Best Saturdays, Teaching, Service is My Life – Bryson on His Mission, Weeks 65 & 66


August 18th, 2014

Hey! I didn’t write down anything for this week, so it might be short!

Monday went well! Lots of fun on the beach. We drove two bike Elders around, one is from Liberia. He was a funny guy. We made a music video.

That night I tried to learn the song I was supposed to sing, and happen to get really sick. The next day, I woke up pretty sick. We were able to practice once. I found out that we were each singing a verse, and not together like I had thought. I had to sing a solo at one point! When we did it, I was so nervous and shaky that there was no power behind my voice. I actually feel like I could have done well, but it took me until the end of the song before I actually could sing better. It didn’t go so well.  OH WELL!   I even harmonized a little at the end. I also got to play “Called to Serve”.  Zone Conference was great. I had some good revelation, and learned some great things. Afterwards, my companion was supposed to meet with President, and President was interviewing a ton of people. We sat around for over 1.5 hours in the chapel with Sis. Blatter (the mission president’s wife) and 6 other missionaries. I really like Sis. Blatter!  After everyone left, I got to talk to her for a while. And she is just so nice. She is great.  🙂

On Sunday, we had a lesson on service, and I was asked how I feel when I do service as a missionary, and I had a huge realization. If we are doing the work of God, it is service, but when people think of going and doing service, it is performing a labor for the benefit of someone else, for free. I realized, that as a missionary, there is no such thing as service. After a while, you come to realize and accept that your whole being is service. It is the reason I eat, sleep, and go out everyday. When you have a normal life, service is a time and effort set apart to help others, but for me, I am service. For me, service doesn’t exist anymore, because thats what my existence is. I do nothing for me anymore.

When asked that question, I freaked out for a second, and was really worried cause I couldn’t remember the last time that I did service. Then  I realized, everything I do is service, but it has just become a way of life for me, so now it doesn’t stand out at all. Kinda cool. Sometimes, I wonder If I do too much service, because we offer it all the time, and do it a lot. It has really helped so many people and given us so many teaching opportunities and helped people know we actually care and love them.

I think back to Ammon, one of my favorites. He doesn’t walk into a town and start preaching and converting like most people. He walks in, and does service. He asks to be a slave for the rest of his life. He resigns himself to being happy just serving his fellow man. And even after he cuts a bunch of guys arms off, he goes and serves. You can tell he is dedicated, and I love reading it because you can feel his love for the Lamanites, through his actions. I look back at a turning point on my mission, and it was the moment that I gained an attitude of just resigning myself to simply loving and serving God’s people. Taking no thought for myself, and being happy just doing service for the rest of my life. Once I gained an Ammon attitude, things changed for me! I love my mission.

Friday, we went to the *****’s, who have the UBC, and the girlfriend who wants to be baptized. We went over, and found another brother with a girlfriend who was almost baptized too.

Saturday was an awesome day of my mission! Just one of those days where things go well. We helped take down some shelves. We went over to the *****’s, and harassed them trying to get them to the picnic.  Good ole Elders!  Later we went and helped set up for the ward picnic at Buck Lake. It was tons of fun.

Brother *******’s sister and her daughter showed up. We got to know them really well and had lots of fun with them! And our inactive member from that one family showed up with his non member girlfriend.  We talked to her about taking the lessons and she wants too!! Hooray!!!! We stayed for a very long time, and were with non members almost the whole time. It was so great!! I got to throw a Frisbee around for a while, and play some beach volleyball too. At the end, someone started up a game of Ultimate Frisbee.  It was awesome to play again. It was mostly the youth, and our non members, and we had a lot of fun. It was nice to play with people who kind of knew what they were doing. I miss ultimate. Then, still all nasty and gross, we went to go do church round up. We debated going and showering, but we decided that we only had a few hours left, so we skipped the shower.  We were blessed for our diligence! We went to ****’s house, and one of our other investigators wife was there. They told us they usually hate missionaries of any kind, but we were special and they liked us. Lucky us! It was a good day!

Last night, we got to go have scones. So good, and fat. There is this one family and the mom and she is awesome. Then we stopped by to pick a microwave up from the *****’s, who are an awesome family. They had two other families from Bainbridge Ward there and they had us thinking that they were Lutherans. Haha. They were playing a game and I jumped in and played for a minute. It was tons of fun! I miss having fun with lots of family and friends. It was like being around y’all. Just crazy!!

Went on exchanges with Elder Davidson. He has two weeks left. We had a good time. It is fun to hear life stories from other guys. We met with the *****s again, and it went a lot better because we have already gone over all of their concerns, so we just taught our lesson, the gospel.

I am in a really good mood.  🙂   Love you!


