Nana and Boppa Visit, Asheville, Gatlinburg, Halloween and Snow!

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Changing our summer clothes out for winter snugginess.  This doesn’t work, because as I consume myself in the kids’ rooms and go through everything (huge piles of clothing that is too small for them), the rest of the house gets trashed.  It takes hours and hours to get it done, but the kids are so excited to see their drawers and closet full of new (actually used hand me down) clothing.  The positive part to this is I only have to do it with the youngest four now.  The olders can do their own now.  I’m so thankful for all the clothes people hand down to us.

Dixon calling the movie Rikki Tikki Tavi, Ticky Tacky Squirrel movie.  There is a mongoose and Cobra in it (Kevin and I saw this movie in school growing up).  He said the snake was a Rattle Snake.  Royce kept correcting him.  So cute!

Kevin and the three girls (the little boys were there for part of it) spending a beautiful Saturday morning making a video.  Although this was fun, we would rather have been hiking.  I ran to Wal-Mart with the boys and Royce was telling the cashier about how he is in his Dad’s video.  He said that his Dad wants to be famous (WHAT?) and that he (Royce) is already famous because he is on You.Tube, now he’ll be double famous.  Ha!  I was cracking up at his perspective.

Addisen spraining her ankle in a soccer game.  😦

Driving all the way back from Dayton, Ohio without heat.  Kevin and I froze!  We had to layer our clothing and turn the heat up high in the hotel room to thaw out.

Gaining weight after traveling so much over that last month.  I’m not sure I can ever eat out again!  Uggghhh!  My stomach turns over just thinking about it.  The kids are even sick of it.  No way!  10731095_798858923489616_7383560645232353115_n

Crying as my parents flew back home.  😦

Retraining my kids.  After a month of craziness, the kids were not behaving the best.  I’ve spent this week getting them back on track.  Hopefully, it will work….

Addisen sending pictures of her 6 degree weather in Rexburg.  I’m thinking it’s cold at 40 degrees.




Running in the beautiful weather.  Autumn is my favorite season.  The cold weather is perfect for hot chocolate and great music.  I love the feel of our home when it’s cold outside.

Corbin playing guitar and singing to the little girls as they fall asleep.  Hadley coyly comes into the room and asks Corbin to come play for them.  It’s so wonderful to hear him singing to them, all country songs of course.

Kevin meeting with some other guys to discuss their business ideas.  When he got home, he was all energized and excited.  I realized this was a book club for men.  🙂

Awesome Halloween party at the Cazier’s house!  The weather was perfect and they thought of every detail.  Perfect night!

Cazier Pumpkins2 Cazier Pumpkins-11 Cazier Pumpkins-7 Cazier Pumpkins-5 Cazier Pumpkins-2 Cazier Pumpkins


My Mom and Dad visiting for two weeks!!!  They started off by watching the kids for two days while Kevin and I went to Dayton, Ohio to see Dave Ramsey in an EntreLeader event.

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They took the kids to all my favorite restaurants while I was gone…..  We had a fabulous time and even got to go to the Nashville Temple on the way home.   When we got back, my Mom had already made my Grandma’s chili recipe.  We took off for the ward Truck or Treat and she won the Chili Cookoff!  No Way!!!  I have been bringing the same recipe for five years!  My Mom rocks!

Playing Blessings by Mercy River, over and over.  I love the words to this song!

Getting cards from wonderful people in Bryson’s mission.  It truly warms this momma’s heart.

Fun with my parents….  Tate Farms, Constitution Village, late night Cranium and card games, golf, shopping, eating out and a blustery Halloween night.

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A haunted house in our neighborhood.  Our teenagers got to go have fun scaring people during trick or treating.  It was a perfect night finished off with hot apple cider.  Loved having my parents here with us.  10678825_794985870543588_1829171986654342713_n

Hadley getting to go to the Girls Engineering Day at UAH.  This is fabulous, fun day for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls.  Got to love Rocket City!


Traveling to Asheville, North Carolina and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Corbin and Kevin didn’t get to go because of work and school.  😦  There was snow in the Smokey Mountains!


We got to stay in some beautiful Bed and Breakfasts!  I LOVED them.  I highly recommend in Ashevillle.

The owner brought us home made cookies and Halloween treats.  So sweet!
The owner brought us home made cookies and Halloween treats. So sweet!

I loved the owners and wanted to bring them home with me.  The girls and I stayed up until midnight watching Hallmark Christmas movies each night.  It was blissful.  Late at night I tucked the kids in and crawled up to my snuggly room. 10710859_798858793489629_2102397083090716784_n

I slept perfectly and woke up to a beautiful sunrise each morning.  I got to run in gorgeous neighborhoods and soak up new experiences.  I LOVE traveling!  We went to the Biltmore and ate downtown. 10255491_798858636822978_7665708015440399899_n10458461_798858690156306_4720306075614263944_n

It was just perfect.  In Gatlinburg, we stayed at the  We had our own incredible cabin with a roaring fireplace.  I didn’t want to leave.  Breakfast was incredible and we got to do a little hike.


It was a beautiful drive home with the kids and I felt blissful as I pondered our special trip.  Thank you Mom and Dad for a fabulous time.  I’ll cherish it always.

I had the kids write what they did each day on our trip.  This was Royce's first paper.  :)
I had the kids write what they did each day on our trip. This was Royce’s first paper. 🙂

Royce sitting in the back row of the Suburban while doing hand puppets to the music I was listening to.  His timing was impeccable, making me laugh for the last couple hours of our drive home from Gatlinburg.

Touring the kitchen at the Biltmore and Royce commenting on the butchering room:  “Those poor, poor chickens.”

Royce making a Batman costume.  He was so happy to be back home with his paper, scissors and tape.  Hadley ended up Cat Woman.  🙂

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