I said sure, but then he requested a certain song. He said, “Can you do If I Could Hie to Kolob, but the tune is different and awesome.  It will help us feel the spirit. Can you do it?”  BRING IT ON!!

I started practicing it on Thursday a bit, and mostly did it all on Friday and Saturday. I bet I only had a little more than three hours to make it up and practice it. Which isn’t much.   😦  But it ended up wayyyy cool! I will try to record it for you. When I actually played it, it was at the beginning of the fireside. Since I had figured it all out, but hadn’t practiced it a ton, It wasn’t cemented in my brain at all. So half the time I was just improving with a vague outline of how I should try to make it sound. That’s SCARY!! But I had fun. I was stressing way hard though because I kept finding out I had to play more and more songs. My brain was filled and overflowing with songs that I not only had to play, but I had to play with a ton of improv!  A lot of piano music was in my head, and it started jumbling together.   I about had a freak out!  I wasn’t nervous, but I lost a lot of sutff.  I started forgetting things, like what day it was or what song we were playing. I couldn’t concentrate at all. And it was scaring me. I guess that’s what happens when you overload your brain. Wayyyyyy too much thinking. My brain was exhausted. I prayed really, really hard, and it helped!

I did well on my two songs that I accompanied on, and my solo was good. I messed up a lot though. Probably more than I ever have, but I was able to keep playing and most of the time you couldn’t even realize I messed up because I just kept playing or played off of it. I wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but the general idea came out and for barely preparing at all, I would say it is pretty good. I got to turn the pages for Sister K and I kept forgetting.  It kept making her laugh when she was playing.  🙂  I guess I will never grow out of that.  It was ok though because she had it all memorized! I was exhausted though. I am surprised I stayed awake the whole time on the way home.

Elder Snow, the Church Historian came!!  We had a really good Zone Conference. The power was out for half the time, so we had Zone Conference in the dark!!  That was fun. President Blatter and his wife are great. I really like them a lot.  🙂  I sang in a song for a musical number, Let the Lower Lights be Burning.  Before, we all had to be 30 min early to study and invite the spirit. I played intro music because Sister K didn’t want to. Then when he got there, I had to play while everyone shook his hand. My companion timed it, I played for 55 minutes!!!! Talk about exhausting. I made it 30 min before I had to use the hymn book.   I ran out of songs I could think of. I NEVER GOT TO SHAKE HIS HAND!!!!!! I am sad.

S****, L**** and L**** came to the fireside again!!

*****, should be a Mormon. We ask her not to swear, and now she says FETCH for everything. She got it from Elder Johnson. It’s funny and she is getting a CTR Ring.

The Jacobs let me use their Baby Grand Piano this week.  We also had a good dinner and breakfast with them.   🙂

Lots of good work going on!  I love this area!!

President was pretty excited about my piano music. He was talking to sisters, and I come up to ask him about transfers. He says “Elder Jones is one of the most well liked Elders in the missions. Everyone wants to work with him. I get more requests for people to be his comp than anyone else.” Then one of the sisters says, heck, even I want to be his comp!! So I joked about being and STL with her. Then, President looks at me and congratulates me on my piano again, and says “You know, we may have to transfer you down to Tacoma so we can have you play for us more.” He had the biggest grin on his face. The three of us were silent. “Is that my transfer call then?” He laughs, smiles, and then changes the subject, never to return again. I am pretty sure that I am going to Tacoma to die!! Wish me luck. This should be fun.  I will probably be on bike so I am doing as much Christmas prep as I can.  🙂

Oh yeah. A family in Sequim, the Judds, told me that his sister is Sister Prestwich from Farmington Ward. WEIRD!!!! Eric is in Peru now??

