Addisen Leaves for College, Bryson Plays Phantom, Kick the Stew Out of It, Producers and Consumers, Nana, Boppa and Nini!!!!


Hadley getting Heat Stroke during her first soccer game.  She had been camping the night before and didn’t drink enough.  It was super hot and humid.  The next two games went much better!

Royce stating that he was hyper, like someone taught him that he couldn’t control his energy.  I’m thinking “Where did this suddenly come from?”  I talked to him about it and suddenly he wasn’t hyper anymore.  Sweet!

The girls taking advantage of Mom being out of town and Dad working.  After a couple of days of too many movies (after school was done), Kevin had to give them the “Producers and Consumers” talk.  Tessa told me about on the phone and I was laughing so hard.  Kevin did a fantastic job taking care of the kids two weekends in a row.  He really can do anything!  I think he would be better at staying at home with them, but also better at working.  I’m truly blessed by him!

Getting off the plane in Idaho Falls with Addisen and seeing a family waiting for their missionary.  I jumped in with all of them and cried as he walked out.  This didn’t work, because I realized I was standing right next to the parents at first.  The seemed thrilled to have me join them, but thankfully I realized before he came out and moved away from the family.  A little glimpse into our future…..  Only 7 1/2 months!!!!

Losing my Debit card on my trip!

Dixon’s sadness after Addy left.  “Mom, what time do Addy get home?”, “Mom, what time do Bryson get home?”…. 😦

Soccer quotes in the South:  “Looks like you got a flat tire.”  = Your shoe flew off.   “Kicked the stew out of it.” =  Huge kick.  “Hand toss”  = Throw in.

Getting my hair cut a little too short.  I figured it would be easier, but they lady went crazy with it.  Someone told me it looks like a paint brush in the back.  Kevin and I had a good laugh over that.  Such is a life with terribly thick, fuzzy hair in humidity.

Sneaking time to write in my journal during school classes and in my bathroom in the morning.  Sometimes, I just have to write and I can’t find the time…..

Spraining my wrist playing kickball for Family Home Evening.  I was about to make a home run and Kevin came running after me with the ball. All I could remember was the feeling of the ball slapping against my back, so I turned around to block it and it bent my hand back.  It was still worth it!

Mismatch day at Classical Conversations.  This day kills me.  I want to have kids where a sign that says it’s mismatch day.  It hurts my eyes to look at them.


Odd insects in Alabama, but cool to show the kids.  I carried this one home from my run on a leaf for the kids.



Driving to Nashville to take professional pictures for Kevin’s business.  We had so much fun driving, eating Artesian Speared Tuna and taking the pictures.  It was super hot and humid!  Then we went to the Nashville Temple and loved it all.  The young photographer asked us how long we had been married.  We responded with “20 years”.  She said “And you still really like each other, wow!”

fNEWfKevin-157 Kevin-16Kevin-124




Father/Daughter Campout!  Kevin and the three little (or not so little) girls had a blast at the Stake campout.  They got to sleep in cabins with air conditioning and loved it.

IMG_1430 IMG_1438









Family Home Evening Shaka Laka night!  There is a family price on Monday night (love that the owners are LDS).  It was a perfect way to spend Addy’s last FHE night with us.


Addisen’s Graduation/Going Away/Birthday Party!  We decided to do the theme colors for BYU-I.  We had fun decorating and making all the food for it.  The best part was all the love that flowed into the house.  I took a few moments to just watch my sweet Addy conversing with people.  I’m still wondering how she grew up so quickly, but I am loving who she has become.  Thanks to every person that loved and supported her in so many ways, near and far…..

Addisen achieving an Honor Bee at church.

Addisen’s last days….  Favorite meals, birthday celebrating, people stopping by and meeting her, Father’s blessing, Merritt video of Addy, last “Tuck, Tucks”, Angel Song, huge hugs to everyone and Tessa’s poem.  Corbin serenaded her goodbye with “Girl, I gotta see you tonight Addy, I’m gonna miss you tonight….”

Corbin’s first date with Maddie Wilson.  They went bowling and went to dinner.  So fun!

1558507_774013915974117_4636686384021092708_n 10703798_774014032640772_4376023185848936217_n

Taking Addisen to college!  This was a wonderful experience.  I was expecting to have a harder time than I did, but it was so fun to be with just Addy, she made it easy.  We shopped for everything, ate,  and figured out how to navigate the campus.  It was beautiful, cold weather (58 degrees).  We came in our Southern clothing and quickly went and bought sweaters.  I LOVED Rexburg!  Saying goodbye was sad, but I was so excited for her new life experiences to begin.  After we hugged, I watched my sweet girl walk off (I’m never good at this part).  I bawled my eyes out as I drove back to Idaho Falls.  It felt good to listen to the music we listened to over the years and cry.  I had a solemn night, but attended the majestical Rexburg Temple early the next morning.  This put everything into perspective.  What a wonderful privilege it is to bare these children and watch them spread their wings.  To love and hurt all at once is very special.  I think loving deeply is what life is about.  There is nothing like a Mother’s love, thus there is nothing like a Mother’s hurt.  I am so thankful this is the good kind of hurt.  The spirit was so strong and I feel very blessed to get to live life with Kevin and our wonderful children.

