Singing, Teaching in a Car, Firesides, and Miracles – Bryson on His Mission, Weeks 75, 76, 77


October 29, 2014

OK!! It was an awesome week! Another good time!  We got to work more with L*** and *******, and S***** said she wants to be baptized.  It is awesome to have people I love so much coming closer to Christ. They want us over all the time, and it’s hard not to, but we can end up spending all of our time there, so we can’t always go over. They take us out to eat, and have us over to help with things. They mentioned how we are all so happy together.  🙂 President said that we could go to the Lacey Fireside with them on Sunday. So we all loaded up into S**** sweet truck and went, it was great. E***** came too and they are all great friends. We got to teach two lessons and answer a lot of questions. IT IS A MISSIONARIES DREAM!! We got to drive through Hill Top and I forgot how sketchy it is. President talked to them again:) We are starting a Book of Mormon class, be S*** is reading it, and L**** said she wants help understanding it all.   L***** has a friend that invited herself to it. We are doing it on Tuesday and could have a lot of people there.   🙂

Brother Knapp, from Gig harbor, is now a family history missionary. He is an older single guy, and he loves the missionaries.  We are real good friends, and he came up to take us out to lunch, but instead we took him to S***’s and had him set S**** and her up with family history accounts. They love him so much! We taught them all about temples and the PLAN! They are so pumped about family history work. S**** loves the idea of being baptized for the dead. It was so great. This is what missionaries live for.

All my sisters are leaving this transfer! And Sister Gehring is leaving a few weeks early, so I wouldn’t see her at transfer meeting to say goodbye! But I got to last night! I am so glad, because she is one of the coolest sisters ever!  I got to sit next to Elder Sparks.

I got an e-mail from R***, who is one of my converts in Brookdale. She just finished the Book of Mormon, just went to the temple for the first time, and was interviewed for her Patriarchal blessing! And R**** also has a calling, finished the Book of Mormon, and went to the temple!!! THIS IS HOW WE DO! Being a missionary is awesome!  🙂

I love having the spirit fill my mouth. I have no idea what to say, but God does. AND he lets me know!! I have seen it many times this week.

When we were about to leave the fireside, we were waiting for S****.   L***, T**** and Y***** all were standing at the picture of the First Vision, and they wanted to know which one was Jesus. Instead of answering them, I recited the first vision, and let them figure it out. “and said, pointing to the other, this is my beloved Son, hear him.” That was pretty cool, because we were already feeling the Spirit. I figured that since we all already felt it, if I recited that to them they could know it is true!! S***** asked me on Tuesday what steps she has to take to be baptized. I told her, read and pray about the Book of Mormon, because it is the fruit of the prophet Joseph smith. She has a few doubts about him, and there is no better way to find out if he is a prophet than reading and praying.  I told her we need to give her the five lessons!  CAN’T WAIT!

Love you so much! Happy Halloween.

Last P-day, We played frisbee, basketball, handball, football. We have some of the best in our mission.  🙂  I love sports so much!! 🙂

November 3, 2014

HEY THERE! Good week. 🙂

Tuesday we had our first Book of Mormon class. We did it at seven at the church. S***** and L*** came. So did T*****. They are such good friends. T**** brought a friend who I have met before. We had three investigators!!! That is really good. I taught it. We talked about where the Book of Mormon came from. Pretty much taught a first lesson. Reading the intro, and Moroni 10:3-5. Then talking about what the  spirit is and how we can know truth through it. We talked about the fruit of the Spirit and why it is so important to know if the book is true and from God. Then we talked about the testimony of the three and eight witnesses and why that is important also! That took us 1 1/2 hrs. It was really great. T***** bore her testimony multiple times and you could feel the Spirit a lot. Same with L*****. They are all coming back next week! T*****’s friend, A****, invited herself back. I can’t wait. Then T******, her little sister Lexi and I practiced this EFY song “Come unto Christ” that we are doing inS next week. We are doing this so we can invite a bunch of people to church to see it! The three Williams girls have a ton of people that said they would come. They are awesome missonaries. T****** is one of the best member missionaries I have ever seen! Can’t wait for this Tuesday!