Oh, and my favorite part of the week. I got permission to stop by some members in Sequim to eat because we have late church. I stopped by Margrete’s house and didn’t see her car, so we went to where she works, as we walk in she say “Hi how can I help you?”   I just kept walking closer, and she she realizes who I am!  She screamed, and ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug! Crying the whole time!  We got to talk for 15 minutes.  I love her.  She is funny and solid!  Still going to church.  🙂  That warms my heart. Then we ran by the Bean’s really quick. I practiced my songs. We were in and out in 10 min. It was crazy to see them again, and be in their house. Then we went to the Willis’s house and she made us some good pot pie things. YUM! It was so so good to see them. Thier kids are older and one had his voice drop a lot and it freaked me out. I was there a year ago!! I miss  it. I wanted to CRY!  It’s a good place. A bunch of them are going on missions. Taylor Willis is in Argentina.  She is killing it. She had two baptisms in the MTC.  WHO DOES THAT?

I love you!!  🙂


November 24, 2014

Hey! Not much time, too much to do today.

I am leaving! Not to Tacoma. President said he wanted me to come down there to serenade them at his mission home, but we still have time for that…. But I think I will spend the rest of my time in PORT TOWNSEND!  Thats where I am heading! Everyone that has been there for the last year has spent six months there, and  President is much more into people staying in places for a long time.

My new comp is Elder Rich! I am really excited.  I know him and like him a lot. We have a lot of the same friends, and he plays basketball. He is really good. I can’t wait. He is really, really quiet and soft spoken and a cool guy. We will have fun together.

Port Townsend is directly north of me from here. It is the top right corner of the Peninsula. We have a pretty big area. Port Townsend, or PT, is a very old town. It was settled before Seattle. Everyone says it is very beautiful. The bunkers we went to last year are up there.

I am very sad to be leaving. Very, very sad. It’s kind of like leaving your family. You have been in a place so long and can’t really imagine life being different, and then it is! Bishop suprised me and asked me to get up and bear my testimony. It was sad. Church was sad saying goodbye to everyone. After, we stopped by the Del Valle’s and Kingsbury’s. The Kingsburys are so great. I love them!!! They are good friends. Then we went and said goodbye to Doug and Vickie, then to the Shane’s.   I love them.  Then we spent the evening at the Jacobs, eating and talking and playing games.   I will miss them! Tonight we are eating at the Hunt’s, going by the Whitworth’s, and then going to S**** to say goodbye.

S****** IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! ON DATE FOR THE 13TH!! AND I GET TO DO IT:)!!!!!! So exited. We taught her the last lesson, and she said, I don’t think that your President will be able to come to my baptism. I was like, ohhh no, why not?   She said, because it will be so soon!!!  HOORAH! But they are really mad at him for transferring me.  I have come so close to that family.

Our mission really has been focusing on weekly goals. It is so cool, as we work to reach these goals, we are blessed with miracles and we keep breaking all time mission records. This week, we were told, that if you reach   2 2 2 10 you can go to transfer meeting no matter what, even if you both stay. Out of our whole zone, only Silverdale 6th and us made it. It is 2 new investigators, 2 on date, 2 at church, and 10 lessons with. We got 2 3 4 11. Yippee!!!!!!  But we get to go anyway.

I AM PUMPED FOR TURKEY BOWL!!!  I will miss you this Thanksgiving. 🙂 I just realized, we get to Skype on Christmas. Can’t wait!!!

G****has been resisting going to church. So we decided to get the fellowship in on it. She wanted to teach us and art class. She has always told us how great she is at teaching, and I know she is an incredibly talented artist. So we had G**** and Troyana teach us. We had so much fun! I  really wish I had applied myself more. I figured that I just wasn’t good at it and didn’t want to be embarrassed. But still, she said that I am actually really good at art. I am wondering what she is talking about it because I am struggling with my stick figures! I will definitely not follow that career. But I learned a lot and I think about it a lot now. I will really miss her. We are very close!

I am glad that you got my video.  🙂  I made most of that up right then.  I hope you could understand my Porpoise song.

Love you!

I think I will memorize the LIVING CHRIST.  Good idea.


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