Utah, Melt Downs, Thankfulness, Security Guards and Chocolate Pie (5 pounds worth)!!!!

Just a thought….  I know you all are good at this, but I am always looking toward the future and making things happen.  I decided this week that I am going to really focus on how thankful I am for the wonderful things in my life rather than wanting to always move forward toward other things.  Kevin provides such an incredible life for us and I am truly thankful.  The kids are amazing, we are healthy and life is great!  1458422_786331981408977_8412596779853951500_n (1)



Bribing the little boys with a Dollar Tree toy.  We were hoping they would listen to their older siblings while Kevin and I were out of town.  We were a bit nervous leaving Corbin and Tessa in charge for three days, but they did great.  We appreciate Megan Cordner taking them to soccer games and Tina Darby for driving us to the airport and dropping treats off.  We’re used to having more drivers around, so we really missed Addisen being here while we were gone.


Corbin getting taken to the security office at a haunted forest.   Thankfully, he started doing what they said and going the way he was supposed to.  We want our kids to think outside of the box, but not that much!  He had a great time with a fun group of youth.

This picture is actually not from the Haunted Forest, but the pumpkin patch.
This picture is actually not from the Haunted Forest, but the pumpkin patch.

Getting released from my Relief Society calling.  The RS President got called to another position, so the ripple effect caused my release and sadness.  😦  I loved working with these fantastic ladies!

Kevin wants to get a new phone so he can give me his, that way the pictures will turn out better.
Kevin wants to get a new phone so he can give me his, that way the pictures will turn out better.

Dixon slipping on his bike in the cul-de-sac.  Of course it was at the end of the neighborhood picnic.  We left with a bloody, screaming child and utter chaos.  Right when I think we are past experiences like that….

Dixon screaming about having to leave Classical Conversations Home School group.  Kevin was in Chicago, Corbin had to go to class, so I brought him with me for the first part.  When Corbin came to pick him up he freaked out.  I have NEVER had a kid act like this at this age (ok, maybe Bryson, but we didn’t know what we were doing then).  He was flailing around (like he used to in nursery at church, but it’s been a long time since he’s acted like this).  We finally got him belted down and Corbin drove off, until Dixon released his seatbelt and opened the door!  Corbin came back and I was about to take Dixon back in with me, but Corbin looked at me and said “No way Mom, you can’t give into him now, I’m taking him”.  Wow, ok, my kids are better parents than me.  We couldn’t get him back in the carseat because he is super strong, combined with us laughing so hard.  So we threw him in the back seat and Corbin took off.  Dixon cried the entire way home, tried to kick the window out and kept saying “Please take me back to CC, I want to go back!”.  He stopped crying for a small instant to play with the lights on the roof of the car.  Corbin put him in his room until he calmed down and he was great the rest of the day.  At least I know he will love CC when he gets to go after he turns four.

Corbin getting the old Suburban stuck in the grass, while Kevin was out of town.  He was turning it around on the wet grass.  Our fabulous neighbors, Betsy and Russ towed it out for us.  10525364_789197924455716_7571768959869926307_n

Tornados coming when Kevin was out of town.  I love the storms here, but prefer Kevin being home.  Corbin did a great job taking care of everything for us.

Bryson having to go to the doctor because his ear was completely plugged up.  Not good.  Supposedly it’s all better.  It’s odd to be across the country and not be able to help.  🙂

Watching a mom walk with her college age son down the sidewalk as he put his arm around her shoulders and turned his head to say something to her.  It reminded me of Bryson before he left and I cried just a bit.  I love Mondays because we get Bryson’s e-mail.  Wednesdays are great too, because I get to watch videos on Facebook of other missionaries coming home.

Dixon saying he’s sorry right after he does something wrong.  “But, I said I was sorry.”  He thinks he can do bad things as long as he says he’s sorry.  I guess we have a little more learning to do…..

Dixon’s art skills!  Right after I said to a couple friends that my kids have never used Sharpies on our walls, I was cursed!  Dixon keeps doing it in secretive little places.  This one was on the back of the bathroom door.  It’s kind of cute, huh?



Taking the family to Meet the Mormons.  It was great to see in a theatre all the way here in Huntsville Alabama!  http://meetthemormons.com/#/filter-all/page-1

Addisen getting a cute winter jacket from Nana and Boppa.  Hopefully, it will keep her warm enough when winter hits.

Stake Conference!  I learned many great things.  One that has stayed with me was “What is it that you really want?’.  I pondered this for awhile and realize that all the worldly things fade away and I want to return to my Heavenly Father and do whatever he wants me to do in the mean time.  Teach, love, serve.

Corbin getting to go out with the missionaries.  He was gone forever and had a great experience!  Love our missionaries!

Decadent Chocolate Pie!  I made it from scratch and gained five pounds in two days.  I don’t think it is a good idea to make it again….  http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2014/10/chocolate-pie/  10516584_789197847789057_8296166841725218020_n

Addisen giving me great advice on how to parent our teenagers.  This was an unexpected part of this new phase.  Loving fabulous adult children!  Her advice worked (I would post it for you all, but then the said children would know what I was doing).  🙂

Royce giving me a big hug as he wandered past me, while I was folding laundry.  He said “I love you, Mom”.  I said “Thanks bud, I love you too, you’re the best”.  He responded with “So are you.” and as he walked away “So is everyone!”.  Yes, my boy, so is everyone.  🙂

Sleeping straight through the night without even moving, while Kevin is out of town.  I’m not sure if this is a thing that worked or didn’t work.  I miss him when he’s gone, but I love sleeping so well.

Bentley getting a haircut.  It’s like having two different dogs.  🙂

10387613_789198107789031_384573572675002000_n 10411914_789197967789045_4748405776245819925_n

Finally figuring out how to make smaller portions of food.  With Bryson and Addisen gone, I don’t need to make huge amounts of food.  It’s really hard to learn to downsize my cooking….

Trip to Utah!  Kevin and I flew out Salt Lake City for his brother, Grant’s sealing to Jolene.  Addisen shuttled down from Rexburg and stayed with us.  It was so great to see her and she made me giggle instead of sleep.  We got to go to the Draper and Timpanogos Temples and have incredible Thai food downtown (thank you Thomasons!)  Eating dinner at 9:00 pm all three night was not the best thing.  We got to see our long time fabulous friends the Vanderhoffs!  It was so great to see their kids and visit for hours.   1477451_787290597979782_5471763803610750181_n 10478027_786331824742326_6184862570249024503_n 10606582_786332071408968_271842953993611691_n 10615640_787290481313127_4366918455227357446_n 10628084_787290557979786_3749478865481391823_n 10632576_787290661313109_4334614285721645843_n 10671401_787290697979772_4944834386373117376_n

Getting the windows in the house cleaned.  Wow!  It’s as if we are outside when we are inside.  Love it, even though it won’t last long with the little boys around.  All the spiderwebs are gone too.

Sending Addisen and Bryson Halloween boxes.  The little boys were so excited to carry them into the post office.

Royce being carried upstairs while saying:  “Dad, my leg hurts, I don’t think it has oxygen, it must being having a stroke.”

Addisen reenacting Tessa throwing up on our last trip to Utah.  We pulled over at the same spot to take a picture for Tessa, but then Addy jumped out to add to it.  We had a good laugh, not sure if Tessa did….  10710913_787290254646483_3693435169075576179_n

Starting FHE with Addy Facetiming.  It was nice to have her there, but she didn’t last long with the chaos and need to go to her own Family Home Evening.


Dixon and Royce doing letters together.


Making Halloween Hamburgers.  Tessa decided to add one to her face.  🙂




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