NYC, Foosball, Soap, Farms and On-line Shopping!


Freezing to death as I ran in 21 degree weather.  My ears hurt and almost fell off.  🙂

Kevin working killer hours to make some last minute videos for AT&T.  The only reason this didn’t work in the end was that they scrapped it.  He still gets paid though.  Thankfully, they loved the videos, they just couldn’t pass it through in time.

Royce:  “I don’t want to grow up because I don’t want to get my wisdom teeth pulled.”  What????  Where did he get that?

Two kids needing soap in their mouths because they were not speaking kindly.  I gave them multiple warnings, but they continued.  They have to have it in their mouths for as many years they are old.


Hadley was smiling before and after this picture.  She just made this face for fun.  :)
Hadley was smiling before and after this picture. She just made this face for fun. 🙂



The kids doing math over the heating vents with blankets.

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Visualizing/pondering about the future and realizing that the last busy five years will seem simple as our family spreads out.  What a blessing to realize this while I am in it.  I want to appreciate what I have right in front of me.

Playing David Archuleta’s Glorious video over and over.  We love to have it playing throughout the house.  

Dixon learning to play Foosball, so he can keep up with the other kids.  He consistently scores on them.  So cute!

Getting to go to our friends farm for the day.  It was a perfectly beautiful day!  Their land was set up with animals, swings, trees, a wrap around porch, a fire pit and smiling faces.  Kevin pushed me super high on a swing and I was so elated!  We felt ourselves start to melt as we relaxed and visited.  Kevin and I started to dream a little…..  🙂

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A fabulous Stake Young Women in Excellence.  It was the first time to do it as a stake and it was so well done.  It’s weird to not have Addisen there, but still fabulous.  I got to hold baby Cordner (Kaylynn) and loved it.

Rain all day on Sunday!!!  We all slept in, as it poured outside.  The little boys ended up snuggling with us in bed.  A perfect Sunday morning.

Dixon just calmly reading a book at the end of the table.  He was talking to himself and making me smile.  I love precious little moments like this.

Someone from Sequim, Washington posting Bryson’s fireside solo on Facebook for me.  I closed my eyes and pretended I was there.  Oh, how I miss my missionary and his piano playing.  Thank you Angie!

Buying 80% of our Christmas presents in one day, on-line!  Yes, today I spent most the day (as we home schooled) shopping from my house.  I love the feeling of almost being done.  I have a few little things to get still, but the big things are purchased and I have the list finished.  I’m scared to see all the boxes start to arrive at the same time.  When I told Addisen, she said “Royce will be so excited for all the boxes!”  This way he can create things with them.

Cleaning the church with the kids and a few other families.  The kids love doing it and it’s good for them to appreciate taking care of it.

Kevin going to an IBM Conference in New York City.  He said he loved getting to go back and meet with great people.  They pampered the group of 30 people for three days.  One night they got to go to the International Culinary Institute and compete in making the best food.  Then they got to eat an outstanding meal.

The chefs!
The chefs!


Reading our notebooks that have the first six kids funny quotes written in them.  We were laughing so hard.  It was great for all the kids to see that it’s the age that makes them funny, not that a specific kid is so great.  Two days later and I’m still laughing at some of the great memories (especially Tessa!).  🙂

Loved this quote:  “You don’t have to be larger than life to be a hero, just larger than yourself.”  -Mitt Romney



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