Dandelion Soup, Eating the Scriptures, A Funeral, Working Hard, Prayer – Bryson on His Mission, Week 60


July 14th

On Saturday, we left at 7:30 to go have breakfast at the Witworth’s before we went and moved somebody. We had left our phone at our house and needed it to make calls about the rest of the day. We ran home, and the ZL’s were there!  At least we were awake and doing something good. We like our ZL’s. We had them come with us to breakfast and then they helped us move the people. It was really funny.

My keyboard is horrible, and the computer has issues when it come to correcting errors. Sorry. The space bar doesn’t really work.

Yesterday, we went to Sister Booth’s to check up on Doug, and they were cooking dandelions.  As you can recall, they fed me liver and I hated it. They make fun of me all the time.  Now they cook dandelion stems and leaves. They made me try it, and I spent a full minute trying to swallow, but I couldn’t do it. I was about to throw up, so I had to spit it out.  😦

We were in District Meeting, and the Sisters were talking about how their investigators love the scriptures. She said “They take the book and just eat it up!” Talking about the Book of Mormon. My silly mind instantly goes to a scripture I had read a few weeks before, and I share it with everyone. Revelation 10:10 “I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it, and in my mouth it was sweet as honey; and when I had eaten it, my stomach was made bitter. ”  Here we go, eating books. That’s what I get for studying the scriptures. I thought that it was funny. So did everyone else.

The Whitworths are awesome. We end up at their house a lot because they like to feed us and help us and they have lots of barbecues people come to. I love them.

We did service for about two days straight. We went from service project to service project, only changing into our shirt and ties for 5-7s. It was exhausting!! Lots of mowing and my companion fixing cars and lawnmowers and yard work.

We went to Bainbridge Island for P-day. It was really fun. Cool views of Seattle.

We had a funeral for the man in our ward that died. It was sad.  😦  He has a son on a mission in Peru and it made me really sad when I heard his letter he wrote.


We met some good people this week! Taught a few good lessons. I love my area! I am dying though. There are so many tourists and people that come for the beaches. I see all these people out on the beach and on the water, and I want to join them so badly. We see it everywhere we go! it is just so warm and sunny, and all this water everywhere makes me miss it a lot!   Whenever I talk to other missionaries, they always remind me how I am in the boonies and how they feel so bad for me!   It is as big as my last zone. But, I think my attitude is different. The work here doesn’t have to be slower. You can still have as many baptisms and progressing investigators as the city areas. Knocking may not be very productive ( the other day we knocked on 11 houses in 2 hours). And finding things to do in between appointments or for backup can be hard, but the basic missionary work can be the same. I don’t make excuses for slow missionary work. Just work harder. 🙂

Every week, I try to have spiritual thought that is really good that I can share when I need to. Something that God shows me that can help people feel the spirit and help them learn. I pray really hard that I will be shown something amazing, and often I will be shown something or learn something that I wouldn’t have noticed. This week I have thought about prayer, and how in our lives, we need to have an “Attitude of Prayer”. In Nephi’s Psalm, he talks about how hard he prays, and then had angels minister to him. I feel that that entire chapter Is a really good example of an attitude of prayer. When I pray, I usually start off by going through my day, being thankful for all the good things, and saying sorry at how much I lacked in life. Then I am comforted. I have noticed that whenever something hard happens, like a hard companion, getting homesick, and hard decision, I want to pray. My body has become used to praying when I get stressed.  Any time that I have a hard time, being stressed or worried about something, my body has the reaction to kneel down and pray. My body urges me to kneel down at my bed. I think that is because my body knows how good I feel after I pray. I try to keep that with me all the time, and constantly turn to prayer. I talked about the brother of Jared one time and how important it is to pray. I love prayer, and have realized that if every aspect of your life is governed by prayer, life goes much better.  🙂 I wish I could express this to you better because, this doesn’t make much sense or sound that good, but it would be better in person.

I love y’all so much. I have been praying for y’all, especially the Stockwell family. Forgive the horrible spelling and overall typing here. I made a goal to be better about that, and then my computer won’t let me. Isn’t that how everything goes? Love you.




One thought on “Dandelion Soup, Eating the Scriptures, A Funeral, Working Hard, Prayer – Bryson on His Mission, Week 60”

  1. Dandelion is best with other herbs. Sounds like they made it too strong. If you take a less, and add in ginger, say, it is good! Great for cleansing your liver! Love, Aunt Peggy

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