The next day, S**** asked again what she needs to do to be baptized. I said, if you know its true, you still have three lessons left. Then, you can be baptized as soon as you want. She said “Ok, lets do the three lessons in the next three days!” We have had crazy schedules thought, and still have one more we will do tomorrow. L*** was there for all of the except one. 🙂  So cool. We got to teach three lessons this week. I LOVE IT!!

I have been here so long. I Feel like I have lived here forever.  Feels like home to me. You know you’ve been here long when you got all the deer around the area memorized.  In a conversation in Elders Quorum about hunting -“Yea, there is a nice buck up off of Eglon. Looks like a 4 pt.”  Then someone from across the room “Nope. Its a 6 point. I’ve been watching him for weeks. He is mine. Stay away” “The one that has got a huge body, but smaller rack?” “Yup. I got dibs.” HA! I recognize half the cars around town. I know where all these random cars live. This is your small town talk around the dinner table when we go to peoples houses. “Did ya see that the country corner is back open again?? That great” “Did ya hear that the ferry broke down today? They were running only one”.   Welcome to Kingston folks! YEHAWWWW!

Wednesday, we went to ***** cross country award ceremony. The ****** use to live at *****, and they now moved up to Hansville. We went to a few of his races. We are going to his band concert tonight!

FRIDAY! HALLOWEEN! Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays. Last year and this year, we see creepy things happen. SO I didn’t mind being away form all of that! We did a cool General Conference jeopardy. Then All the guys sat around me at the piano for and hour and we sang and talked. The guys in this zone are all real tight! We have mostly all been here for three transfers. We get along great. I love them all. Then, we got to watch the Best Two Years.  It is the funniest movie ever! I get so much of it now. From gross apartments, to companionship dynamics, investigators, girls back home. We were all laughing so hard. At the beggining, everyone kept saying, “Jones, that is so you!” Everytime that Elder Rogers makes a comment. Yup. They didn’t mean that I stink as a missionary like he does, but I guess my humor is exactly like that.  I got a bucket of Redvines!! YUMMM!

Sunday, we went over to the Williams to practice our song. It will be good! I bore my testimony in church. I talked about enduring to the end. I gave an example about how Elijah was awesome, called down fire from heaven, then killed 450 guys down by a river. But then when the queen got mad, he got scared, ran away, and asked God to take his life. I related it to how even though we can have awesome spiritual experiences, we can still get scared and lose sight of the whole thing. Then I talked about a time how I was swimming for work to qualify.  How I gave it everything I had and swam extra, but I didn’t know it. I just kept swimming my hardest at the end. I related it all to enduring to the end and using the Atonement. It was alright. After church, we went to the Williams because they were celebrating Troyana’s birthday, and they had a nonmember coming. They are a really cool family. SO, SO, SO FUNNY.  T**** asked the lady to come to our Book of Mormon Class, and she said she would!! YES!! Then we went to***** and she had L***** and her kids over. ***** and **** fasted with us!!!! It was so cool! We had taught them about fasting in lesson # 4. And they did it with us this week.

Today is the P-day where we get to be with the sisters.

I am running out of time. I love y’all so much!

November 10th, 2014

Hey! Lots of computer problems today.

It was a busy, busy week! My body and mind feels it. I need a nap. Only six more months until I can take a nap. 😉

We did lots of service this week!  I went on an exchange in Poulsbo with Elder Tomlinson. We walked a few miles to go help this lady. We were building a 100 ft long wall with these rounded cinderblocks, the kind that are down below the garage at our house, but red. They are about 40 lbs each! We had to haul them 100 ft to the wall. Finally, we fixed up a wheel barrow, but getting them up to four ft was difficult. We did 2 1/2 pallets. It cuts up your hands badly. One fell on my fingers and smashed them. They are still purple. It was pouring rain the whole time, but it was kind of fun because Tommy is a fun guy!  He is from Australia, and his mom is French.  The lady gave us a snack, and we sat around her piano and sang Christmas songs while I played. I told her about my musical number in church, and she ended up coming! Too bad she is in the other ward.

