Seeing Boppa, Nana & Nini, With Great Missionaries, Teaching – Bryson on His Mission, Week 69


Hey! This will be quick so I can go see my Aunt Nini, Nana and Boppa for lunch! Can’t wait.

Elder Muro and I went on an exchange up here. Best exchange ever. He is soooo funny, and we had tons of really good Gospel talks. We were in the car, and after a few minutes of silence, he turns  to me and says “I love being with you. I have been perfectly happy sitting here, and we haven’t had the music on for 30 min”.   He is a good guy!

Elder Muro and I taught the *****s the last lesson, and they brought up all the anti and more.  Elder Muro and I did our best to resolve their issues. We did really well. At one point, he said something wrong and I had to help clarify. I said, I DISAGREE. Told him why, and then bore my testimony of Joseph Smith. It felt pretty good. He got really hung up about one thing, and kept saying it’s not true because it is not in the Bible. We brought him two different scriptures where it specifically explains it. His wife said, yea I guess they are right. But he kept arguing that it wasn’t in the Bible. It was frustrating.

We went over to the ******s, whose sons just got home from a hunting trip. I asked how it went, and she wouldn’t give me a straight answer about if they caught anything. I left it, and ate the really good dinner. The meat was like steak, but more tough and it tasted different. After, she asked if we had ever eaten bear. HAHA. I ATE BEAR! It was good.

We are working on finding new people. It is hard, but we are trying!

Ok. I have more to say, but we need to go so we can catch Aunt Nini on her lunch break. Maybe we will e-mail later! Love you!


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