7410_767935436581965_560784813882360109_n 10301500_767935219915320_1594663880400608683_n 10370960_767935533248622_6844712707433818188_n 10410949_767935279915314_6180262945899541650_n 10636048_767935329915309_2391543566381989271_n 10703672_767935386581970_2676475129317820816_n10635933_768645973177578_5349006270017088360_n 10698438_768645833177592_8250941816177675138_n 10703691_768645936510915_8266595188443349457_n  1924384_768870719821770_2468877014021976042_n 10407938_768870736488435_675336947120827928_n 10701951_768870839821758_6839172980035058006_n

Addisen's birthday Skype call home!  Love it!
Addisen’s birthday Skype call home! Love it!
Climbing Rexburg Mountain
Climbing Rexburg Mountain

Realizing I am on the last leg of my flight home when I see Alabama and Auburn clothing on everyone.  Gotta love the South!

Aunt Nini, Nana and Boppa getting to visit Bryson on his mission.  My sister, Janine, lives in his Stake, so it’s legal.  Bryson got permission for my parents to visit with Janine.  He LOVED getting to see family.  They were so sweet to take them out to eat and buy shirts and fruit for him.  They spent time with a group of missionaries and then had bottomless fries at Red Robin.  Those missionaries were happy!

10361442_774014432640732_412742241035308927_n 10540410_774014312640744_2225161605888565348_n 10629848_774014215974087_7026646511904338391_n

Getting to go to “Time Out For Women” with Laura Cazier.  We had the entire trip down, over night, eating and back and we still needed more time to talk.  It was wonderful!  The event had great speakers and musical numbers.  I loved getting to visit with people whom live out of our Ward.  Over all a wonderful experience!


Royce coaching video:

Getting to finally go on a normal date with Kevin after all the traveling!  I think I take for granted that each weekend we catch up with each other on our dates.  He is the best!  We just couldn’t get enough of finally getting to be together.  Love you Kevin!

Addisen getting to go to outstanding activities at BYU-I.  This college amazes me at the amount of fun, clean activities for the students.  She went on a date (there was a group of dates) climbing Rexburg Mountain then a Hunger Games event.  There are firesides, temple trips, sports, Ward Home Evenings, church, Devotionals, Talent Shows, Dances, rock climbing walls and much more.  I love the spirit of the school.  It felt so good to drop my young adult off at a place that provides great ways to socialize.  They expect the best from them and themselves.  She already got a calling in her Ward as a Relief Society Teacher.  🙂

Sunday afternoon snooze.


Tessa getting to clean someone’s home once a week.  She is learning so much and working hard.  We are so proud of her!

Bryson’s Mission President’s wife sending me a text with a picture of him playing the piano.  She said “Your sweet Elder played Phantom for us after Zone Conference while waiting for interviews and I forgot to send you this picture until now when I’m with him again.  He’s adorable, very sweet, obedient and righteous.”  🙂  Warm my heart!  I love getting messages from people in Washington, but this one made me smile super big, knowing how busy she is.  I am so thankful for mission presidents and their wives.  They truly amaze me.


Royce losing his second tooth while brushing his teeth.  Love the smile!


Dixon reading digital clocks.  He is three and a half and can say the second part of the numbers.  We thought he was just getting lucky, but them we kept testing him “7:28, 7:43, 7:47”.  Royce starts laughing and says that he has been teaching at night when they go to bed.  No way!

Loving the cooler days with less humidity.  Feel about like an Oregon summer.  I’m missing the rain, but loving the blue skies.  Great for lemonade stands.  People were so sweet and generous.  They had a blast!  10703887_774014539307388_2883969310344494897_n

Corbin getting Halloween out with the kids.  I took a shower while he coordinated the entire set up.  He LOVES Halloween and Christmas.  I love that he loves to set them up!  He even bought new decorations for his room.

Dentist for seven kids with no cavities!!!



Royce making costumes again.  Dixon was Toothless and he was Hiccup from “How to Train Your Dragon”.  So cute!

10461372_774014699307372_1789798243587954224_n 10501840_774014712640704_8771211238939584311_n

Merritt baking again!  She made stuffed crust pizza this time!  Yum!




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