Milk Doug’s, Zit Gone Wild, Tigeress, Lil’ Elder Jones, School and Hats!!!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three and a half weeks!  Time is flying by….  I knew if I didn’t get this done before Addisen left, it would be weeks before I caught up.  I stopped keeping my list the past week and a half, so a lot is left out.

School picture - Freshman College, Junior, 8th, 6th, 4th, 1st and Pre-School
School picture – Freshman College, Junior, 8th, 6th, 4th, 1st and Pre-School


Kevin having a zit gone crazy.  He had to have it removed by the doctor and tested.    All turned out well and Kevin is all better now.

Royce and Hadley making wire rings with the twisty ties in the produce section of Target.  I never clued into what they were really doing with them, until Hadley got to the car and threw her tie away.  Royce got a sad face and said “Hadley, you don’t want to be married anymore?”

The entire family passing a cold around.  It was a pretty bad one and we don’t agree with it’s timing, August!

Dixon calling Tigress, Tigeress after watching Kung Fu Panda.

Dixon telling me the “e-mail” came, as the mailman drove up.

Royce saying his favorite candy is “Milk Doug’s”.  Ha, Kevin’s middle name happens to be Douglas.

The kids nominating me to do the “Ice Bucket Challenge”.  I didn’t really want to get involved, but I overheard Hadley saying “Mom, won’t do it.”.  So, of course I had to do it.  I just waited until I got home from running and was super hot and needed to shower anyways.  We all ended up having a lot of fun doing it and it’s for  a great cause.  Royce was so proud of being able to do it, but he said AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos) instead of ALS.

Hadley watching Little House on the Prairie and saying “I love how much extra time they have to just be together as a family.”  Ouch!  She really meant, I want you to be like the Ingalls family all the time.  Ugggghhhh.  At least I was watching it with her.  🙂

Addisen giving her last talk in Sacrament Meeting before she leaves for college.  The reason this doesn’t work is because all I could see was this beautiful young lady and then this picture of her sweet little baby face at age three.  I held it together though!  I refuse to lose it until she starts saying goodbye to the kids.


Swimming as much as possible before the pool closed Sept. 2nd.  I love the pile of towels that await my kiddies when they get out of the pool.  I finally crossed over to staying out of the pool!  Dixon can swim well enough!  Twenty years later!!!  Yes!

997044_764583266917182_5834839481843899080_n 10363589_764583300250512_6396725198857894271_n 10592663_764583363583839_2181775638360357106_n 10606543_764583170250525_7985368596526757931_n 10660111_764583576917151_6647329706075933571_n 10689528_764583326917176_8429705454284014742_n

A text from someone in Bryson’t mission that made hats for he and his companion.  Bryson’s was Alabama and his companion’s was the Utes.  So cool!  I love it when members e-mail me or text me.  Warms my heart…..

10632648_764583053583870_5009406483362073581_n 10460334_764583036917205_9100759747261179615_n

Royce lost his first tooth!  He was so excited and cute.  When he woke up he said “The Tooth Fairy didn’t take my tooth, HE must have known I wanted it still.”  I asked him how much money he got and the said he didn’t know because he just put it right into his piggy bank.  🙂


Filming Kevin for business videos at UAH.  It was so fun to just stare at Kevin that much and enjoy how handsome and talented he is.

Merritt asking us what Hostess and Lunchables are.

Going to Monte Sano park while Kevin and Corbin played Frisbee Golf up there.  It’s so cool there!


Kevin updating his webpage.  He has a lot more to do, but it’s coming along.  You can see it at

Merritt making chicken and mashed potatoes one night.  Then, Tessa making Mexican Casserole the next night!  I got so much done while they did that.  I had to teach them a little bit, but it was fun.

Fun Relief Society cake making night.  I made this cute cupcake for the kids.


Mrs. Darby making the cutest treats to celebrate the first day of school!

Rolos were on the inside.
Rolos were on the inside.

Royce stacking his Smarties!


Dixon following in my footsteps, literally.  I put my running shoes out on the front port to dry in the sun each morning.  When he was coming in one day, he said “no, wait”, then placed his shoes next to mine.


Classical Conversations starting.  The kids were so excited like it was their first day of school.  Royce and Dixon even laid their clothing out.



Royce and Hadley playing soccer!!!  They have been so enthusiastic and excited for all of it.  Royce didn’t know what a goal line was, so when his coach said for them to dribble to the goal line, he just kept going past to the end of  the next field.  The coach had to find him and bring him back. He was Mighty Mouse.   So cute!

Addisen getting to take care of the Cazier kids for a week, during the day.  She loved it!

I got to spend some time with them when Addy had to go to work.  Love them!
I got to spend some time with them when Addy had to go to work. Love them!

Going to Honeycomb park at Lake Guntersville.  We loved it until we had to pack up, because of a huge storm coming across the water.  Once everything was in the car, we decided to sit down and watch it come in.  Eventually, it went right past us and everyone got back in the lake for two more hours.  Perfect day!

IMG_0112     IMG_0122IMG_0118

Taking pictures of Royce and Dixon with Bryson’s “Elder Jones” missionary tag on.  Royce loved it but Dixon was very frustrated.  He finally said “I can’t wear it, I not growed up yet!”.

10538414_764583540250488_3728793977674421989_n 7066_764583483583827_5285199792426754702_n

Addisen eating Triscuits at the pool, but she kept calling them “Wheat Thicks”.  Ha!

Corbin and Kevin getting to go camping and Kayaking with the Scouts.  They loved the Kayaking, but not the sleeping in the high humidity.  While they were doing that I had a “girl’s night” with the rest of the kids, but in the end it was only two boys and two girls.  Saturday I slept in until 10:00 am!!!!  Then I pretended I was on vacation all day and didn’t get anything done!  So wonderful!

New kitchen table/chairs and couches!!!  This is huge for us.  We don’t buy furniture very often, so we are super excited.

Loving that Addisen chooses to sit with the kids on the couch to read her book, rather than somewhere quiet in the house.  Love her, we are all going to miss her…..







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