Trip to Oregon and Lacey’s Memorial, Dixon Rides a Two Wheeler, New Suits, Youth Conference, Mama Cazier and Bat Caves!!!



    Dixon surprised me by suddenly learning how to ride a two wheeler, while I was at a doctor’s appointment.  I was super excited!  My three year old is growing up!    
 We took him to “blue ice cream” as a reward.  10577097_751833178192191_4629451425636267929_n 994453_751833214858854_79695821995117482_n


Royce’s view on change….  We had to start separating the little boys when they shower for a number of reasons.  When I explained it to Royce he looked really nervous and I asked him if he was ok with that?  He said “I don’t like change very much.  Kind of like the white couches, that are so dirty that we need new ones….  I like how they feel and we’ve always had them, so I don’t want new ones.”

Royce (the pickiest eater in the world!):  “I like chicken now, it tastes like cheese.”

Practically attacking a group of missionaries in the Atlanta airport.  They were on their way to Argentina and calling their parents.  We stopped to talk to them (that sounds more normal) and they said the phones were cutting them off from their families.  So we offered our phones.  One girl started crying and called her Mom.  The rest said they didn’t want to say good bye again.  😦  One of the missionaries was from Portland and new our youth there.  So cool!

Dixon melting down in Target.  He brought $.10 (all the money he has) to get something at Target (Royce was setting the example of buying something from the $1.00 area).  The boys chose Toothless plates from How to Train Your Dragon.  When we paid for it.  Dixon was crying that he wanted his money back and the plate.  We tried to explain the concept of paying for things, but his three year old brain couldn’t get it.  He wanted two stuffs!

Kevin running into a red pole!  Kevin and I were pulling into a parking lot that was super small.  I barely fit through the red poles on the left and parked cars on the right.  Kevin pulled around in his Volvo and I hear a loud crunch!  Being color blind, he didn’t even see the red pole on the left (the ones to keep people from running into the building).  Thankfully, it wasn’t another car that he hit!  We can just leave our beat up Volvo with the cool red scratches and hole.  I couldn’t stop laughing….

10527569_751832954858880_4827086094769862051_n 10599315_751833268192182_8922251775899836670_n

Our wonderful missionary Sis. Morgan (from Oregon) getting transferred.  We are sad to see her go, but excited for her new adventures.  We LOVE  awesome missionaries!


Merritt living in her own world. 🙂  We were talking about the toad that lived in the neighbors pond, in Oregon.  Merritt asked “Was I alive then?”  I said “Yes”.  Merritt responded “Ok, then I remember it.”

Addy getting pulled over on the Arsenal because the kids left the hatch up on the back of  the Suburban.  She so graciously took the kids to the pool, but left with a bigger experience than she planned on.  🙂


Swimming as the sun goes down.  Beautiful!  10533982_751833501525492_5582438335496721366_n    

Taking all seven kids to the doctor for well checks.  We only had to have blood checked on one (it turned out fine) and Addy was told she is lopsided (just her hearing).   It’s always a circus when we go in for those couple of days.  The kids say the most unexpected things and all I can do is laugh (which doesn’t help them behave more appropriately).

Balto!  The older kids used to love the movie Balto when they were little.  I was reading the story to the little boys and they loved it.  So we found the DVD on Amazon.  Royce waited at the door all day for it to be delivered.  He and Dixon often ask people if they know the story of Balto in Alaska.  So cute!

Our trip to Oregon for Lacey’s funeral.  It was so great to see family.  We had a barbecue at my parents house, then headed down to Springfield.  It was great to see both sides of Kevin’s family down there too.  The best part was getting to hug Toni, Reid and their kids.  We stayed with them and cried many tears.  We miss our Lacey so much!

1528678_740195836022592_1382266032821693226_n 10527314_740195969355912_6257750608452267243_n  10557398_740195899355919_7391801854273260109_n 10541043_740196119355897_8136739366012853844_n 10559959_740196182689224_2971681485028186296_n 1551618_740196406022535_6105685699045256298_n

Ran into Caryn and Dave Dewey.  What a treat!
Ran into Caryn and Dave Dewey at the temple. What a treat!