August 25, 2014

Hey there family! Crazy week!

For 2 weeks now we have been busy! The hardest thing for me on my mission is when you run out of things to do, and you are stuck doing pointless things. But we have been doing lots of teaching and service. Our list of people we are teaching is huge. But it is all going slowly. Most of them aren’t progressing quickly at all. We will get there though! At least I feel like we are doing lots of good around here!

Tuesday we did service for this funny lady that lives alone. It was long and hard, but good! She is nice. We are taking some people from the ward to do some stuff for her. And we also did service the next day and our whole district was there to help. This nice old lady fed us all pizza for lunch. I love Elder Muro and Prue. Funny guys. We actually did service every day this week! It is awesome.

Guess what! While weekly planning I called President and asked if I could see my grandparents when they came up to visit Nini! He said yes! I have permission to see them! COME ON UP!

And, we get to ride the ferry! Our life is seriously controlled by the ferry. Kingston is a sleepy little town, but when the ferry is loading or unloading, the street can be backed up for over a mile and it takes 20 min to get out of town. #ferrytraffic #storyofmylife.  That is what we put on everything.

We came around a corner and saw a bunch of cars pulled over and they were loading a motorcycle into a truck. We ask if they need help, and we hear, Elder Johnson!!!!!!!! We go and park, and on of the guys there was someone we had knocked into a while ago that joked around with us, but wasn’t interested at all. He remembered us and he was funny! A guy was riding his motorcycle without a helmet and took a corner too sharp and flew off and hit his head on a tree, lost a tooth and got all scratched up. HE SHOULD BE DEAD! We helped him though! He got a nasty concussion.

We had an incredible Saturday again! We went from person to person helping out, teaching, and doing good. We saw so many people and they all had made some progress. ****, our neighbor, has been trying to quit drinking forever, but can’t. We went over and help her and try to uplift her, but she never really takes what we say to heart. We just try to be good examples and hope one day it will catch on.  Then she had a dream, that this man handed her a bible. She knows it was a vision, and is now going to come to church, and is making comments about how she will become a Mormon. When she was telling us about her dream, she was wondering whether she should act on it or now, and I was very forward and kinda sick of her not listening. I told her, God can only tell you so many times before he is going to stop doings things like this. He sent us to you and we have tirelessly tried to help you. You still complained for a way out. He gives you this dream and you know it is from God and you know what you have to do. DO NOT IGNORE THIS! She got the idea and is really changing!

We cleaned her house for her and it made her so happy. We got to feel the spirit and testify to her of Gods plan for her and how she can still change through Jesus. It was one of the best moments of my mission. If all my mission was unfruitful, except for this moment, that would be fine. It was the most incredible feeling to realize that all of our love and care and work for her finally took root. We saw a change in her, and she recognized all that God has done for her! It was so good! When we said our prayer, she said a very heartfelt prayer for help and guidance, and thanked God for her “sevies” (that is what she calls us cause we are apartment number 7. She calls herself inmate 15, or daughter of Babylon. She is really funny). Then, she yelled out, “And **** that guy who put a gun in my Brycies face” (she, like every other person in Kingston’s and Sequim refuses to call us by what’s on our name tags. We try so hard but some people freak out). Then she turns to me and says that I had it coming because I went pass the no trespass signs. It was a funny moment.

Sister ******* was having one of those hectic days. She needed help, and since they have done so much for us we went and helped her. I got to do stuff around the farm, and it felt so right to walk around in boots and jeans doing farm work. I love it. I want a small farm someday. We even found a rat and killed it and buried it. I got all nasty and dirty from all the work, but I loved it! We get to help on peoples farms a lot cause we offer service. The other day, we were knocking and found a lady who broke her leg and was on crutches. We let her sit in the house and fed and tended to her horses and chickens. Lots of fun in Farmville.

Last night my music was on random while I was getting ready for bed. Then I started missing mom and thinking about her. Then I realized the angel song was playing!!! (song below) It’s on the My Turn on Earth CD! I freaked out and ran to my companion and said “This is the song I sing when I tuck you in. I told you it was a real song!” When he got in bed, I jumped out of mine and played the song and sang it to him a few times while stroking his hair, pretending to be my mother. It was pretty funny. It made me miss you Mom! I miss you anyways though.

We went over to the *****’s hoping to catch them. We got to know the family better and had an awesome scripture moment with them, and we all kneeled down for their first family prayer in years. It was a special moment. I always get a good feeling when we help families. And working with these people has been so good, because my family is so important to me.

Bringing a family back together through Christ is wonderful to be a part of. I think of my family, and what I would hope a missionary would do if my family was broken like this one is. I want them to have the same family that I do. We are doing our best to help them reach that.

Love you lots. Thanks for everything.


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