New Companion, Pranks, A Baptism, PMG – Bryson on His Mission, Weeks 67 & 68


September 2nd, 2014

Hey! I don’t really get to email today.  We are going to Tacoma today! I am getting elder Herbert Brown.  I have heard his favorite past-time is sewing. Which is good cause I need a pocket sewed and now I don’t have to do it. As long as he is nice then I don’t really care. My current comp is going up to dungeness. I miss it there!

WE got to go to the temple on Saturday! We got to ride the ferry too! It was one of the best days of my life! I got in and right away they started me helping out confiming people and doing it all. It was fun. Doug is a boss. I saw the Browns from Dungeness, the Messegees from Brookdale, and a sister from the Lakewood ward. So many Mormons! There were like 6 weddings there. It was a long day, but I miss the temple! I can’t wait to go all the time cause you feel so great after.

We made a few peoples day this week! We decided to go to someones house, and went to a ladies house who has about a year left to live. She made me play her piano, and my comp cleaned her stairs. She cried while I played piano, and was so happy when she saw my comp had cleaned the stairs according to his OCD standards. She is the same way when it comes to cleaning and she loved it.

We taught a guy that this inactive father and son have fellowshipped, and we gave all 3 of them blessings. It was so cool! Hopefully he will come to church and we can baptize him.

It was sad to go say goodbye to everyone. The ward really likes us both, and its sad to see him go. Up on the pulpit Brother Shane said “We are losing Elder Johnson. We will miss him and all the lawnmowers that he fixed.” YUP. Even though we only baptized one person, we have really done some awesome things here. We have helped soooo many people and done so much good. We have really helped to turn the area around.

I wish I could give yall all the details cause we had an awesome week, but we have to go. I love you a bunch. Thanks for the stuff you sent. I love the pictures. I showed the Stokes the picture of us all at their wedding. I love them.

WE had a goodbye dinner at the Whitworths last night, and all the kids where driving mini excavators and tractors and forklifts around.  We were all racing around their property on this heavy equipment. Dinner was great. I love all of them.

Guess what? All the sisters that came out with me are going home in two transfers. That is weird!!!!! Love yall. Hopefully talk to you more later.


September 8th, 2014

Hey there good lookin!

We got the new guy down in Tacoma. When they introduce the new missionaries, they always do a little introduction skit which can be up to a minute long. They can be really really funny. I was in one! Elder Smith and Dean, two of my favorite guys out here, are training together in Lakewood. They had me be in their skit. After the AP introduces the new guy, you never know who is going to stand up and start a skit. So I stand up and everyone was surprised, cause I am not training. I start yelling “The DNA results are in!!! It is confirmed that Elder Bagley (who was trained by Sutton and Smith last transfer) is the legitimate child of Smith and Sutton. Elder Lacosse, your results are Elder Dean and……TUGBE!!!!!” Elder Tugbe stands up, yells NOOOOOOOOO!!! And Elder Smith slaps dean across the face. It is funny cause Elder Lacosse is mixed, and Elder Tugbe is DARK DARK black from Africa. It was like an episode right off of Maurie.

We drove back, and went straight to Shielas house. It is a crazy house. Lots of yelling, kids, swearing, and love. 3 families under one roof. It is crazy. And we are pretty much family there. We worked out a prank with them. WE walked up, and knocked on the door. We hear a man yell, “Who is it!!” I replied, the missionaries!. Then Charlie, a 60 yr old man, opens the door holding a loaded AR-15 and freaks out on us. “I thought I told you to get the heck off my freaking porch and…….” You get the point. He flipped out. It was freaky. Then we saw a camera and then my comp wasn’t scared anymore. hahaha It was the funniest thing ever. Then Kathy, one of the moms there, who I am great friends with, played a prank on me, and made me think that I forgot to pick up food and I wasted all her money. I was so scared. She flipped out on me. Later in the week, someone said “The boys are here!” Thats what they call us because the little girls say, HI BOY! She runs grabs her gun, and comes to the door screaming and cussing again. But it wasnt us. It a returning missionary. She was so embarassed. Her and I were talking about her favorite scripture, and it happens to be James 1:5. I laughed out loud, and then taught her about the restoration of the Gospel. Her and I have a lot of good conversations.

The week before transfers, I saw president, and he said, “Elder Jones! You are quite the popular guy. I have so many people every transfer requesting to be companions with you.” I laughed and he went off about how lots of people want to be my comp, even though he has told us all that he won’t do our requests.

We have been doing OYMs, or open your mouths. We try to talk to 20 extra people a day, outside of normal finding activities. We have hard time with that cause we have very few people in our area. We decided to go try to get our 20 through some extra knocking. We didn’t see a single soul for the first 40 minutes. IT took that long to get 1 person to open the door. HAha looks  like we need to find another way to talk to people. 🙂 While doing 5-7s, we get a text from Muro, who is our new DL, and he said “First companionship to find a new investigator named Jack gets a free subway sandwich”. WE didn’t win it.:( Muro is one of my favorite people on this earth. He is so funny and nice.

Drove by McDonalds and saw a guy with a Bama hat on. I ran inside and started talking to him. Then I payed for a burger, pulled out my Bama wallet, and it felt so good to hear him yell ROLL TIDE!!!!!! Ahhh I miss my Alabama!

We went and introduced my comp to the Smileys, and they figured out that we don’t get much in the way of anything healthy to eat. Te next day, they got us a ton of groceries. SO NICE!

Oh yes. Hap Whitworth had his baptism. At the Cleavers. In the pond! It was so pretty! They had a guitar, and after they found out that I played, they had me accompany the hymns! But It was pretty much everyone trying to follow me while I solo. Oh well!! And I gave a talk. IT went well. I think. I talked about how Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan and it was pretty dirty, and compared it to the Cleavers algea covered pond. Then I realized I probably should have put it differently, but it was a funny moment. Then as soon as it all was done, the kids all ran and changed and everyone went on the zipline. I WAS DYING! I wanted to go on it so bad! I thought about going on it and not dropping into the water and stopping really fast, but we had had the conversation about getting sent home for broken legs the night before and I was scared that it was a sign. It was a great day.

I love how y’all are teaching from Preach My Gospel!!! (This is the book the missionaries study from to learn not only what to teach, but how to teach. We have been studying it as a family – just us and the older kids – for about three year now.) I wish y’all could come with me to teach! It is so different. I really have a hard time with role playing lessons. I don’t do very well and have a hard time getting into and trying to feel the Spirit. Don’t stress it! Also know, it is so different every time. Rarely do you get a sit down lesson where you get to lay it all out. If they are interested, they are going to have lots of question that may be basic, but aren’t part of the lesson. It is important that these things are answered, but we try to make sure they know the Restoration too.

Sometimes, it takes three meetings to teach the Restoration. Sometimes we teach the first two lessons in one meeting. Often we only get part of it out. We try to get the most important parts that they could benefit from and what answers their questions. What’s important is that they feel the Spirit. I have seen too many people try to force the first lesson of investigators when, after a bit, you realize that it is not the time for it, and maybe having a discussion about the Plan of Salvation is better.  It can be done soooo different every time.

There are times when all I do is ask questions and let them read scriptures and they teach themselves. Other times, we do more talking and not as much questions. It depends on the situation. What I try to remember is that the lessons in PMG are more guidelines. There is almost an indefinite number of ways a lesson could be taught. We try to stick to the order laid out by PMG, but when you feel it is supposed to be different, you try to cover the basic information as guided by the Spirit. I guess I would have to show you for you to understand!! Someday my lovely family.

Love you. I get to see Nini and Nana and Boppa next week. It should be so great! I can’t wait.


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