On Saturday, we were roofing! It was finally sunny. I hope y’all just imagine me doing everything in the pouring rain unless I specifically say otherwise!  Someone up in Hansville is a less active man that the ward found.  He lives on this pretty old vineyard and is building his own house.  We helped him roof.   It was pretty steep.   I was able to get a harness that Charlie let me borrow.  It save my life many many times.  🙂 Brother Burt, came with his two sons.   I was the “young buck”, and therefore designated to carry the stacks of shingles from the top of the roof down to where they were roofing.  That was pretty hard. My tennis shoes are these Nike Frees and the bottom has no tread, along with my toes almost poking through. I might as well have been wearing skis. They were so slick, and the roof was kind of wet from the morning dew. Those stacks of shingles must have been 50-60 lbs. Thats a lot of extra weight when you have no grip. I fell a few times and the harness saved me. It was cool to learn how to roof. I got pretty good at it too!

I was sore the next morning, but then when I was practicing the piano song, I reached for some sheet music and it pull my back out.  I pulled a muscle, the one just inside of my shoulder blade. Now it hurts every time I breathe, and move. It’s kind of like having a cracked rib. Breathing and moving hurts.  A lot.  🙂

I was on a doorstep, and stepped on something. I thought it was a tomato because I heard the juices and chunks go everywhere.  I looked down, and saw an exploded mouse.  Its’ guts and blood were everywhere, including my shoe. GROSSSS!  The guy made me throw it up on the roof, and I missed the first time and it almost came back down on me.  😦

We had two cool miracles! First, we were in Indianola, and this 80 yr old woman wanted to hear the message. She didn’t want to go in her house because it was so dirty, and said “let sit in my car and talk” I thought she was going to pull a Hansel and Gretel and bake me into a pie.  🙂 We tried to talk her out of it, but couldn’t.  So we sat behind her in the car. She was obsessed with trying to get the lights off, but I kept my door open so she couldn’t turn them off.   I didn’t want to be in the dark with this woman in her car!!   We taught her the Gospel. And she wants to be baptized! On date for the 22nd! We are going over with a member tonight. 🙂

A member in our ward asked me how the work is going. I said GREAT!

T***** had told us about this lady she wanted us to see. She works at this little shop that everyone in Kingston goes to. And she is really nice and happy and everyone loves her to death. She is a good example of the Believers. She makes friends with all these people and refers them to us. We were going to go see one of them, but stopped by her work to make sure we knew where she lived. Then, after a few minutes, in walks J***, the lady we were about to go see! T***** starts talking to her, and when homeschooling comes up, she yells, “Elder Jones was home-schooled too!!” And because I am a creeper, I had been listening and jumped right in the conversation. We ended up giving her our number, arranging service, and she said she would come to church to hear our musical number. Then, I found out, I know her 14 year old daughter!  I met her at a youth thing because she had come with G******. I got to know her pretty well. The crazy thing is, that T****** wasn’t supposed to work that day.  She got called in last minute to cover for someone who got sick. It all ended up working out perfectly thought.

Our musical number went well! Some non-members came, and it was fun to do!

GUESS WHAT!!!!! I am going to the Sequim fireside next week!!! I get to see all my Sequim peeps! I can’t wait. And I am getting wrapped up in all these musical numbers. I get to sing and play piano. Hopefully this goes better than the last time I had to sing.

The Whitworth’s niece, ******, who we have met a bunch before and gone over to her house, was at the Whitworth’s.   We went over after our diner at the Jonatakis families house. They had all of their Classical Conversation stuff out, they do math and other school work on the window with these cool neon window markers. I washed it all off, then had K***** help me draw the Plan of Salvation. Then I had her read scriptures as I walked her through it. It was kind of fun!!  We are working really hard to get her to church.

We have a crazy day ahead of us. Shopping, musical numbers to practice for, sports. Love you so much!!!  🙂

Read your scriptures, think and pray. Go to church!


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