10457596_740196259355883_6544020136534917787_n 10561805_740196356022540_3880011267817989652_n 10527344_740195812689261_7733808943969386857_n 10511134_740196442689198_811393159380430737_n

Tessa, Merritt, Hadley, Royce and Dixon getting to stay at the Momma Cazier’s house while we were in Oregon.  THEY LOVED IT!!!  Addy picked them up after she and Corbin got back from Youth Conference.  Dixon cried the entire way home for Momma Cazier.  I don’t think our kids missed us at all.  Addy did a great job for the next two days.  I’m so thankful they can take care of things when we leave!  Huge blessings!  936074_751833824858793_6221453465958888004_n 10288759_751833778192131_217700352146053339_n 10422168_751833731525469_868832187158490704_n 10603728_751833718192137_3850690805231597685_n 10360834_751833698192139_943904018956447783_n

Visit to Tuscambia, AL to see the birthplace of Helen Keller.  It was a perfect day trip!  Just beautiful and we learned new information.  Helen Keller was truly an amazing woman.

10561824_751832924858883_6205538470204734431_n 10565113_751833608192148_2315648721356492663_n

Dixon blessing me.  He sneezed and I said “Bless you, Dixon”.  He said with a smile “Bless you too, Mommy”.  Love him!

Incredible brick oven pizza at the Tuck’s home.  I’m gluten free, but I ate way to much of it!  I paid for it the rest of the week, but it was soooo good!

10530750_751833484858827_4021389761536330755_n 10592839_751833454858830_2455178302556528357_n 10513515_751833371525505_6617495480168528125_n 10478358_751833328192176_7583128386038289709_n 10574335_751833318192177_7965448881647563678_n

Buying “Missionary Mommas” t-shirts.  There is a FB group of Missionary Mommas.  It has been a really huge support and fun too.

1965066_751833548192154_2441003535076276631_n 10305032_751833521525490_7047038795083028213_n

Josiah coming to visit.  Bryson’s awesome friend came over and we loved it!  It is weird to think we have a child that size (sort of, Josiah is a lot taller).  The little boys couldn’t get enough of him.  10559841_751833588192150_6856249048553546965_n

Getting to watch Kevin and Corbin’s Ultimate Frisbee games!  Kevin was throwing the frisbee with the kids during halftime and Royce started “flicking” it like Kevin.  It was so cool to watch him pick up on it.  IMG_608010544660_751833114858864_5645967470432778894_n 10481946_751833088192200_3573674479391775028_n 10299113_751832988192210_3426663328383492700_n 10559888_751832964858879_7558361976451788428_n

Two weeks of a no schedule summer!  It was the best!  School starts so early here, so we lived it up.  We went to the fountains at Bridgestreet, got ice cream, went to movies and swimming.  Wonderful!

Having the Cowan’s fabulous kids over….  Royce said  “I wish they lived with us.”  Dixon said “We neeeeed the Cowans to come back!”  Dixon prefers Maddie over me.  So cute!  10537845_751833244858851_4029213284707172925_n

Kevin fixing things all around the house on Saturday!  I spent a super long time going over Tessa’s school year with her (because it’s super exciting), when I was done, the house seemed magically fixed up!  🙂  Thank you my Kevin!

Visiting the BAT CAVES!  At dusk, hundreds of thousands of bats fly out.  The kids loved it and I counted it as a good experience that smelled horrible.


Getting to go with the missionaries to teach.  It ended up more like a party and very fun!

Love Susann Gardner!
Love Susann Gardner!

Kevin taking the girls on their rotating dates.  He and Tessa purchased a Gardenia plant for me while they were out!  LOVE IT!

Buying Royce and Dixon new suits for church.  Royce has been asking for a suit with a vest for six months.  They were so excited to wear them.


Tessa talking us into going out to dinner the night before school started.  We had yummy Mexican food, then came home to a special night of Father’s Blessings.

School starting!  We are starting off slow this week, but will add everything in next week.  This way we can still go swimming in the afternoons.

Going to Lake Guntersville on the first day of school.  We did school work in the morning and then headed out to meet a group of fabulous families from our Classical Conversations group.  It was a perfect day.  Five hours of swimming and then an evening with friends.

10580018_751118611596981_7635858950494103726_n 10568847_751118638263645_2407222981822339578_n  10488068_751118704930305_4993786585166713972_n

Dixon in the middle.  :)
Dixon in the middle. 🙂

Southern Quotes we have heard over the last month (Love it!):

“I’ll tell ya what.  We’re busier than a one armed well digger with a bad case of the fleas.”  – NASA worker

“Youth are like worms on a hot rock”  – Tom Worthington

“That person was the width of three ax handles”   -Person on an airplane

“What do I know, I’m just a ***** off hilly billy here in Tennessee.”  -Dave Ramsey





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